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Mei felt hurt and broken, like she'd been abandoned. Her mind raced with D'Jok's final words:

'The bottom line is that it isn't working out'

Which was weird because she thought it was working out fine, amazingly well, in fact. Then he had left her! He just left the room, leaving her to stare in disbelief at the closed door. Before that last sentence, he'd been babbling on about how hard his life was at the moment.

Thinking back, D'Jok was the only one she went to, the only one she talked to and the only one she bothered to get to know. Tia was a great friend but they don't really have anything in common.

Now, Mei was randomly walking around Akillian, getting lost and then finding her route again. She was so annoyed that she forgot to take her coat, she could feel the cold night air on her arms and face as she started to shiver.

What did she have in the team, now? Nothing. Her heart dropped when she answered her own question, tears ran down her face when she thought of where she stood. Aarch was a great coach but he didn't care what she wanted, she still had a secret desire to become an attacker, and she was too different to fit in with the others.

Mei didn't want to face the Snow Kids because no doubt D'Jok would be laughing and telling humourless jokes about her. She sat down on a snow covered bench and weighed her options. Either go back to her so-called friends or hide away forever. She could feel the cold snow soaking her trousers but she didn't care. She just didn't care anymore.

She brought her feet up onto the bench and wrapped her arms around them, resting her chin on her knees while she let the tears flow freely down her face. She had never experienced heart break before, she broke a few but no one ever broke hers. She had never in her life felt so small and so alone as she did now.

Then the answer came to her. It was so obvious, how could she of missed it? There was one person she knew who grew up being alone. One and only person who knew what she was feeling.

Mei wondered around for ages trying to find him. She knew he was on Akillian because she was going to play against him and his team in two nights. Then, when she was about to give up, she found him, joking around, not a care in the world. She knew her life was about to change. And the one who would make it happen. Sinedd.

Sinedd was laughing with his team as they were doing terrible impersonations of different Galactik football stars.

Ralf stood up and tried to do Lurr, he stuck his tongue out and did that silly dance that they do just before a match. Sinedd hadn't laughed that hard in ages.

It was then Artix's go, and he conveniently chose the Cyclops. He got down onto his knees and shuffled around the room. He then widened his eyes and mimed the Cyclops' flux coming from one eye.

'Your go Sinedd' Said Ralf excitedly in his deep booming voice. 'I dare you to do… That SnowKid's defender. what's her name? Mei, yeah that's it.'

'This should be easy.' He sniggered as he bent down to touch his toes, he stuck his bum out and did those big baby eyes. Then he stood up strait and flicked his hair from left to right as if in slow-motion. Laughter broke though the room.

'Speaking of the devil' Telmig shattered to mood.

Sinedd turned to see Mei leaning against the wall. His good mood left him and a shadow of anger came over. I guess that's what the Shadows are all about, he thought.

'What do you want?' he spat.

'I need to talk to you' she said, pushing herself off the wall and walking over to him.

'Go talk to D'Jok, or was it him who sent you? What do you have to say? Threats or promises of defeat? Whichever, I don't want to hear it.' he turned away to find that the rest of the Shadows were gathered round them.

'Actually, me and D'Jok aren't talking.' she looked down as she felt tears coming to her eyes. He can't see me cry, she thought urgently to herself.

He then had innocence plastered on his face 'Aww, you want me to make D'Jok apologise? I don't give a damn I just-'

'Will you just shut up, and let me talk!?!' she screamed, fire blazing in her eyes.

Sinedd looked at his team-mates and then at Mei. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and dragged her to someplace a little more private. He let go of her realising that he'd left a red mark on her forearm.

'You made a big mistake trying to find me, so if you've got something to say, spill.' he glared at her. Minutes ago he was laughing his head of and it only took one person to ruin the fun.

Mei locked eyes with him, blue against black whilst rubbing her arm. 'I'm not a SnowKid anymore, I don't fit in and to be honest, I couldn't care less about them.'

Sinedd leaned back against the wall, a smirk playing on this lips. 'So you're the first one to see sense, I was sure it was going to be Rocket.' he chuckled at the irony. 'Anyways, what did you want to see me for?'

'You're the only one I know who's dealt with the loneliness. I just wanted to know how you coped.'

An idea flew to his head, he wondered how much D'Jok would miss Mei if she just chose the other side.

'You don't have to be alone, you know.' Sinedd looked at her with kind eyes that she'd never seen before. 'Come and join the Shadows, I know Artegor would welcome you with open arms.'

She thought for a second, then spoke silently to D'Jok: I don't need you to move on, D'Jok. I can do it by myself. 'Great. When do I get started?'

'Whenever you want. Oh, and remember that you can't fly without your wings.' Sinedd winked.

She was confused 'What's that supposed to mean?'

'It means that however good to think you are, you still need help. Your team are your wings'

Mei looked down again. 'I guess I lost my old ones.' she muttered.

He shrugged, 'you've got knew ones now.' he couldn't wait for their next match. Just to see his face when he realised the mistake he'd made.

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