Cason's POV

The years had passed as I watched my boys grow, become men, wolves, get married and have my grandbabies.

Little did Embry know that every time I had become pregnant, I secretly wished for a girl. I was more than happy to bare his children, and as far as I was aware of, Embry had no clue as to my secret desire.

Every time after delivering a boy, I would be left alone in the hospital, crying for a little girl to come my way the next time. Yes, you heard me, the next time.

After our boys moved on with their lives, I secretly cried for another child. Embry was always on patrol when I shed my tears, and I didn't want to burden him with my thoughts.

And, go figure, each one of our sons had at least one daughter. Bastards, anyway.

It wasn't until Jake's entire pack came face to face with a small clan of vampires that I had to stop phasing. Not forever, just until I healed. In the middle of a heated debate, in human form of course, a fight broke out. I was skilled at fighting in either forms; human and wolf, but this one time, that one in a million chance, I was caught off guard.

Carlisle took care of me after Embry carried me back to the house to be treated. That man has no shame, he'll cry over me, thinking he could have changed things.

And he did.

I was laid up for months, not being able to phase, and that's when it happened. I got pregnant!

As I walked around the house, while Embry was on patrol, I had to find a way to tell him that after fifty some odd years of being married that I was pregnant again. My god, I sometimes felt like a rabbit baring all these children. I was happy, but scared at the same time, thinking that I would end up with another boy.

Embry walked in, feeling the stress in the air as he walked into the living room. "Hi baby." I just looked up at him, not hiding my tear stained face. "Baby, what's wrong? Is it your back again? Oh, shit, hun. I wish I would have been on the receiving end of that parasite."

"No, baby. It isn't my back. You don't know what it's like not being able to phase." I spoke softly, not looking at him. "You do remember, I can get pregnant when I don't phase."

I felt the question marks invisibly flow through the air as he was processing all of this. Tears unwillingly flowed from my eyes, neither one of us speaking.

Finally, Embry broke the silence. "Baby, Cas, what are you telling me. That you're- you're- pregnant?"

I stood up and walked away. My thoughts were that he wasn't wanting any more kids, but I don't think he'd tell me to get rid of it either. I walked out the back door and stared into the trees where I could make out two forms, Leah and my oldest baby, Michael. My sobs became harder as I watched them running around, showing my grand kids the basics of being a wolf.

Michael stopped in his tracks as he heard me rather than see me. "I'm fine honey. Go back to training the kids. I love you."

I heard the back door open and soon Embry's arms were around me. "We're having another baby." It wasn't a question, he just knew me so well. My sobs became harder at his realization. "Baby, why aren't you happy?"

"It's gonna be another boy, I can just feel it." I sputtered out.

"I know you've wanted a girl for a long time." I looked up at him shocked. "Yeah, I've heard you when I was out patrolling. Then those times where I would come in a little late and you told me it was just post-partum depression." he turned me around in his arms. "I knew it wasn't because of that. I know you love these boys with all your heart, but I could see it in your eyes, every time we had an ultra sound the disappointment in your eyes that they weren't girls."

"Why didn't you tell me you knew?"

"The same reason you never told me. You didn't want me to know, even though I did, and I didn't want to pressure you into trying for a girl and ending up with yet another boy." He kissed my forehead as I sobbed into his chest.

"I'm keeping this baby no matter what." I cried, then let out a heartless laugh, "Even if it is another boy."

"I would never tell you not to have anymore of my kids, baby."

I guess the spirits had thought I was blessed with enough boys, so when we went in for the ultrasound, low and behold we found out it was a girl. Okay, not just one, but twins.

I carried them to full term. Healthy, happy baby girls we named Angela and Miracle.

But this story isn't about them. Two years to the day that I delivered them, I found out I was pregnant again. Crying and obsessing over the fact that this one would be a boy.

The reason why I didn't phase was because of my back. I would once in awhile, just to keep my youth. Embry seemed to think that I shouldn't phase anymore to patrol because he thought it would be too dangerous for me. Some days when I phased, things in me just took over and I would disappear for hours without a second thought as to what Embry thought. I loved him, but I seriously needed space.

Jake's pack was growing, even though he was traveling with the Cullen's and married to Nessie. That girl is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and I had always been jealous of Edward and Bella for having her…her. That was until I had my twins.

Jake and Nessie had four kids of their own; a boy, which they named Jacob-or Jr. for short. Then came twin girls; Anna and Abigail. And then another boy in which they named Helushka Lucas.

But this pregnancy was hard, kind of like it was with the twins. With the boys, it was never hard, always healthy, hardly ever sick. But this one had a mind of its own. If I ate, this one would send it right back up within an hour of me eating. So, I was always hungry, then into the bathroom to get rid of it again.

The one food this child would never turn down; potato chips, any kind of cheese and either pickles or olives. Mostly olives. They always made me drool, and made Embry want to gag when he saw me eating like that.

Then came the ultrasound, finding out that the spirits didn't want me to have any more boys, they gave me what I so desperately begged for, another girl.

Delivery day came and she was healthy as can be. Her name? Conner Lynn. My last child. Embry and I had both agreed that for now we would stop having kids- that is until I started thinking of wanting another. And THAT would be a while.

Conner Lynn, my last baby. Now this is where this story starts.

Embry and I were out showing all three of the girls how to attack a blood sucker, when out of no where, an unusually sweet scent crossed our path. Jake and his family were here, though we hadn't seen them, only through our wolf forms. They had noticed our sudden panic and headed our way. Embry and I ran to find this - thing, and told the girls to stay put. To our surprise, the leech back tracked. Jake and his boys hadn't made it there and my baby girl decided that she wasn't going to be scared of this thing she was being trained to kill and started taking it on herself. And where were my twins? Those two were not fighters, so they ran for safety.

I'd seen it through her eyes, trying to help her while we all ran to help. Then something happened. I couldn't see through her eyes what the leech did to her, I just know that it hurt her. My motherly instincts kicked in to high gear and I out ran Embry.

Then I felt Jake and his boys close and taunted the leech till they came to take it out. As they did, I phased, dressed quickly and ran to my baby, who was screaming in pain in her human form.

The boys had taken care of that nasty smelling beast and ran to help me with Conner. Then I saw it. I had not seen that look since Collin and Brady both came to the hospital, at the same time to see my twins. Only this time it was from Jakes youngest. Lushka, as we called him.

My now ten year old baby, laying there naked as the day she was born, along with Lushka, who came to see how she was, was imprinted on. The three quarter wolf, on eighth vampire and another eighth human , forty year old man, imprinted on my child. How in the great spirits names would I be able to handle this?!

And I swear, if he gets a hard on while staring at my ten year old, I'll make his life very short! But, he didn't, his main concern was his new imprint-my daughter. He picked her up and carried her back to the Cullen Mansion for Carlisle to check her out.

Oh, did I fail to mention that the entire family came along with Jake and Nessie? They don't stay away from each other for long. They are a very close knit family, and I'm glad that they're back. I missed them terribly and couldn't wait to start on harassing Alice once I knew my child would be okay.

"Mommy!" Conner screamed, as Jay-Jay carried her into one of the rooms and covered her.

"Mommy's right here, baby. Everything will be fine. Don't worry about the smell, sweetie, they are our friends. Remember the Cullen's?" I asked as I tried to pry my way through that now pain in my ass imprint, Lushka.

"Mommy." My Conner panted. "Who is this?" Tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Helushka?" I asked pointing to him. She nodded and I carried on, "He's someone very special." she wasn't looking at me when I spoke to her. Her eyes were on his, both locked together.

"Hi, Conner." Lushka spoke softly to her while he pushed stray hair out of her face. "Everything will be okay, grandpa Carlisle will be here in a few minutes."

She looked up at me, finally a response I was looking for. "He's my cousin?"

Oh god! Were we mistaken when Embry found out that he was Billy's son? Or did Billy just tell us that he was Embry's father because he didn't think Sam's father was worthy enough of it.

God, how I missed Billy. And old Quil too. Well, technically Billy wasn't dead since he could phase. He and Aunt Jackie left with now, not so little Paige, away from the reservation about forty-five years ago to live in Germany. Jackie wanted to find out more about our heritage and hasn't come back. I guess those women loved that crazy Aunt of mine enough to keep her there.

I missed my family, and now I started wondering who Embry's father really was. The only logical explanation was Sam's father, who he had gotten to know before he passed away.

It seems like fate has made parts of our lives complicated, yet made us love each other unconditionally.

I was removed from the room once Carlisle had shown up, leaving her in there with Lushka. A small growl escaped my lips and a hearty laugh from my best vamp friend Alice.