A poem dedicated to -Man! Or more specifically, Allen-kun! Yay!

Cursed With Painful Memories

No one seems to get the pain

Of losing someone close

What's worse is having them come back

And what really hurts the most

Is being cursed by that one man

Who loved you like a son

When no one else loved you at all

And you hate what you have done

You called their soul back from the dead

And put them through such pain

And the reason that you did all this

Was only for your gain

Forever reminded of the night

When you look at your white hair

And see the scare that's on your eye

It's almost too mush to bare

And though you meet a few new friends

Who love you as you are

That memory still lurks in your mind

And your happiness turns to tar

My name is Allen Walker

And I live with this ache

And every night when I close my eyes

My body starts to shake

For I have not had one night

Ever since that day

That I don't see that memory

When I hit the hay

I miss that man who fathered me

And saved me from the hell

That I had lived in for all those years

It makes me want to yell

And though the others think it's a gift

To see those lonely souls

All I see is sadness

And dark once happy holes

It's all because I made a deal

With one malevolent man

I told myself that I'll kill him

And try the best I can

To overcome the darkness

That lurks within my mind

And overcome the eternal fear

And soon kindness I'll find

I will someday save all those souls

Who evil hasn't spared

I think I'll tell them all someday

That I actually cared.

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