1.) The Child in me loves Black Licorice.

Natalia examines the container of candy, her apprehensive hand hovers over the box . She personally thinks the whole florescent rainbow of sugar is sickening, but she does already have her hand out.

"It's not gonna kill ya for God's sake.", the blonde young man next to her comments. His own mouth is jam-packed with an assortment of florescent colored jellybeans. She eyes him warily and picks one up. He gives her a you-are-not-human look and watches her chew.

"Of all the flavors, you choose black licorice?" he asks. She swallows. " I just so happen to like the taste."

He picks up a handful of random flavors and starts sorting them. He hands her all the blacks.

She gratefully pops two more in her mouth and chews slowly. "That's sick." he grimaces for a moment, then he smiles. She snorts indignantly. "This is coming from the man who is currently eating popcorn flavored beans?" He laughs heartily and ruffles her hair.

With as much poise and grace as possible, she sticks out a black tongue.