Author's Note: So, this my first story (-woot-) and this is chapter is sort of a prelude to what it is going on. Enjoy :D

"Riches have wings, and grandeur is a dream."


John F. Kennedy airport wasn't as nice as she remembered.

To be honest, if she really wanted to be running away in style, she would have taken one of the many private jets her family owned to some exotic locale and wait it out. Pilots and flight attendants could be bribed into silence, seeing as she had more money in her wallet than they saw in a lifetime. Money was such a fickle thing to her. Once you've seen enough of it, it gets rather tiring.

Money can buy a lot of things: silence, obedience, cooperation. But, as they say, money couldn't buy happiness. Money couldn't buy everything. Money couldn't buy her a life, it couldn't buy her freedom.

Because if it could, she wouldn't have been there at all.

"Did you hear about the Rivera girl?" An old lady two seats to her left said loudly, waving around her Page Six article like it was on fire. "They say she's gone missing—" The girl had to suppress a smile, going missing and running away were two entirely different things. One was willing. "—the poor family. The poor girl, she must be so scared."

She wasn't. Bored, hungry, and uncomfortable maybe. But never scared.

Another old woman piped in, "I bet it was a kidnapping with ransom. They're worth millions, that Rivera Corporation." She smiled fondly. "Real rag to riches story for the Riveras. My son used to work there..."

An older man, probably a Wall Streeter from his luxe suit, joined the conversation with a grave shake of the head. "It's Page Six, ladies," he said bluntly, "if she were missing, every newspaper in the country would be reporting about it." He gestured at his own newspaper. "And would you look at that, mine says nothing."

Of course it wouldn't, she wanted to yell, That's amateur hour. Getting in Page Six was a mere coincidence. There was literally no way that the Rivera Corp. would let this story go public. They cared about a lot of things over there: profit, status, and budding importance. But, their reputation was number one. And nothing could hurt that more than an ill written story about how the CEO's daughter disappeared.

The two older women tutted at the man in disapproval before returning to their heated discussion about the possibility of a kidnapping in the Rivera case. If only they knew that the subject of their gossip was two seats to their right. If only they could see past the glasses, frizzy hair, and muted clothing in an attempt to blend in. If only they could see that her (coach class) plane ticket read "Aria I. Caviler"which was a perfect anagram of Alicia Rivera.

But they didn't.

So when the flight attendant announced that their flight was now boarding, they didn't notice the girl who bumped into them oh so casually with a meek "I'm sorry" while oh so discreetly slipping the Page Six article into her purse. No, they simply smiled at her politeness and moved on, now talking animatedly about how they want to visit their grandchildren in Tahoe.

But then again, the girl didn't notice when another guy said with a tiny, victorious grin, "Got her" and just as casually boarded the plane as if he was just another passenger. She didn't notice him looking beyond her impeccable disguise. She didn't notice how her perfect anagram registered with him.

She didn't notice how her perfect cover, her perfect plan was dangerously close to unraveling.

People don't notice a lot of things.

(Another) Author's Note: Well, the girl is easy enough to figure out, the guy is another story. This will probably be ten chapters long, with each chapter set in a new location around the world. I hope you all like it, reviews are always appreciated!