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Ed wanted to scream he was so frustrated, not at Winry but at himself. Winry wouldn't let the doctor anywhere near her. Ed tried to explain that if she didn't let the doctor do the rape kit then he would have to. But for some reason this didn't seem to bother her. She contemplated it only for a moment before compensating.

Ed had taken baths with Winry when they were little, they had played together, they had even slept together but nothing could have prepared him for this. He tried once more to coax Winry into letting the doctor do the tests, reassuring her all the while that he wouldn't harm her. After about thirty minutes of this, exhaustion won and she agreed to let the doctor do the test.

Ed moved to step out of the room but Winry caught his arm, "Please don't leave." She pleaded, the words coming out barely as a whisper. So he sat, trying to discreetly avert his eyes as to give Winry the privacy she deserved. He wanted to cry or yell out not to hurt her when he saw her wince. He felt like he was being selfish, wanting Winry all to himself, wanting no one else to touch her the way he should have.

The pain on her face shone clearly in her expression, not only pain but fear, the fear of being taken advantage of, of being abandoned, of being dirty. He could read everything she was thinking of just by looking at the expressions on her face. He didn't want to confront her, just yet. He felt that he may have to go through more mental training than her to get over this.

Guilt was a plague that no one enjoyed. But it would tug at him every time a tear would roll down her face. Her pillow was damp and she was asleep by the time the doctor had finished putting everything away. Respectively he let go of her hand and placed a sheet over her. The doctor motioned for him to follow him out so they could speak without disturbing her.

The doctor spoke in light tones, "The DNA tests could take up to eight days to come back, but the pregnancy test is negative and the rest of the tests could be a few weeks. She's fairly unscathed other than a few bruises between her legs and minor cuts on her arms and shoulders. She may not be able to walk for a few days, especially since she was a virgin." He paused, a mournful look in his eyes "Also recovery process for these types of things take long times." His voice was completely serious, yet almost grave, "You may be the only one she trusts as of now, I wouldn't let anyone near her for a month or two, for traumatic reasons."

Everything the doctor was telling him Ed thought he heard then he'd pretend like he didn't. It was too much of a shock and he was at a loss for words. As they reached the door the doctor spoke once more, "The most important thing of all, actually two of them. The first is patience, this will take a lot of time," he put extreme emphasis on a lot, "she will feel like shes noit good enough for you and you need to never get frustrated with her. But even more important, try and keep an eye on her, some rape victims tend to be suicidal."

Ed only nodded and closed the door, before sliding down to the floor. He pulled his knees up to his chest and cried. He felt worse for feeling sorry for himself when he should've been feeling sorry for Winry, but he couldn't help it. Everything had come at him so quick, and what would he tell Al, or PInako? These were the times when he wished he had a mother to take care of things, to make everything seem real again. He wished he was little and she could just explain to him that Winry had a boo boo and she'd be all better soon.

He heard a slight rustling from upstairs and sprinted, taking the stairs two at a time till he reached Winry's room, only to realize she had only rolled over. There were no words to describe how on edge he was. He sat down next to her and went to brush her face but paused. She looked so fragile that he was afraid to even touch her, he felt like any wrong move could be the end of any Winry that was left. SO instead he leaned down and whispered, "I swear I will kill the bastard that did this Winry. Someone will pay for our pain." And at that moment he had a resolve to look forward to.