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"Well did you find anything?" Smoker asked gruffly to Tashigi as she approached him. They had set sail nearly an hour ago and he hadn't seen her till now.

"Nothing official Sir. I looked through all the information the marine base had available but didn't find anything significant. The only material they had about Devil Fruit users being sick was what we already knew; about the sea, and Seastone." At hearing that Smoker looked considerably less happy and Tashigi continued quickly. "However I did find something." From inside her jacket she produced an old leather bound book. "It's a journal. I stopped into the book shop in the town to see if they had anything. The owner gave it to me, said its first addition. Apparently one of his old friends did some research on Devil Fruit. I skimmed through it and there is a section over the Mera Mera no Mi."

Smoker examined the old book carful opening it and flipping through a few pages. It was hand written and from the small bits he read very detailed. "Thank you Tashigi. You may return to your normal duties." With that he turned and left her.

Ace awoke slowly. For a while he just lingered in the pleasant state of half sleep, then the scent of food reached his nose and his eyes opened. He rolled and stretched, yawning widely before sitting up. He had a killer headache and was chilly but other than that felt moderately okay. Looking over he saw Smoker sitting at his desk reading, and a tray of food sat untouched next to him.

"That food for me?" He asked standing up slowly and making his way over to the desk. Smoker glanced over at him and nodded. Grinning Ace took the tray and sat back down on the bed. As the first bite of food passed over his lips he gave a small moan of joy. He was starving. "Thanks," he offered looking up at the marine. "Hey why are you wearing a shirt?" Ace questioned, looking at the marine's cloth covered back.

"Because I didn't feel like showing off all the lovely scorch marks you gave me the other night, and you wouldn't give me back my damn coat," Smoker said bitterly, the brat still had his coat too. Ace was surprised to hear this, mostly because he had thought it impossible for him to burn the smoke man; but he stored that piece of information away with the many other questions he wanted to ask instead of pushing it now. Instead he focused his attention on the food he had been given. He then noticed that Smoker was very focused on a little book on his desk.

"What is that?" the well mannered pirate asked through a mouth full of food. For a moment Smoker said nothing and continued to focus on the book then he spun around in his chair and smirked at Ace.

"I found out why you're sick," he said simply and Ace's eyes widened in interest. Setting aside his tray of food he put his full attention towards Smoker. "This is a journal written about thirty years ago by a scientist who was fascinated by Devil Fruit users, and apparently had the chance to observe a Mera Mera no Mi user." Then he turned back a few pages in the book and began to read from it aloud.

"November Fourth:
Over the last several days I have observed that my friend and user of the Logia type Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit has been exhibiting some very odd symptoms of illness. Including: the inability to control his powers, black outs, extreme rises and falls in body temperature, inexhaustible lust, unpredictable and fierce mood swings, and severe headaches and exhaustion. After a thorough medical examination I came to the conclusion that there was absolutely nothing physically wrong with him that could be causing such symptoms. I will keep my journal updated with his progress and anything I find out about what is causing this.

November Sixth:
My friend has seemed too improved slightly and I believe that I may have found the source of his ailment. I have been informed that a very odd phenomenon occurred on November the Fourth; the day he became ill. A strange combination of both powerful Sunspots and Solar Flares happened on that day. While there has never before been any connection to Logia users and the natural source of their elements I am convinced that this must be the cause of his sickness. I believe this even more strongly after being informed by my friend that he was seeing dark rings on the sun; the actual Sunspots themselves. I have no way to do an accurate study of this do to the fact that I have only one person to observe and the rareness of what I believe to be the cause. Still, I remain firmly grounded that the powerful Sunspots and Solar Flares over the past few days are the cause of his illness."

Ace stared at Smoker for a moment letting everything he had just heard sink in. All of the symptoms detailed in the journal were an exact match to what had been happening to him over the past few days. "I thought I had just been seeing hallucinations when I saw the dark spots on the Sun." he said, still thinking about what he had learned. "Well… how long will it last. These 'sunspot' and 'solar flare' things?"

"Hard to say," the marine said closing the book and tapping it on his knee. "Solar Flares happen often but are normally small. Sunspots run on a rough eleven year cycle of rising in strength then falling. The odds of powerful solar flares and sunspots happening on the same day are exceedingly rare." He had of course found all this out by reading the side notes in the journal. "It shouldn't last that much longer though."

Ace sat there and sighed heavily. Knowing what was causing his problems was great, but not knowing how much longer it would last wasn't. "Well, at least I know what's wrong now." He said picking up his try of food and continued eating. Smoker nodded and watched Ace for a moment then turned back around in his chair. "I can stay here until it's gone though right? I mean what I would do if I…um, had another problem like last night." Smoker just gave a little grunt that said he agreed. It was then that Ace remembered he remembered almost nothing about that night and what had transpired. "Um, Smoker…what exactly happened last night? I don't remember much about it."

Smoker stiffened and blushed at the thought of the night before. "We…We had sex," he started in a hushed tone. "Lots of times; nothing I did would satisfy you. You finely just passed out. Then this morning you were a complete asshole and didn't want anything to do with me." Smoker explained. Ace was silent for a moment before asking another question.

"You said I left scorch marks on you?" Smoker sighed and stood up. Walking over to the pirate brat he un-tucked his black wife beater from his pants and pulled it up to show Ace his torso. The younger man gasped when he saw the bright pink marks covering the toned muscles. It was obvious that the marks on Smoker's chest were from his hands, but he blushed a little when he traced the blotchy lines on his abs. "Are these…from my um…you know."

"Cum?" Smoker finished for him a blush rising to his checks as well from both the thought and the light contact to the still sensitive skin. "Yes, that's what those are from." Ace traced the marks for a moment longer before once again setting aside his tray of food and leaning forward to kiss one of the larger blotches softly; gently tracing it with his tongue. He felt Smoker shiver from the wet contact to the damaged skin and smirked against it.

"Sorry," he murmured. Sitting back up he smirked at the marine. "Well at least we both had a good time last night, right?" He said with a confident smile. Even if he didn't remember what had happened he was fully confident that he had still been great in bed. He was both offended and shocked when Smoker snorted and frowned.

"It was ok, but you were one hell of a selfish brat. It was all about you. You needed more, you wanted more. Fuck you wore me the hell out half way through and still wouldn't let me go. I ache all over from it and it felt like I got bashed in the nuts when I woke up this morning. I have no idea how the hell you even kept me hard that long, but it's not really something I enjoyed. " He complained pulling his shirt back into place, turning around and walking back over to his desk. He did after all still have work to do. Ace just sat there, staring at the older man. Then got a sexy confident look on his face, standing up he straightened the over sized jacket he still wore and walked up behind him. He began to rub Smoker's tense shoulders and rested his chin on the top of his head.

"Well, I'm sorry about that. Maybe I should make it up to you," he spun the marine around in his chair and gave his a seductive smirk. Smoker looked up at him with a raised brow and the pirate just smirked more before sinking down to his knees. He barely got a grip on the other man's zipper before he found himself being shoved backwards and onto his ass. "What the hell was that for?" Ace barked. "I was just gonna give you a blowjob." Smoker huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yea, I know." He said sternly. "And after last night the last thing I want or need is any kind of sex with you. We don't know if you're better yet and I am not taking the chances of sending you into another sexual frenzy." That said he turned back around to his desk. Ace sat there for a moment surprised by the rejection, then anger exploded inside of him.

"Well that's just fine with me!" He screamed standing up. "Like I really wanted to suck your nasty dick any way old man!"

Smoker barked out a short laugh at the last statement. "Oh really?" he started not turning around in his chair. "Last night you couldn't get enough of my 'nasty dick' you little whore." He said it in a joking tone but apparently Ace hadn't thought it was funny. From behind him he heard a load growl and a rush of heat, then the next thing he knew the half empty tray of food was being flung toward him. He shot out of his seat and turned around to stare at Ace; the tray had barely missed hitting him and had crashed into the wall next to his desk. "What the hell was that all about!" he yelled at the brat. Fire was running up Ace's legs but it seemed that this time he was in control of it.

The younger man didn't answer him, just barked out a vicious 'fuck you' and stormed out of the cabin. Smoker stared at the open door after the younger man dumbstruck by what had just happened. Several concerned looking officer appeared in the door way. "Should we apprehend him sir?" one of them asked. Smoker just growled out an angry 'no' and slammed the door in their faces.

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Also, a fun fact. The largest solar flare ever recorded happened on November 4, 2003.