Embry POV

Bella had been here a couple weeks now. Everyone got along amazingly with her and she seemed so happy to be out of her wheelchair. Today we were all hanging out in Sam's house as usual. It was a Saturday afternoon, but we had nothing special planned. We were all sitting around while Seth, Jared and Paul were playing video games. Bella was sitting in Sam's lap while he traced the new tattoo on her hand when the doorbell rang.

I jumped up to answer it. When I opened the door I saw an elderly lady standing on the porch with a little boy and girl that looked about 3 years old. I gave her a small smile and asked how I could help her. Her answer surprised me, "I am looking for Isabella Call? I need to speak to her about something, please." Bella of course heard this and jumped up to join me at the door, Sam not far behind.

When my sister saw the woman on the porch she was first confused, but when she saw the kids her face broke into a wide grin.

"Lindsay! Caleb!" she screeched while Sam and I covered our ears. Bella ran out the door and grabbed the two kids in her arms while they grabbed her and responded, "Bewwa!" Bella laughed and swung them around in circles. By now the entire pack had joined us on the porch while the elderly lady just stood there shaking her head.

After a little while Bella seemed to remember us and turned around, "Embry? I've got kinda shocking news for you. These munchkins here are our half brother and sister, though I'm not sure what they're doing here…" I was shocked, but as interested in what the woman had to say as Bella.

"My name is Mary Downe and I am the children's social worker. I must tell you that you're father's girlfriend has disappeared after a robbery in her home and has not shown up for the past week. The kids have no other living relatives and they would not stop screaming your name until I finally said I would bring them to you. So here we are, and if you agree you are now their legal guardian." I was shocked. Our father was cheating on our mother? I looked at Bella and saw her shake her head as if to say 'I'll explain later'. I gave in and looked back at the kids.

"Of course I'll be their guardian. I'm assuming I have papers to sign?" But the lady shook her head and said that everything was done and with that, she drove away. Bella seemed shocked for a second before walking over to me with the kids in her arms.

"Linds, Cabe, I want you to meet your older brother and my twin, Embry Call." Both kids squealed and Caleb said, "I wuv older bwothers!" We all laughed at this as I took them both out of Bella's arms. We walked back into the house before Bella introduced them to the rest of the pack. From that day forward Sam was Swim, Jared was Jay, Jacob was Cobs, Seth was Sef, Emily was Em, Jason was Jazz, Quil was Qwuiw and Paul was Pal. I was Emmy and Bella was obviously Bewwa.

Everyone immediately fell in love with the two rascals and I thanked God that no one imprinted on either of them. But soon the fun was over; the three year old twins were put down for a quick nap while Bella told us why Linds and Caleb were only our half siblings when our parents were still married. The Social worker had left their stuff (crib, clothes, etc.) and after we had set everything up, we went into the living room again.

"Four years ago, I walked in on my father and another woman in bed. Dad threatened me that if told my mother he would hurt me even more, so I kept quiet. Three years ago, I was taken to an apartment with my dad and he introduced me to Janice White. Janice was the woman I had caught him with. He showed the twins to me and told me that from now on I would come over here before and after school and any other time I had free time to take care of the twins because Janice had 'better things to do'.

I raised Lindsay and Caleb like my own and every time Mom asked question I would simply say that I was babysitting for a friend of Father's. When Mom and Dad died I was told that Janice would take care of them like she should have been doing all these years, but I still worried. It sounds horrible, but it's almost like a God-Send that I have them again. I was more of a mother to them than that woman ever was."

Sam pulled Bella onto his lap and held onto her tightly. She looked down and gasped. Everyone jumped up to see what was wrong, but I already saw. The designs on Bella's and Sam's hands had become more defined and visible. Probably from deciding to keep the children as their own.

Months passed. The twins were a part of our family now and they knew about us being wolves. Quil had phased in front of them by accident one day during one of his and Paul's fights and we had to explain everything. They were good kids and never said a word. Bella had officially moved into Sam's room and the twins had her old room so we all could watch over them. We were all happy with the way things had turned out and it made us feel even better that the kids were thriving on everyone's love for them both.

Cabe had finally gotten rid of his baby talk when they turned four, but Linds still called us all by their version of our names. I had noticed that when our siblings showed up Bella was even happier than she had been before. And that's when I realized that Bella had been worrying over the munchkins all this time, but didn't want to burden us with the worry too.

"Embry Call! Get your butt over here now!" Shoot, what did I do now?

"Yes?" I asked in an innocent voice, "What's up?" But Bella simply glared. And I knew that look, "Ummmm. What did I do?" With a loud sigh and a huff Bella snapped, "Why did I just hear Caleb mutter 'shit' when he tripped over the table leg?" Oh, that, Caleb had decided that 'the pack' was the 'cooler' group to hang out with and has a factor, heard lots of swearing. When he first heard us swear in the group he asked what it meant. And Sam told him he would find out when he was older, but that just made Cabe's curiosity rise. And then he decided that if we could say these words then so could he. But this was the first time he had said any of the words in front of Bella.

"Ummm, he heard it from Jacob?" From the glare she was giving me it didn't pass, "Fine, when he hangs out with us when we play video games he might have heard us swear…a lot? So, ya." I trailed off because now I was kinda scared. My twin was the fastest of us wolves and it showed when any of us did anything wrong and her mother instincts kicked in. Especially around Caleb and Lindsay.

"Run," I heard Jared mutter and I followed his suggestion. But of course as I was passing into the line of trees to enter the woods and was mid phasing, when I saw a flash of white over my head and I knew I'd been caught. Bella spun mid-jump and landed facing me in a fighters crouch, teeth bared and the hair on her back raised.

Bella: How dare you teach our siblings how to swear! They are barely four! You stupid, stupid…

Embry: Shut up, Bells! We didn't teach them anything! He heard us swearing, was curious and started doing it himself! We tried to stop him but the boy is even more stubborn than you! I could tell she was trying not to smile now. We had repeatedly been teasing her for being such a stubborn know-it-all and she would just laugh it off.

Eventually I calmed her down and the two of us phased, slipped on our extra clothes and walked back to the house laughing and teasing as usual. When we entered the house we both paused and looked at the happy scene before us. Bella quietly walked over to Sam and slipped onto his lap. I continued standing in the doorway. Caleb and Lindsay were next to Sam reading a book with him with Bella curled on her imprint's lap. Paul and Jared were sitting next to each other on the floor and cracking jokes together. Jake and Quil were playing video games as usual, but also laughing with Jared and Paul. Jason sitting on the chair next to the couch with Emily in his lap while they both laughed with the rest of the group. I eventually made my way over to my two best friends, surrounded by everyone I loved. We were finally happy; together.