Emily is not Sam's fiancée in this. They are cousins and Sam never dated Leah. Leah is not a werewolf and no one has imprinted yet. The pack knows about imprinting and they know how it feels. Bella is paralyzed from the waist down, but you'll hear that story later…

We were all hanging around Sam's when there was a knock on the door. Sam and Seth were on patrol and the rest of us were just lazy, so Emily went to answer it, muttering all the while.

"Hello? Can I help you?" she asked to the apparent stranger.

"Hi, I asked in town and they said I could find Embry Call here?" I didn't recognize the voice, but got up since she seemed to be asking for me.

On Sam's porch 'stood' a girl that appeared my age, around 17. She had light brown hair and bright blue eyes. "I'm Embry Call. How can I help you?"

"My name is Bella and I know the answers to your questions about your 'missing' parents." I was immediately interested and invited her inside. Emily followed us into the living room where the rest of the boys were crowded. We made room for her wheelchair and Emily went back into the kitchen for food.

"Before you explain that to us, we should probably wait for the other two, Sam and Seth," Emily said on her return.

I really wanted to talk to Bella, but she was staring into space and unintentionally rubbing her legs. That got me interested, "Bella? Why are you in a wheelchair?" She grimaced before answering, "I was born this way. But I'll explain it all when the other two of your friends get here."

I just nodded and went over the possibilities of what Bella was going to tell me. I distantly heard Emily trying to talk to Bella, but she answered shortly and just tried to sit quietly. She reminded me a lot of myself because she preferred the quietness, opposed to the babbling all around us. For the first time since I saw her on the porch, I really looked at this girl in front of me.

I could tell she had been through some hard times. There were dark bags under her eyes. She was real thin and obviously under fed. Her hands were shacking and Bella's eyes held an apparently permanent look of fear and pain in addition to deep sadness.

Jake, Brady and Quil continued playing their video games and talking about cars while Collin, Jared and Paul were arguing about something. Emily and I just sat there, thinking, while Bella's mind wandered.

It felt like minutes later, but was really about an hour when the pack heard Sam and Seth approaching the house. I got up to go and greet them to warn them about Bella and what she had said. Sam seemed a little apprehensive while Seth grinned and dashed into the house.

I quickly followed him. I had suddenly felt the need to protect Bella. Maybe from him, but I really didn't know. Seth was the nicest of us and I knew he would never hurt the girl.

When I entered Sam's living room, I immediately took my old chair across from Bella. When Sam entered, Jacob gave up his chair next to me for our Alpha. Sam sat with a sigh, before turning to Bella. And everything changed.

Sam's POV

After Jake gave me the seat and I sat exhausted, I gave my attention to the girl in front of me. My world was never the same again.

This wasn't some girl. This was an angel. Embry had warned me about her wheelchair, but I didn't even see it. Bella was her name and she was beautiful. Her blue eyes were bright with both life and pain. Her light brown hair shown in the dim light. She seemed agitated, but then she met my gaze.

Bella visibly relaxed when our eyes met. Her face smoothed and she seemed more and more at peace. And then Embry interrupted, "Sam, I'll be talking to you later." He seemed shocked at my response because all I could do was nod. The other boys also seemed surprised that I wasn't bothered by his sudden authority; I couldn't find it in me to care. My soul mate was in front of me.

And then it hit me. I had imprinted.

"Bella?" Embry continued, "Could you tell us now, please?" He almost sounded like he was begging.

And then she spoke,

"My name is Isabella or Bella," She hesitated, but continued, "Call. Bella Call."

Embry POV

"Bella Call," I was shocked and stunned into silence. Call. Call. Call. This was my sister. I had a sister. But Bella continued,

"I was born in 1992. I just finished my senior year of high school. I feel no need to continue my education in college either. My parent's names were Steven Call and Sally Touhey. I was raised in Chicago, Illinois. I lied to you earlier, Embry. I was not born in like this. One month ago, my parents and I were on the way to a play downtown. Just so you know, my father was a drunk. He always beat my mother. He only hit me a couple of times, but not really often. So anyway, on the way to the play my mother and father were arguing again. This happened all the time and of course nothing changed. My father wasn't paying attention to the road when an out of control car came barreling toward us. I started screaming to get his attention, but it only made him worse." I started shaking because I knew what was about to happen. Sam was already shaking, but kept calming himself down to hear the rest.

"The next thing I knew I was waking up in a hospital. A nurse was there and she told me that my parent's hadn't made it. To tell the truth, I wasn't really that upset. I mean, I loved them, but they never really loved me. I have no idea why they didn't give me up too…" she trailed off, but she had said enough.

"Wait, what? Give you up too?" but I already knew what was happening.

"Embry, you were born on July 19, 1992. Your parents couldn't afford a baby so they left you on the doorstep of the town church. A note said that your name was Embry Call, but that was all." I was shocked until she finished, "Embry, I was born on July 19, 1992 also. But my parent's, our parents, knew they could only afford one child, so for some reason they picked me."

Without thinking about it and threw myself across the room and picked her up for a hug. She let out a beautiful tinkling laugh as I bellowed my own out of happiness. Her legs hung lifeless, but it didn't bother Bells so I didn't pay attention either. She hugged me back and then I was wondering, "Who's older?" They guys started laughing and Bella joined them.

"You are, Em," she responded, "By a whole ten minutes." I had to chuckle at her pouting and couldn't find it in myself to care; I had a younger sister. I was so happy nothing mattered but her.