By Shellie Williams

Warning: spoilers for 'See No Evil', 'Probie', 'Twilight', and 'Cover Story'.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or places of NCIS.

Summary: When Gibbs begins having nightmares, he can't shake the feeling that one of his team is in danger. Can he stop a killer before his premonitions come true?


~ Epilogue ~

Pausing at the door, McGee unclipped the tiny camera from his cap. He lifted it above his head, aiming it at the small window. When he saw the suspect on his hand-held screen, he gave a short laugh. "Not so tough." He reattached the camera to his cap.

"The bigger they are, the louder they fall, McGee." Ziva's comment cracked through their earwigs.

As McGee picked the lock he quietly corrected her. "The harder, Ziva."

"Get ready to move," Gibbs warned the others. He waited a beat to be sure Tony and Ziva were in position, then gave the order: "Move! Now!"

McGee pulled the door open. Gibbs hurried in with his weapon aimed at the suspect. McGee followed. "Freeze! Federal Agents!"

The suspect appeared more irritated than frightened by their entrance. "La Grenouille told you where to find me?"

"I said 'Freeze'," McGee repeated.

The suspect ignored him. "You try to do a guy a favor and this is how he repays you."

Gibbs ordered, "Get down on the ground."

Instead, incredibly, the guy turned and made a run for it. McGee yelled, "Stop!" to no avail. He and Gibbs gave chase while the Director ordered over their earwigs: "Hold your fire!"

Tony and Ziva met them from the other end, sandwiching the suspect between the two groups.

"Hold it!" Ziva told him.

He stood still, arms raised, but his eyes roamed searchingly over the surrounding equipment. They all saw the gun at about the same time.

"Don't do it!" McGee warned while keeping his own weapon trained on the suspect.

"I need him alive!" The Director's stern order sounded strained and on edge, even through the static of their connection.

Unbelievably, despite being surrounded by four Federal Agents with guns, the suspect went for his weapon.

Gunfire sounded impossibly loud in the confined space. Gibbs heard a guttural cry from McGee at about the same time the suspect was hit and fell.

The Director's voice crackled through his earwig, but Gibbs ignored her for a moment. Instead, he watched McGee. McGee's camera lay shattered on the floor. An expression of shock sat on the young man's face. But he was alive.

Gibbs woke. He sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Grabbing his watch from the side table, he read the time and smiled. He had plenty of time to take a shower, get dressed, and arrive at the hospital. Tim was being released today, and he planned on driving him home.

The End