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Ace woke up earlier then he normally would have. The sun had yet to rise but the edge of the horizon was tinted a blend of pink, purple and orange signifying that it would be up soon. Ace lay on the lumpy bed of the cheep inn he was currently at for a few more moments, face buried in the flat worn out pillow as he tried to force himself back to sleep. After a few minutes of this he groaned and sat up. It was odd, normally all he had to do was close his eyes and relax and he was out like a light. So why couldn't he get back to sleep now?

Passing it off as simply an effect of the uncomfortable bed and pillow he got up and thought nothing more of it. When he slid out of bed something else happened that was very odd for him. He shivered. He actually felt cold for the first time he could remember since eating the Mera Mera no Mi. Passing this off as just the crappy hotel being overly cold and him not used to being up so early there for his senses must be whacky; he pulled his pants on and got ready to start his day.

After nearly eating the hotel out of house and home in the little dinner down stairs he decided it was time for him to get going. Not only because he had places to be but because he didn't like the hotel, not one bit. Several more odd things had happened to Ace that morning. For one he actually hadn't fallen asleep in his food, and while he was eating he had become exceedingly hot and started sweating bullets. And sweating just like shivering wasn't something he did much of since his Devil Fruit consumption. On the other hand the sudden sweating had made him look sick and was the perfect excuse to run of the bathroom, and for once pull off a successful eat and run.

Now Ace was wondering down the street of the little port town making his way back to the docks, and thinking about the odd things that had happened to him so far that day. And for that matter were still happening. The Devil Fruit user was extremely uncomfortable as he walked down the road. He was alternating between being cold to getting extreme chills; too being burning up then just hot. And it was driving him up the proverbial wall.

"What the hell it going on with me today…What am I having hot flashes or something?" He mumbled to himself as he reached the docks. He didn't really have to leave this port yet there were no marines at it and the place itself was over all pirate friendly being a scummy place to begin with. But he had a lead on Black Beard that for once came from a reliable source and seemed solid.

Shifting his backpack on his shoulder he jumped into his little skiff. Un-looping the tie line from the dock he stamped his foot lightly on the metal bottom. Flames flickered from around his foot and ankle…then stopped and died down. "What the hell…" the pirate mussed. "Okay, Ace it's nothing…your just having an off day," he told himself and took a deep breath. Once again stomping his foot down on the bottom of the skiff flames roared to life and the little boat lurched forward and out of port.

"See, just an off morning nothing to worry about," he reassured himself as he sailed away from the island. Sailing went smoothly for a while, Ace enjoying the smell of the ocean and light mist of sea spray the skiff kicked up. Then said skiff lurched again and for the second time that day Ace's fire went out. Bringing a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose as the little boat slowed to a stop he took yet another deep breath and let it out in a heavy, annoyed sigh.

Glaring down at the metal under his feet he stamped his foot mentally commanding his fire to brew. Nothing; not a spark. Brow twitching in annoyance he stomped his foot again, and again, and again till he was practically jumping up and down on the thing. "Damn it! What the hell is going on! Work alrea—Gah!"

Ace got his wish. Suddenly his fire came back flaring up in a large burst of heat and sending the skiff rocketing forward. Shouting out in surprise the young pirate waved his arms in an attempt to keep his balance and not fall off the boat. Managing the garb onto the little mast with one hand he closed his eyes and mentally tried to subdue the flames that were licking at his waist. No good; the flames still roared around him, if anything the skiff went faster.

"Okay, okay I take it back!" Ace shouted. "Stop please stop whatever the hell is going on!" the boat continued the sail for another moment or two before it obliged. The flames went out so suddenly the little skiff actually jerked at the loss of its power source. This sent the off balance, and very freaked out Ace tumbling forward and onto the nose of the small sea craft. It tipped forward at the sudden change in weight and threatened to capsize but Ace had enough whits about himself to quickly fall back on his ass in the middle of the boat to keep it from doing so.

He sat there breathing in deep lung full's of air as he calmed himself down and scowled at the vast expanse of ocean in front of him as another bout of coldness swept over him. Never, ever had something even remotely close to this happened. He had never lost control of his power like that. Never before had he even heard of a Logia user—or any type of Devil Fruit user for the matter—losing control of their powers.

"What the fuck is going on with me today…"

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