I took a long stare at this blank document page and thought about what to do after the end of the last chapter... then I decided to skip a bit ahead. Hahaha! It's time for this story to come to its end. So this or next chapter will finish it off. Hopefully, with a satisfying result. Enjoy!

One week later...

Timothy McGee walked into his apartment with a rather large stack of mail he'd picked up from the post office, where he'd had it forwarded until he would return home. Setting his keys on the counter, then plugging in his cell to charge, he moved to his chair at the computer and began shuffling through it the envelopes.

His bills had been on auto-pay, so he didn't expect much but junk mail. What he didn't expect to find, was a letter from Bedford Hills Correctional Facility... His heart began to pound in his ears, and he sprung to his feet; the rest of the envelopes scattered to the floor as he made his way toward the door, grabbing his keys on the way out.

Everyone was back at work today, except for Tim. He'd been at the doctor's office getting a check-up before he brought himself home. At the time, he'd insisted he could do it all himself. But now...he needed his friends. There was no telling what was in that letter, but he wasn't going to open it until he was closer to them...

"Geez, I thought I had a lot of mail at my apartment," Tony said as he picked up the stack in his in-box.

"Apparently, you are more popular than you thought," Ziva smirked from her desk.

"Or you owe a lot of people money," Gibbs said as he strolled into the bullpen; coffee in hand.

"Looks mostly like junk," Tony said as he systematically shuffled through the deck, throwing random things into the trash bin beside his desk.

"Did McGee call after his appointment?" Ziva asked.

"His phone died mid-call," Tony replied. "But he said he was on the way back to his place..." his voice drifted off as he came to an envelope that made his gut churn. Gibbs looked at him then, and watched his brow furrow as he stared at the mail in his lap.

"What is it?" Gibbs asked from his desk. Tony looked up at him.

"Vanessa Andrews," he began, "She was sent to Bedford Hills Correctional, right?" Gibbs nodded as he stood and walked over to him. Tony held up the envelope.

"Let's get it down to Abby," Gibbs said, and Tony stood and followed him. Chances of a letter coming from a prison with any dangerous substance was a bit far-fetched, but after the incident with the plague, they weren't taking any chances. "Ziva, you call and tell them to ask her how the hell she knew where to send that," he shouted as they boarded the elevator.

"I think I know, Boss," Tony told him. Gibbs narrowed his eyes at the agent. "She was workin' the front desk at the Millennium. I gave her my card..."

Your heart was in the right place.

Open eyes helped you find him.

Under every rock, I will look for you.

When you have stopped worrying about it

I will be there

Looking for you

Looking for him

Don't worry about it any longer

I'll take care of everything.

Everything will make sense soon enough...

"It's a poem," Tony said as they finished reading it under the light in Abby's lab.

"It's acrostic," Abby told them. "Look at every first letter. Look at what it spells..."

"You will die," Gibbs read.

"You think she's got a hit out on me, Boss?" Tony asked with a hint of a smirk. Suddenly, Gibbs cell chirped in his pocket, and he fished it out to answer.

"Yeah, Gibbs." He was silent for just a moment before ending the call. He looked at Tony. "You said McGee's phone is dead?"

"Yeah. What is it?" he asked, following Gibbs who had quickly made his way out of the lab.

"Andrews isn't in her cell," he told him as they boarded the elevator.

"What?" his chest was burning now.

"She may have escaped, but they don't know when. Last they'd seen her was last night."

"How is that even possible?" Tony asked as the doors opened and they made their way to the bullpen to retrieve their badges and guns.

"Buffalo PD found footage of her boarding a bus," Ziva said as she put it up on the big screen. "Heading south from there. She could be anywhere now." Tony's cell rang and he picked it up, checking the caller ID, which read 'unknown'. He glanced at Gibbs before answering.

"DiNozzo," he said.

"I have your friend," Vanessa's voice rang through the phone, and Tony's face paled.

"Where?" he asked.

"At your boss's house," she replied. "I couldn't risk being in that paper-wall apartment. Not with what I have planned."

"What do you want?" his voice was low and steady, but laced thickly with anger.

"You. Come alone, or he dies." The line disconnected and Tony stood there eyes darting around in front of him as he lowered the phone.

"Was it her?" Gibbs was suddenly in front of him. Tony nodded. "What'd she say?"

"She's got McGee," he swallowed. "She wants me to come alone...your house, Boss."

"You're not goin' alone," he said as he holstered his gun and turned to Ziva.

"She's gonna kill him if I don't," he said, sharing a quick glance with Ziva before Gibbs turned back to face him.

"She's gonna kill you both," he said. "I'm not gonna let that happen."

"As soon as she sees you, she's gonna kill him," he tried to remain calm, but the fear was breaking through. Gibbs glared at him for a moment before turning to walk toward the elevator.

"You go," he told Tony. "Ziva and I will be right behind you. We'll park up the street and walk. She won't see us."

"You realize you're not gonna get away with this, right?" McGee said from his cuffed position next to the boat skeleton.

"I didn't expect to leave here alive," she told him in a calm voice. "What I do expect, is to avenge my brothers' death. And it's because of you and your partner that I've lost them."

"So you're going to kill us?" he asked, his head cocked slightly by the feeling of disconnection from reality. She laughed.

"I thought about it. That would be too kind," she smiled at him; a devious smile that sent pin-pricks burning through his entire body. "No, what I have planned for you both, will be much more fun."

"This will be much more fun..." Brad's voice played in Tim's head.

"Tony had nothing to do with this," Tim argued. "It's my fault all this happened. If you wanna be mad at someone, then be mad at me," his voice cracked at the thought of what she might do.

"Oh, I am mad at you, Tim," she said as she stuck her gun in the front of her pants. She picked up a hand tool and fingered its handle. "And you'll suffer for it. But this time, your partner will watch." She played with the crank on the hand drill. "So many choices down here," she continued. "If you thought the boys did a number on you, just wait until you see what I have in store."

Tim shook...literally his body began to quake at the thought. "Please...it's not too late to stop this..." he pleaded.

"It's been too late for a long time," she said. "The men who accepted my offer, had it much harder then what my brothers dished out. I can guarantee you that much. They'll never be the same," she licked her lips. "Some of them didn't take it very well," she continued, pulling out a knife as she gripped his shirt. He flinched and blinked back tears. "Don't worry," she grinned. "I won't start before he gets here."

The knife sliced through the fabric of his shirt, cutting all the way from the back of the collar to the hem before she slid it open and let it fall forward and get trapped at his cuffed wrists in front of him. "This was Brad's knife," she said as she held it out for him to see. "It's a really good blade; cuts through leather like butter," she went back behind him and grabbed the waistband of his pants, preparing to cut through them as well.

"Please..." his tears fell now. Not just for the sick things she was planning to do, but the fact she'd be showing it to Tony. He'd never come back from this...none of them would. "Just kill me and go."

"Not gonna let that happen," Tony's voice rang as he descended the stairs. Tim and Vanessa both looked up at him. His hands were in the air, in surrender.

"Tony, go!" Tim shouted. Vanessa elbowed him in the chest, hard, and he grunted, slumping down to the floor down along the pole. She pulled out her gun and aimed it at Tony as he attempted to go to him. He'd heard the crack of Tim's rib and knew that it had to hurt like hell.

"You will sit," Vanessa told Tony, and picked up another pair of cuffs, throwing them to him. "And cuff yourself to the chair. I trust you came unarmed?"

"You can search me if you'd like," he said in a steady voice as he complied to her demands.

"I have no interest in frisking you, Agent DiNozzo," she said as she pulled Tim up from the floor. "That will have to wait until I'm finished with Tim."

"You shouldn't have come," Tim looked at Tony with anguished eyes. Tony seemed to come to a realization about what was going to happen, and his eyes darted nervously in front of him.

"Look," he said to Vanessa, but didn't look away from Tim. "Whatever you're planning, just...do it to me. Leave him alone."

"No!" Tim shouted in anger and fear, "You can't do that! That's not what's supposed to happen!"

"None of this is supposed to happen," Tony said to him. "Let me save you from this," his eyes stung.

"No..." Tim shook his head. Vanessa watched the two interact and her mind began to spin with ideas.

"I don't think I've ever had men fight over who gets to be worked over by me, before," she said, a bit of a pout on her lips. "It kinda takes all the fun out of it." She picked up the hand-drill again, fondling it for a moment before her eyes lit up and a grin pasted her face. She set the tool down and turned to them again. "I have...a much better idea," she looked back and forth between the two of them.

It took them a moment to understand what she was implying, and their eyes met in unison terror before they replied.

"I'm not gonna hurt him," Tony said.

"Just let her kill me," Tim told him.

"No," he retorted.

"I know you don't value your life, anymore," Vanessa said against Tim's ear, "But he values yours. And you value his," she holstered her gun and pulled out her knife. "And by the time I'm through with both of you, you'll both wish you were dead," her own voice was broken with personal anguish, and she sliced open the back of his belt.

"All the windows are blocked off," Ziva said quietly as she met Gibbs around the side of the house. "Can you hear anything?" He shook his head. "What do we do? We should go in..."

"Tony will call," he said. He hoped, rather. "She has to have demands. There's no way she'd get out of here alive otherwise."

"Perhaps that is not part of her plan," Ziva retorted.

"She escaped prison and got all the way here. Found McGee and brought him to a quiet place. She's got a plan, Ziva..."

"This isn't gonna make what your stepfather did, go away," Tony said. Her head snapped in his direction. Then her mouth turned up at the corners.

"You read my file," she said sweetly. "Funny how...information can be skewed and twisted to work for you," she said as she made her way toward him. "My stepfather was a kind man," she said as she fetched a cuff key from her pocket. "He never laid a finger on me," she loosened one of Tony's cuffs and pulled it open. Then she looked into his eyes. "But the things I did to him...he will never get over," her smile widened even further as she backed away.

Tony cringed inside at her revelation. No one had ruined this woman...she was a psychopath. There was no way to talk their way out of this... "Now get up," she said calmly, "And get yourself ready to fuck your friend."

Vanessa stood there; her knife held out in front of her as she waited for him to stand. Tony swallowed, looking briefly at Tim whose head was now pressed against the pole he was clinging to. Tony thought fast, knowing Vanessa didn't know all of Gibbs' hiding places. He reached under the bench and dislodged the handgun that was taped underneath...

Gibbs and Ziva heard three shots... and after a split-second of panic, they took off toward the door into the house. Shouting for both agents, they ran toward the basement door; guns drawn and aimed in front of them.

Three shots...that could mean Vanessa had killed both agents, and then herself...


Tony scrambled to pull the cuff key from Vanessa's dead hand. He stumbled back to Tim and stuffed the key into the cuff hole. "Tony..." Tim seemed to be pulled from a state of shock at the sudden appearance of his friend beside him.

"Don't worry, Probie," he said, "I'm gonna get you outta here."

"You're hurt," McGee said as his hands were freed. Tony's side was wet with blood. The dark navy polo clung to his skin. "You've been shot!" Tim surmised. Gibbs and Ziva came quickly down the stairs, surveying the room. "Boss, Tony's been shot!" Tim said.

"'M fine," Tony said. "Just a flesh wound," he said as he held his hand against the wound, but he began to lose his balance, and Tim grabbed his shoulders. Gibbs holstered his weapon and made his way toward them as Ziva confirmed that Andrews was dead. He saw the trail of blood leading away from her body, and the blood that poured from Tony's wound was now seeping into the waist of his pants.

Tony suddenly felt the room spinning, and he dropped to his knees. "Tony!" Tim panicked as he knelt down in front of him.

"Let's get him to the car," Gibbs said. "You hurt, McGee?"

"No...no, I'm fine," he said as he moved to help Tony up.

"You've got a broken rib, Probie," Tony said. "I'm fine. Really, this is nothing...wasn't shot."

"Andrews has three bullet wounds," Ziva said as she worriedly made her way toward them. "There is a bloody knife next to her body."

"Yeah, she threw that at me," Tony said as he allowed himself to be lead to the stairs. "Caught me in the side. Maybe I shoulda left it in?" he laughed a little before he lost his footing. Ziva grabbed what was left of Tim's shirt and brought it to them, placing it over the wound and replacing Tony's hand over it. "Sorry 'bout the mess, Boss," Tony said.

"Just concentrate on not bleedin' to death, and we'll call it even," Gibbs said as they helped him up the stairs and out of the house. "Ziva, drive," he said as he tossed her the keys before getting into the back with Tony and Tim.

"I'm gonna get blood on your seats, Boss," Tony said, his head becoming dizzy and fogged.

"I told you not to bleed to death, DiNozzo," he said, pulling Tony's hand from the wound, as it was barely pressing anymore, and pressed down on the cloth himself. The blood was halfway down his pant leg now; his breath coming in more irregular bursts.

"Trying...not to..." he squeaked. Ziva floored the car down the street and Tony yelped at the jerking motion. Gibbs grabbed hold of him, pulling him back against him firmly. "Di..nt know ya cared, Boss..." his words began to slur as his eyes threatened to drift closed. They noticed he'd begun shivering as well...

"Hey," Gibbs tried to shake him lightly. "Stay awake, Tony," Gibbs looked over at McGee, who seemed horrified at the state of the agent. In fact, Tim was also riddled with overwhelming guilt.

"Tony," Tim took his friend's hand in his, "I'm sorry..."

"No, McGoo...this isn't your fault," he forced his eyes to stay open and put his other hand over his partner's. "Couldn't let...that sick...bitch...hurt you again. I promised you," his jaw chattered.

"Yeah. Thank you for that," he blinked back tears at the thought of what almost happened. "But now I need you to promise you're gonna stay awake, okay?" his voice cracked and betrayed his hopes of seeming unafraid.

"But I'm tired," he shivered again as he relaxed back against Gibbs' shoulder, and his hands loosened from Tim's, leaving them covered with blood.

"We're almost there," he told him, and he cringed as he saw the amount of blood that was now soaking Gibbs' shirt where he held the injured agent against him.

Ziva had called the hospital to alert them of their arrival, and was now on the phone with Vance, telling him what had happened, and that they needed to send someone to Gibbs' house to retrieve the body. By the time the call was over, she was screeching to a halt in the ambulance bay.

Gibbs and McGee scrambled to get Tony from the car as E.R doctors rushed out to assist. Ziva had followed the chaos into the building, leaving Gibbs and Tim standing in the bay. It took Gibbs a moment to recover from his own thoughts, and he turned to McGee, remembering he should be getting checked out as well. But Tim looked lost as he stood there, staring down at his blood-covered hands.

"McGee," Gibbs moved closer, noticing the bruise that began to form on his chest, and the red, swollen marks on his wrists from his struggle against the handcuffs. "Tim," he tried again. Tim's eyes moved slightly, acknowledging he'd heard him. "What happened?" McGee turned his head to look at him, realizing that he'd meant the entire event. He looked down at his hands again, and suddenly feeling naked, wrapped his arms around himself. "Come on, let's get you checked out."

"No," he said, turning around and heading for the car. "I'm fine. Just cold. Do you have a shirt?" Gibbs went to the trunk and opened his emergency overnight bag, tossing a tee to him. "Thanks," he said and pulled it over his head. His gaze fell upon the red-stained upholstery on the back seat. Then he felt Gibbs' hand on his shoulder.

"She sent Tony a letter," Gibbs told him. Tim looked at him. "Said she planned to kill him."

"Because he came to get me," McGee replied. "He tried to find out what happened to me, and she targeted him. And she sent me a letter too," he told him. "But she wasn't planning to kill us, Boss. She was planning to..." he swallowed and looked away from him for a moment. "She wanted us to suffer," he continued.

"She planned to hurt you both?" he urged him to continue. McGee looked at him again.

"She was gonna make him hurt me," he said with unshed tears in his eyes. "Whatever she could've done, would've gone away eventually. But what she was telling him to do...he wouldn't come back from that, Boss," his voice cracked. "No matter what happened to me, I knew that he'd never be able to let that go. He shouldn't have come..."

"Tim," he took his other shoulder now, making him face forward as he spoke, "It didn't happen, right?" Tim shook his head. "It didn't happen. She's gone now, and she can't hurt either of you anymore." He could see the doubt in McGee's eyes. "Tony's gonna be fine. I promise you that, okay?"

Tim took unexpected comfort from the promise, and Gibbs took his arm, turning him to follow into the hospital. "Don't make a liar outta me, DiNozzo," he thought.

McGee scrubbed his hands furiously in the bathroom sink. He shouldn't have waited as long as he did to wash them. But when Ducky and Abby showed up at the hospital, reality had hit him again, and he became painfully aware that it was there.

Anger and frustration caused tears to join the steady stream of hot water on his hands. After everything Tony had been through...after all he'd come through in the past few weeks...to know he could be taken out by Vanessa was humiliating. "It's my fault...none of this would've happened if it wasn't for me," he thought. "None of this would've happened if I hadn't gone to the stupid convention!"

Tim couldn't hold it back any longer...he watched himself throw a punch at his image in the mirror in front of him. It cracked a bit, but he could still see himself, clearly. He swung again and again, adding a shout of anger to the furious movements that shattered the glass and covered his hand with fresh blood of his own.

He hadn't heard Gibbs come into the bathroom. Didn't know he was there until he felt himself being pulled away from the mirror, and his swings no longer reached the broken reflection. Then his angered cries and struggling redirected at the strong arms that held him. The feeling of being held from behind, bringing flashes of fear in to mix with the brokenness, was immediately sensed by his boss, and he let go of him, turning him to face him before grabbing his wrists to still him.

"McGee!" he yelled, mostly to bring him back to the present.

Through gritted teeth, but a respectful tone, Tim replied, "Please let go of me."

"You done hurting yourself?" he asked before complying. Tim nodded, and Gibbs let go of his wrists, cringing a bit to himself when he recalled the red marks on the agent's wrists. He half-expected Tim to back away from him and hide in a stall, but instead, he stood there in front of him. "You gonna make me ask what that was about?" he said in a calm voice.

Tim ducked his head as his frown grew more fierce, and he shook his head right before he broke down, sobbing...sobbing in front of Gibbs, of all people. Now he knew what Tony had felt like...and the thought of Tony made him cry harder. "I'm sorry," he managed, before drawing in a shaky breath. "This is all my fault...everything..."

"Damnit, Tim," he pulled the agent into an embrace, trying to somehow calm him. "There are just a few things you shouldn't pick up from DiNozzo, and this is one of them. Stop blaming yourself. Andrews was out of her mind. That's not your fault," he gripped the back of the young man's head and soothingly petted him. McGee didn't return the hug, but he seemed to ease into it, leaning into his boss's shoulder as he tried to will himself to stop crying...

Ducky walked into Tony's recovery room to see the agent already awake after surgery. "Anthony, dear boy," he said as he approached the bed. "So good to see you're doing alright."

"Hey, Ducky," he grinned, obviously still a bit loopy from the anesthesia. "Told them it was just a flesh wound."

"Yes, well, your 'flesh wound' nearly earned you a transfusion," he said as he sat in the chair beside his bed. Tony watched him for a moment, then suddenly recalled the events leading up to where he was now.

"Where's McGee?" he asked.

"Jethro was seeing to it that Timothy be fixed up," he told him. "Ziva came and told us you were awake. So they should be up here shortly, if all goes well for Tim."

"What...did..." Tony stumbled over his words as he tried to replay memories in his mind. Ducky could sense his struggle.

"He's alright, Tony," he reassured him. "Had a bit of a run in with the bathroom mirror, but I believe they said they'd put it on the bill," he gave a small laugh.

"A run in with a mirror?" Tony questioned.

"His fist, to be exact," he explained. "Jethro didn't fill me in with the details, but apparently the poor lad was quite upset with himself."

"Why?" Tony asked.

"You'll have to ask him that, yourself. But I surmise that he blames himself for your injury. Even though no one blames him," he said as he held up a hand before Tony could interject with his own denial of Tim's blame.

"How bad is he hurt?"

"Not as badly as you," he said. "I'm sure he'll just get it wrapped. I didn't see any excessive bleeding."

"Okay. Well, what about me, Duck? How bad off am I?" Ducky smirked at him before grabbing his chart and reading through it.

"As the surgeon told me, the knife didn't hit any vital organs. The biggest worry was loss of blood and shock. But it seems they've patched you up. And as I said earlier, you didn't lose enough blood to need a transfusion."

"Well, that's good... Do I gotta stay here?"

"That much I did discuss with your doctor," Ducky told him. "You don't have to stay. We can bring you back to Jethro's house, if you'd prefer. But only if you promise to take it easy."

"Crime scene's been cleaned up, Agent Gibbs," Vance said into his phone. "How are your agents? Please tell me Andrews wasn't successful in her attempts."

"They're both doin' okay, considering," he replied. "DiNozzo use up all his sick leave yet?"

"He's good for whatever he needs. McGee, too."

"I think they'll be good to go after the weekend. I'll talk to them."


"House is clear," Gibbs told Ziva after he ended the call.

"I put a blanket over the back seat," she told him. "It will do until we have time to take it to be cleaned." Gibbs nodded. "You are sure that McGee will be okay staying at your house again, after what happened today?"

"The only thing that happened, was the end of a very long nightmare, Ziva. If he's uncomfortable there, he'll tell us."

"I think this is my favorite injury to date," Tony said as Gibbs put another steak on the agent's plate.

"Because you get to stuff your face?" Ziva smirked.

"Exactly!" he retorted as he cut into the juicy meat. "And between that, the pain killers and this brace thing keeping me from using the surrounding muscles, this is heaven."

"Next time you want a steak," Gibbs said with a smirk of his own, "Just ask. Don't need to get yourself stabbed, to get a good meal."

"Just tryin' to make good out of the situation, Boss," Tony said. Then he looked over through the door that lead to the deck. Tim was sitting out there, facing the yard. "He gonna sit out there all night?" he asked.

"He said he was not hungry," Ziva said. "Abby went to his apartment to take care of a few things. I am sure when she gets back, he will come in." Tony exchanged a silent glance with Ducky before pushing from the table. "What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna go talk to him," he said, carefully standing from his chair. "I'm good," he said when Ziva tried to assist him. He walked to the door, opening it to walk out onto the deck, closing the door quietly behind him. "Hey, Probie," he said as he made his way to the chair beside him.

"Tony, what're you doing up?" McGee twisted toward him.

"I'm okay, man," he said as he carefully sank down into the chair. "Just wondering about you, though."

"I'm okay," he replied, relaxing back onto the chair.

"So what're you doin' hidin' out here?"

"I'm not hiding," he squinted at him, then turned his gaze back out into the yard.

"Gibbs told me what happened in the bathroom at the hospital," Tony said, watching Tim's gaze fall down to his bandaged hand as his brow furrowed. "Kinda surprised me, since I told you in the car that it wasn't your fault."

"Yeah, I know. Just...drop it, okay?"

"I'm not gonna drop it, Tim. It's obvious you're still upset."

"I'm not...Tony, I'm not upset about what happened. It's more about what could have happened." Tony was silent for a moment after he pondered Tim's statement.

"I'm sorry..." Tony said quietly. Tim looked over at him.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," his brow furrowed. "You saved me."

"Well, that's what I thought I did."

"You did!"

"Then why are you sitting out here, stewing in what could've happened?"

"I don't know!" he said, his voice cracking. He turned his head away. "I just...can't help thinking how close it came to..."

"Don't say it, Probie," Tony said with narrowed eyes. Tim turned back to face him. "I would never have let that happen."

"See, you think I'm just worried about what it woulda done to me," he said in a low voice. "I know what happens afterward. I don't want you to end up like that." Tony looked at him for a long moment.

"Come on," he cracked a smile, "Sex with you can't be that bad, McGee." Tony's response was so bizarre, Tim couldn't hold back the burst of sudden laughter that took him over. And Tony was relieved, because as soon as he'd said it, he'd panicked a little inside. Instead, he joined in the laughter.

"I can't believe you just said that!" McGee exclaimed, still taken hostage by laughing.

"I'm sorry," Tony laughed, "It's the only thing that came to mind," he grabbed his side as he tried desperately to stop laughing.

"Oh geez," McGee saw the struggle in Tony's face and was immediately jarred out of the laughter, and stood from the chair, "You okay?"

"Yeah," Tony sighed as he mentally coaxed himself down from the fit.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm good," his breathing slowed as Tim sat back down. "I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while," he said.

"Me either," McGee grinned as he laid back in the chair. "Thanks for the...uh...compliment," he shook his head with another small laugh. Tony grinned and reached over to pat Tim's arm.

"I think I get why you like it out here, McGoo," he said as he looked up at the clear night sky. After a few silent moments of looking up at the endless expansion, Tim had a thought.

"Everything's gonna be the way it used to be from now on, right?" he asked without looking away from the heavens.

"No," Tony said in a low voice, then glanced at McGee. "I think it's gonna be even better." Tim met his glance for a moment before looking back up at the sky.

Then he smiled...


Okay so I decided to fit it all in one. Since I feel so strongly that this story continue, though, there will definitely be a sequel. But it most definitely will not be what you expect. So if you like it as it is, then don't feel obligated to read the next one ;). Its just a strong thought I felt belonged here, but didnt wanna mess this up with my odd imaginings lol. Anyway, please let me know how you liked/disliked this final installment. I greatly appreciate everyone who stuck through it to the end and always kept me going with your feedback :)