By Shellie Williams

Warning: spoilers for 'See No Evil', 'Probie', 'Twilight', and 'Cover Story'.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or places of NCIS.

Summary: When Gibbs begins having nightmares, he can't shake the feeling that one of his team is in danger. Can he stop a killer before his premonitions come true?


~ Part One ~

Ducky walked into the morgue and headed straight for his desk. Immediately, he sensed another presence in the room. Only a few people would be here in the dark, waiting for him, staying silent until their discovery. He ran through the names briefly, and then concluded who his visitor was. "Jethro? Was there something you wanted?" He turned. Gibbs moved out of the shadows into the soft glow cast by Ducky's desk lamp.

Instead of answering, Gibbs shook his head. His mouth opened, as if he were about to speak, then he pressed his lips together and looked away.

Knowing better than to pry, Ducky instead reached into his desk for the two glasses and bottle of bourbon he kept there. He set them on his desk and poured a small amount. After offering Gibbs one, he took a sip of his own and leaned back against the wall. "Something on your mind?"

Gibbs shook his head again, as if unable to believe what he was about to say. "Been having some strange dreams lately, Duck."

Despite the myriad comments that sprung to mind on the subject, Ducky remained quiet.

"Dreams that someone -- that one of my team is in danger."

"Do you have any evidence that they are in danger? Or is this one from the famous Gibbs' gut?"

Another head shake. "I don't know. Yes, maybe. I've dreamed about cases – real cases that we've had in the past, only things happen differently and instead, someone ends up dead."

"Dreams are sometimes a manifestation of our thoughts and worries. You're projecting your own anxiety into your dreams, Jethro. You've been under a lot of stress lately with the Jenson case, and you're letting that monster invade your dreams."

Gibbs put his glass down on Ducky's desk and rubbed his fingers across his eyes. "Maybe you're right."

"I can prescribe something, if you need help sleeping."

"No, no." Gibbs finally looked at Ducky. "That won't be necessary, Duck, thanks. What I really need is to catch this bastard. Then we can all sleep." He touched one finger to the bottle of bourbon. "Thanks." One corner of his mouth lifted in a half smile, and he left.

Ducky stood still by his desk for several long minutes after Gibbs left. He ran through the conversation in his head again and realized that Gibbs had left out one very important detail. One of my team is in danger.

But who?