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While Lushka had been in his coma, everyone agreed to let him remember things on his own. After Lushka dressed and left without saying anything, I dressed myself and walked down the stairs slowly as I listened to everyone's excited voices.

Uncle Jake was sitting next to Lushka as Aunt Nessie knelt in front of her son. "Do you remember us? Who you are?" Uncle Jake wanted to know, and I felt that I already knew that answer. He didn't.

"No I don't know who I am or who any of you are." I could feel Lushka's fear-well not fear, just not understanding what was going on around him.

Stopping on the fourth to the last step, I watched quietly as they tried to get information out of him. Not looking up until I felt eyes on me. It was Lushka's eyes that I met and he smiled at me from the where he sat. "Do you remember me?" I knew he wouldn't, but I kept a brave face.

Shaking his head, I finished my way down the stairway. "You look very familiar though." Ending up in front of him, I tried to find some form of his memories in his eyes.

As we stared at one another the door opened and the scent of Paige came wafting through hitting my nose. Pushing me out of the way, she even pushed Uncle Jake and Aunt Nessie out of the way and sat on Lushka plastering kisses all over him. "Oh my god! Lushka you're finally awake! I've missed you so much!" As she kept kissing him, I felt Grandma and Grandpa Black's presents behind me. I hate Paige with a passion! "Don't you have somewhere else to be little girl?"

She seemed so brave when mommy and daddy were around. "No, not really." I looked at the clock on the wall then back at her. "Shouldn't you be out working, my dear Aunt Paige?"

Definitely there was a scowl on her face as she stood. "Not any more. Lushka is awake and I think it's my right to be with the man I'm marrying after he woke from his coma!"

"And why is it that you weren't there when he woke?" My arms crossed at my chest I was in no mood to deal with her stupid antics.

"I was busy! And, you all banned me from the house until he woke!" Watching as she caressed Lushka's cheek, she cooed, "Don't worry, baby. I'm here to make sure you make a full recovery." An evil glint was in her eye as she turned smiling evilly at me. "Your mommy and daddy want to see you."

Not wanting to show any kind of weakness in front of her-well mainly Lushka, I walked toward the kitchen then out the back door and into the woods. There were things on my mind I wanted to tell that awful wench, but I thought better of it since Lushka has only just woke.

Traveling through the trees helped me to calm down. The smell of the trees and the grass helped to calm me, but Lushka was the one I wanted to protect. Knowing that Paige was filling his head full of lies about herself, and what did she say about her marrying him? There was no way in hell that I was going to let that happen!

Sometime later, I walked back to the house. All I know is it was getting dark and I knew I had to go inside. When I walked in, I noticed everyone was gone including Paige. Deciding to sit at the table in the kitchen, there was rustling in the living room and footsteps walked to where I was. Not knowing who it was, I had my hands covering my face thinking of what my reasons were for being here.

"Hello." Lushka politely said. "Mind if I sit down?" nodding with my hands still covering my face I refused to let him see the state I was in. "Could you at least tell me your name?"

"Conner." Hearing him sit across from me, I let out an exhausted breath. "What's yours?"

Chuckling slightly, he answered, "Apparently it's Lushka."

"Actually it's Helushka, but that is a tale for another day." Drawing my hands down my face my eyes made contact with his. "Don't you like that name?"

"I think my name is the least of my concerns." He whispered. His face became sober after a minute and asked, "Why were you laying with me when I woke up?"

Looking away from him I knew I had to tell him part of the truth. "It made me feel closer to you."

"And Paige wasn't allowed in the house while I slept? Why is that? She is my fiance isn't she?" dropping my head into my hands I could feel his eyes boring into me. "Something wrong?"

"She wasn't supposed to act like she did." Letting out an exasperated breath, I continued. "I can't tell you what you need to remember, but she isn't for you. You belong to someone else."

As I stood from my chair to get away from his questions, he stood as well blocking my way to the door. "Who do I belong to?"

Wrapping his arms around me, my hands touched his chest to let him know that I wasn't planning on letting him pull me in. Though I made the mistake of sleeping with him when he woke up. Looking into his eyes, I couldn't just touch him and tell him everything, or even show him glimpses of us together. "I can't tell you who, you have to figure this out for yourself."

Walking out of the room, I left the house and saw dad outside waiting for me. The days had gone by, and I would usually spend part of the day with Lushka at the house. Paige would leave to 'work', but usually never came around after her shift was finished. It made me feel good that I could have at least a little time near him.

Lee came to pick me up one night and Lushka about flipped out! "What the hell, man?! You're supposed to be dead!"

"How do you remember Lee?" I asked looking at Lushka who was walking to my brother.

"We've been friends forever! Always waiting for our time to shift even though he was shifting before me."

"Hey, bro, you're looking a lot better." Lee said doing some brotherly handshake or another. "Pea, Marie wants you to come over for supper a movie tonight." He looked at Lushka and then back at me, then back at Lushka. "How bout you come over too, Lushka?"

"Sounds like a plan." Lushka said as we all walked to the door. "Conner, I'll see you tonight I guess." He acted like he should do something, but he just stood there acting uncomfortable with his hands in his pockets and rocking back and forth on his feet.

"Yeah, I'll see you tonight." Opening the door, I looked over at him and his clueless expression. "Yeah." Walking out the door I hurried to Lee's truck and closed the door. I was scared about what it would be like. To me it almost felt like Lee was setting us up. When he got to his truck and started the car, I turned to him. "What was that all about, bubby?"

"What was what about?" Quirking a brow, he gave me that half smirk and I wanted to slap him. "Just trying to do my part as a brother."

Crossing my arms and choosing to look out the window I huffed. "A brother to whom?" this question made him bellow. "I hate you now and I'm thinking of telling Marie not to marry a fucked up dog like you!"

Driving down the driveway he glanced over at me smiling. "She wouldn't listen to you anyway. I'm the man!" Waggling his brows he made me want to gag.

Pushing his head to look back at the road my head shook. "You're gross. I really don't wanna know what my brother's like."

"What about you and Lushka? I know you two got it on right after he woke up." His smile was gone. He now had his big brother serious face on.

"How do you know?" he wasn't there and I'm sure no one knew about our first time together after Lushka woke.

"I know a lot of things, Pea." Pulling me over to the middle, he wrapped his right arm around me. "It's okay though. Nothing wrong with hot wild sex, especially when it's with your mate."

"Has anyone told him about Paige not being his?" Leaning against his shoulder, my mouth overrode my brain.

"No, but if I have it my way, he'll remember a lot of things especially when I keep trying to get you and him to the house for a movie." Looking up at him, his diabolical smirk was back.

"So you're trying to set me up with my mate again?" I don't understand my brother sometimes, but with him you just have to go with the flow. "He should know that I'm his, but I'm not pushing it."

"You're right, Pea. Lushka does need to know and that's why Marie and I are trying to keep him as far away from Paige as possible and get you two close enough to where maybe he'll remember."

"Highly unlikely, but we'll give it a shot." I said as we drove to the house.

Helping Marie in the kitchen was fun at times. Her German accent was hard when she spoke in English. Sometimes I felt bad cause I had to ask her a few times what she was saying. Usually she would end up swearing calling in Lee to help translate.

"Pea, doesn't that home schooling thing give you any languages to speak?" Lee asked after having to decipher what Marie had said to me yet again. "You need to take a German class, kid. They have that at the school here. I wonder if mom and dad would let you go back to school."

"Don't know, I'm gonna be starting my freshman year when mom and dad order another course package. I thought about it though to see what it was like."

"Talk to them about it, I'm sure they'll let you." He said as he helped Marie put the large cake pans in the oven.

There was a knock on the door, opened and the voice gave me goose bumps. "It's just me." Lushka hollered. "I'm thinking you're decent since Conner's here."

Not saying anything, I put my head in my hands trying to control my emotions. I could smell him before I could sense him in the kitchen. "Are you alvite, Connear?" Marie spoke slowly and I felt her hand on my back.

"Conner, can I have a word with you alone please?" Lushka was at the doorway to the kitchen. Not that I could see him, I just knew. Running my hands down my face I slowly stood and walked to him. "We'll be back in a little bit."

Taking my hand in his, we walked out the front door and down the road in silence. Pulling me off into the tree line, he stopped, turned around and stared at me. "What did you want to talk about, Lushka?"

"Something has been bothering me." He was quiet, the way he usually is around me. He hadn't looked at me when he spoke, but when he did I must have looked concerned because I obviously felt that way. "It has to do with when I woke up."

"Oh." Looking away from him I took a step back. "I know it shouldn't have happened, and I'm sorry about that."

"No!" He grabbed me by my shoulders making me look into his eyes. "Why did you let me touch you like that when I'm with Paige?"

"Do you remember me telling you that she isn't for you? That somebody else is meant for you?" trying to keep my emotions under control, I fought to keep my voice calm.

"I remember." He gave a slight laugh. "It's strange, I don't want to touch Paige like that." Sighing loudly he shook his head and looked into my eyes again. "It felt right when I woke up. Do you understand what I'm saying?" nodding I looked away from him feeling every time my heart broke when Paige was at the house. Lifting my chin, Lushka brushed his lips to mine gently. It felt like he was trying to figure something out. His lips came down harder on mine and I felt his arms wrap around me as my body melted into his. "This feels so right, Conner." His lips were slightly pressed to mine as he spoke.

"I know. And I cherish every second I get with you." I whispered.

"Your scent does things to me that I'd rather not mention to anyone but you." He whispered pulling away slightly. "How can I be engaged to one and yet want someone else?"

"Why don't you tell Paige to hold off on the wedding? Give you time to put everything you've lost in your memories back into place? Find out who you want maybe?" I whispered removing my hands from his body. "We should get back to Lee and Marie's. They might be wondering where we are?"

"Yeah, don't want to give that man any reason to think we're doing things." I know he didn't know we had a connection, but I'd seen a flash from him to me. I don't think he meant to do it, but it did.

Trying not to pressure him I asked, "What else do you remember?"

As we walked slowly back to the house, he looked at me for a moment pondering what to say. "Things come back in little pieces. I think I talk to my mom a lot, but we don't speak."

"I understand what you're saying. Your mom likes to show me things sometimes. I've become accustomed to it." Trying to smile, I wanted to feel that from him. And for some strange reason I thought about the two of us causing Lushka to stop.

Turning around to face me, he asked, "What was that?"

"What was what?" I countered as we stared into each other's eyes.

"I saw something. You pushed it out to me since I don't have any recollection of that memory."

Damn! Why did I have to think about THAT for. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"A hotel, not around here either. A shower and you and me. Then a dance club and the two of us." Oh great! I'm so screwing this up.

"I think I need to go home."

"No! No, you're not going home." Lushka's voice wasn't much more than a whisper. "Tell me what that was about; you and me in the shower and grinding at a dance club together?"

"I'm sorry! I fucked up, okay?!" I was more pissed off at myself for what I had done than him being a prick at the moment.

"Were we in the shower somewhere having sex? Or is it just some of your imagination?" His voice demanded answers. "Paige told me that you can come up with some wild things about the two of us, but I'm not sure if I want to believe her or not."

"What does your heart tell you?" I asked as his arms squeezed my upper arms.

"That I don't love Paige. And don't change the subject. Tell me if it's a memory and if we have a connection."

Dropping my gaze, I couldn't bear to see his reaction. "It is a real memory and no I don't go around fabricating some crazed fake whatever! I'm not going to do it anymore." Turning to go home I got a short distance away when I turned and said. "Tell Lee and Marie I'm sorry. I need some time alone."


Watching Conner walk away confused me more than ever. What did she mean that she wasn't going to do it anymore? What did she do other than show me some form of memory?

Walking myself back to Lee and Marie's, I got the fifth degree from Lee, and Marie was screaming at me in German. Man did they know how to make me feel like shit.

Lee finally calmed down enough to grab my shoulders and shake some sense into me. "Go to her house and talk to her. Hell talk to mom and dad too." Letting out a deep sigh he added, "If you need us to help, we'll walk to the house with you."

"Nah, I'll go see if I can get myself confused about her." Looking at the both of them, I let out a sigh. "I want to be told the truth, Lee. Who am I meant to be with?"

"I think you already know, brother." He smiled at me and pushed me out the door.

It's strange how close we all are, even though we aren't technically related. I know I shift into a wolf, yet I haven't had the opportunity to feel it consume me. Paige wanted me to go with her on patrols, but both my Grandfather's warned me against it for now. Not until I knew more.

Reaching the front porch to the Call house, I knocked and entered. "Hey Cason, is Conner around?"

She looked saddened over something as she looked down the hallway toward the bedrooms. Looking back at me she motioned for me to walk in and sit down. "Embry is talking to her right now." She whispered.

"Cason, I'm just really confused right now." Sitting at the table I refused to look at anyone, not even her. Cason was one of the few that I remember well.

"Considering what has happened to you, Lushka, I wouldn't expect anything less." Sitting across from me she held out her hands for me, which I took. "There are things we are not supposed to tell you, but I want you to look inside your heart to sort out your feelings. Your mind will betray you at all cost, and there are people here that will tell you lies just so you lose everything that you had."

Embry walked out of the room and before closing the door he turned back to the room. "Lushka is here. I think you should talk to him about what happened."

"NO!" She screamed. I could tell she was crying and instantly I started feeling like a low life. "Tell him to leave!"

Embry looked at me and jerked his head to the door that was almost closed. As I reached him, he patted my shoulder and nodded. Slowly I walked in to Conner's room standing at the edge of her bed.

Hearing her cries, I'm not sure if she knew that I was in her room. "Conner?"

"GO AWAY! GO AWAY! GO AWAY!" She screams in quick succession. In an instant, my heart felt nothing but pain.

"I'm bound to you, aren't I?" When Cason told me to look inside my heart, and this is what it was telling me. "That memory that you showed me-it was a happy one. There are more, isn't there?"

Crying on her bed in the darkened room, I sat at the edge of her bed. "You don't want me anyway. You said you're engaged to Paige."

"But didn't you tell me to tell her to postpone the wedding, so I could figure out what I want? Who I am?"

"What do you want, Lushka?"

"I want to know what we have." I leaned over her trying to force her mentally to look at me. "I want to know..." not touching her, I watched her body, and remembered her in a bed in pain. "You hurt your back when you were a little girl, didn't you?"

Turning on her back, she looked at me astounded. "Last year. That's when you imprinted on me."

"How old are you?" I wiped her tears from her eyes.

"Almost twelve."

"So after...I'm a pedophile." Not a question, I just spoke out loud.

"Really? Are you trying to make me feel worse? Cause you're doing a damned good job at it." Sitting up in bed, I pulled away from her as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. "If you're not going to leave, I will."

She walked out the bedroom, and moments later the outside door slammed shut. Walking out of her room I felt so much more defeated than what I had before I came here. My world was falling apart.

"Follow her, Lushka." Embry said. "She ran out the back door, and Paige is out there somewhere patrolling."

Not giving it a second thought, I ran out back and tracked her. Conner wasn't far away, but as I caught up to her quickly, I tackled her to the ground, turned her over and lay on top of her. She started hitting me, and after a few blows to the chest and face, I grabbed her hands holding them both at each side of her head. She tried to speak through her tears, but I wouldn't let her. My lips made contact with hers and she gave in to me returning my kisses.

Not realizing that she had a nightie on, and definitely not realizing that I was grinding up against her, I felt a certain part of my body growing hard. Conner was returning my feelings as I felt her lifting her ass off the ground as we made out with our clothes on.

"Why do I want you so bad, Conner?" My lips moved over her jaw line and down her neck, back up to her ear nipping as I whispered to her. "You make me like this all the time."

Not giving her much of a choice, I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, thrusting into her warmth. She gasped, but I knew she wanted this as much as I did. It had been roughly a week since I woke up, but I needed release. With her and no one else.

She didn't protest. She let me take her and moaned as I made love to her on the forest floor. Neither of us caring what or who found us like this, I vowed not to leave her alone again.

When we had both found our release, we stared in to each other's eyes. I found nothing but the love she had for me within hers, and I hope that she found some form of love for her in mine.

"We should..." Conner whispered, but I didn't move. "We need to go somewhere and talk."

Pulling myself off her, I zipped and buttoned my pants and held out my hand for her to take. As we slowly walked I felt the need to hold her hand in mine. "Your body is very intense when we make love." As she looked at me after saying this she smiled. "It feels as if we are one. Well, not one, but..."

She laughed lightly. "I know what you mean, Lushka. You do things to me when you touch me." Lifting up our hands showing me, but she never told me what things my touch did to her.

"And what might my touch do to you?" I smirked.

"You will find out in time, Lushka." Her eyes narrowed as she surveyed my face. Wrapping my arms around her as we stopped, it was just the two of us in the woods.

That was until screaming hit our ears. "What the hell are you doing? Get away from my fiancé!"

Trying to pull us apart after reaching us, Conner had a strong grip on me as I did on her. "You will never have Lushka, Paige. He knows."

"No he doesn't! He is mine!" Paige screamed still trying to pry us apart.

Turning my head toward her, I calmly spoke. "I do know, Paige. You and I were never anything. I know now that I've imprinted on Conner and I will have it no other way." Looking down at Conner a smile formed on my lips. "That is why you were laying in bed with me when I woke up, isn't it?" All Conner did was nod. Turning back to Paige, shaking my head I was in such disbelief of what she had told me. "Conner was never what you made her out to be, was she? You intentionally kept her away from me so I wouldn't remember."

"Lushka..." Paige whispered as she backed away slowly. "I love you."

"You love the fact that he has money, Paige." Conner growled. "You have never loved anyone who had nothing. You're a greedy, heartless bitch and that is all you will ever be." As she looked back at me, her smile lightened my heart. "I'd like to go back to the house now."

"Not so fast!" Paige screamed as we started walking away.

"You really have no idea how much I loath you, Paige." Conner whispered as she turned around. "My mother's aunt- Lushka's aunt! God you're disgusting!" As she stood face to face with Paige, Conner quickly swung hitting Paige square in the nose causing blood to rush down her nose.

"I hate you, Conner Call!" Paige attempted to growl. "I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do."

It was my turn to step up to Paige. "Never threaten my imprint again." I growled causing Paige to back away. "You will be brought to counsil for this threat-without your parents present."

Turning to Conner, I held out my hand for her to take. As we reached her house, we walked in and Embry and Cason instantly knew that we were together. As they looked up at us, Embry must have noticed the tension.

"I'll make coffee." Cason said as she stood. "Come help your mother, Conner."

Sitting down next to Embry, he took in my expression. "What happened?"

Looking up at him I shook my head. "Manipulative bitch."

"And a woman-if that's what you wish to call her, who wants to have incest with her nephew." Conner added.

Embry's head flew back to where Cason and Conner were busy making coffee and warming up food. "Paige..." He dropped his head in his hands.

"I would have thought that Billy and Jackie would have taught her better." Cason said. "I refuse to think of her as my name sake. "

"Embry, I think it's time to bring her in front of the Counsil. Stop her from all of this craziness that she's been putting everyone through since she was old enough to know about control." At a loss for why she always tried to attach herself to me, I wasn't paying attention when all eyes were on me.

"You remember that?" Cason whispered from the stove.

Nodding, I couldn't help but remember. "The first time she told me she loved me, I took her on a shopping trip in Russia. After that, she left without so much as a thank you. Then she tried to..."

"What?" Conner asked as I shook my head not wanting to reply. Pleading with her with my eyes, I wanted her to know that I would never touch another living soul. "I'm glad I punched her in the nose out there. I hope it can't be repaired."

"Conner Lynn, what did you do?" Embry asked. "Sit down, young lady. I need you to tell me everything."

Walking to the table after Cason gave her a gentle nudge, Conner stood holding the back of the chair nearest to her father. "Daddy... Paige, threatened to kill me after she found Lushka and I together."

"And what were the two of you doing out there?" Cason asked a little suspicious.

"Babe, I don't think that is our concern." Embry told her matter of factly.

"What? Why would it not be our concern, Embry? I think it prudent that we know why Conner had been threatened."

"Mom." Conner whispered. "We were together."

"Yes, I realize that, Conner. But, why would Paige threaten you if you two were..." Cason didn't finish her sentence as she grabbed a chair, slowly sinking down in realization. "You two were out there...not..."

"Cason," Embry whispered near her. "It was a shock to me when I found out too. But, you have to remember, babe, we were their age at one time too."

Cason looked from me up to Conner who stood right beside me. "How long?"

"Mom, I can't say since Lushka doesn't remember either." Conner wasn't looking at her mother, and I pulled out my chair to set her on my lap. I needed this woman close to me. "It just happened momma. I'm sorry if I hurt you because of what I had done with my imprint."

Cason's hands covered her nose and mouth as she took in a deep breath. "Conner Lynn, do not ever be sorry for loving someone so much you share your connection with them. I'm just a little shocked, even though I knew it was bound to happen sooner than what I thought possible."

"Why don't the two of you head back to the Cullen's and talk there privately." Embry said. "Or, you can go to Grandma Calls house. It will be more private."

Conner stood up and I followed. As we reached the doorway to the kitchen, she turned around to face her parents. "I love you both."

Once we reached Embry's mother's house, we walked in and Conner headed to one of the bedrooms. "This was dad's room when he was younger. I don't wanna sleep in her room." When she said her, I was a little shocked. "Grandma never wanted mom and dad together, so I kind of hold a grudge against her."

Nodding, I sat down on the bed pulling her close to me. "How are we supposed to sleep on this tiny bed?"

"I thought we came here to talk?" As her hands touched my shoulders, I gave her a smirk.

"We have a lot of time for that. The only talking I want to hear from your lips are the things you said out in the forest."

My hands dropped from her waist, slowly moving down to the edge of her nightie and moved under the fabric. "And what things would you like me to say? I said a lot of things out there."

Pulling her on to my lap, she straddled me as I removed her clothing. "The words you said when I was on top of you." My voice husky with want, I lay her down on the bed and removed my clothes. "The, 'oh Lushka, that feels so good.' words, or the 'I love you's' that parted your beautiful lips as I got you off."

Laying on top of her, as I took in her beauty, she whispered. "When you growl it turns me on." So I did, I growled causing her to giggle. "I mean it when I tell you I love you, Lushka. But, I want you to remember everything."

"I will now that I have you so close to me." My lips found hers.

Neither of us slept much, and I don't know if it was a dream or something else, but I had a distinct feeling that we had done this before-making love all night. I just don't remember when or where.

As the sun rose as we made love, for the what ever time, I couldn't recall, but as the sunlight came in through the window, it landed on Conner giving her an other worldly glow.

The month went by faster than what I would have liked, but I found Conner talking more openly to me than she had before.

I woke up at home, Conner at hers when my phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hi, Lushka." Cason softly spoke. "Can you come over and take care of Conner while Embry and I are out?"

"I was planning on coming something wrong with Conner?"

Sighing through the phone, I quickly put my clothes on and headed out the front door to the car. "She's been sick most of the night." Cason said. "I have my suspicions, but..."

When she didn't finish I said, "I'll be there as fast as I can." Hanging up the phone, I drove faster than I would have since I didn't know what was wrong with Conner.

Throwing the car into park once I got to the house, I ran inside to hear someone in the bathroom getting sick and Embry and Cason sitting at the table concerned for their daughter.

"Cason seems to think Conner is...pregnant." Embry said first thing.

"Are you sure, Cason?" I asked in a shocked voice.

Nodding she looked up at me. "I'm just waiting for the 'hot flashes' to start."

"I'm gonna go check up on her." I said standing and rushing to the bathroom. Once I entered, I found Cason on the floor near the toilet, her head on the base trying to cool off. "What's wrong, baby?" Kneeling down I brushed stray hair away from her face that came free from her rubberband.

"So hot, Lushka." She groaned. "God, I hope I'm not helusinating. Are you really here?"

A sad smile crossed my lips as I leaned over to kiss her. "I'm not a figment of your imagination. I'm here, my Kinecks." where the hell did that name come from.

"Yep your my imagination. You haven't called me that for a long time." She groaned trying to sit up.

"Can I carry you to your room?" Nodding, I picked her up and brought her into her bedroom. As I tried to cover her up, she kicked off the blankets. This went on for a short time. "Conner, stop kicking the blankets off."

"But I'm hot." She whined, then she started panting.

"Cason! Embry!" I don't know why I yelled, I knew they could hear me.

Rushing in within seconds, I felt hands move me off the bed. "Drink this sweetie. It will help you cool down." Cason must have forced me off the bed.

As Conner started drinking, I looked on in disbelief. "Water?"

Cason turned to me as she sat on the bed. "Yes. It helped me when I was pregnant with all the boys."

" you're certain she is?" I asked dumbfounded.

Cason nodded and looked at Embry. "Would you see if there's a pregancy test in the bathroom closet?"

Smiling at his wife for some odd reason or another, he left the room and returned minutes later. "I put it on the sink for her."

"Why would you have a pregnancy test handy, Cason?" She looked at me as if I were stupid.

"When you're married to a man who loves sex as much as he loves food, you tend to do things automatically-like buy pregnancy tests when you haven't phased in months."

"Conner hasn't phased since your accident, Lushka." Embry put his hand on my shoulder. That brought me to all the times we have shared ourselves with each other since I woke up. Bowing my head, I nodded more to myself than to anyone else.

"Are you angry that she might be, Lushka?" Cason practically growled causing me to look up at her.

"I love her, Cason. If she is...Cason, Embry, I'm speechless, but I'm-happy if she is. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for her." The both of them nodded and Cason helped Conner out of bed.

"You-" Cason pointed to me. "Go sit out in the living room until we find out."

Embry helped me out of the room and sat me down on the couch. He went to help Cason bring Conner to the bathroom and then returned to me. I had so many things running through my head. We needed a house, that was the first thing. Then I needed to go out and get her clothes and start with buying baby stuff.

"Lushka..." When I looked up at Embry, he looked at me like he was concerned for my well being.

"I'm fine, Embry. Just thinking about what I need to do." I said running over more things in my head. "There's something at the house I need to get her. Do you think it would be alright if I went to get it?"

"No!" Cason said from the bathroom. "Does Alice know what it is?"


"Then she will see it in one of her visions. I'm sure that she already knows about Conner."

Sure enough, there was a knock on the door and in walked most of the clan, including my parents. "So..." Aunt Alice said nonchalantly. She walked up to me handing me a small box. "You really should have asked her when you woke up, but I forgive you since you don't remember everything yet."

Nodding to her, she walked at human speed to the bathroom. As I looked up, I saw Alice carrying my Conner back to the bedroom. "How long till we know?"

"I'll go check." Embry said as he started toward the bathroom.

"No...I think I should since I'm more than likely going to be a father." Embry nodded as I stood and headed to the bathroom myself. When I entered, I noticed the stick and a plus sign on it. Looking at the instructions I had seen what it meant.

Hearing someone behind me, I turned, but didn't look up. "Well?" I heard Cason say impatiently. "Yes or no?"

Looking up, I'm sure I had the goofiest grin on my face and tears streaming down my cheeks. Nodding, I confirmed it. "We're gonna have a baby."