"We're Back."

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Chapter 2: The First Day of School for Sora and Riku.

It was 5:05 in the morning, and Kairi was up before Sora. Because she moved from the bed, she woke him up.

"What time is it?" he asked, tired.

"Time for you to get up." she answered. Then he laughed.

"Seriously?" he laughed.

"Yeah." she didn't laugh. He frowned.

"Aw... time already?" he looked down. It was a sunny morning on Destiny Islands. The sun shone bright on is face, hurting his curulean eyes. This made him feel weird. He wasn't used to being home, not at all. He remembered the time when he barely woke up after that long sleep."Man was I drowsy..." he thought to himself. He had his thinking face and Kairi was looking at him strangely. He then stopped thinking and they both laughed. She was right next to him. Last night, Sora was uncomfortable bigtime! But now, he feels normal, but not fully normal.

"Sora, I'm going to take a shower," she spoke. She turned her face to him and her cheeks were a bit red, "Do you want to take a shower with me?" He was speechless, and it was five minutes of awkward silence.

"You want me to take a shower with you?!" he yelled embarrassed. He wasn't mad or sad. He was shy and surprised. " Kairi would never ask that! Oh, yeah.... we all grew up.." he thought.

"It's okay of you don't want to! It was stupid of me to ask!" she said, too embarrassed. Her hands covering her face.

"No, that's not it! I will if you want me to....." his voice high at first but went more silent word by word.

"So it's a yes?" she asked.

"Well, uh ok." he was to shy to show his face.

"Great." she smiled shyly. Her smile looked to innocent. But she wasn't innocent anymore. So both of them got up and hit the shower. The shower water fell lightly on them. Their hair got wet. And Sora was surprised that he was taller than Kairi by three inches. She was surprised to.

"I can't believe this is happening." he said really silently, thinking she would've not heard.

"I can't believe it either." she answered, too bad, she heard.

"I can't also believe that I'm not a virgin anymore..." he said.

"They say it's better to lose it when you're married." she spoke.

"Well, too bad I guess," his hand behind his head, "But we're not old enough to get married..." He felt her hands, smaller than his, softly scrub his head.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to." she giggled, he loved that.

"About this, we won't tell anyone, right?" he assured.

"No one should know." she said, looking deep into his eyes(But too bad! HA HA! Because they will find out!)

"Not even Riku!" he blurted out.

"Yeah, because he'll then..." she looked at the wall.

"He'll tell me stuff and ask me how it was and that can make me feel uncomfortable in so many ways." he explained. Kairi nodded and they then continued quietly.

"Sora, I know that you guys would fight a lot of heartless and nobodies. I mean, it's not fair that you guys are the only ones getting hurt! I have a weapon to!" she said.

"I understand you. And don't worry about it, if an enemy magically appears, you'll fight with us." he promised. The way he said it made her smile.

They were done taking a shower then. Sora was in a towel, and so was she, obviously...

"Sora, can you clip my bra for me?" she asked.

"Yeah." he blushed and did what she asked.

"Sorry, it's always been hard for me to just clip it." she explained, and giggled.

"Oh, you're pretty used to it." he said.

"Yah..." she answered. They then got changed. Kairi started combing her hair. It wasn't tangled, it was easier to comb than other days.

"I'm going to go in my room and act like I barely came out of there so Riku wouldn't suspect anything, got it?" he planned.

"Yeah, sounds like a plan." she told him.

Sora was going out of the room. He got a hold of the door knob but Kairi grabbed his arm.

"Wait Sora! I need to fix your tie!" she halted him.

"Ok, go ahead." he said. She was fixing it. Since he was taller than her, her head was right on his face, which means he got to sniff her head. "Her head smells like..... like flowers! It smells good!" he thought to himself. Kairi was done fixing his tie but he was grabbing her shoulders, still sniffing her head.

"Umm, Sora?" she was confused. He was back to reality.

"Oh! Sorry." he said. She laughed and then he headed out the door. Sora ran to his room quietly. He then opened the door and went in.

That was strange. His room was exactly the way he had left it before that world was engulfed by the darkness. He looked around... There was a poster of a rocket, and a few pictures of him with Riku and Kairi when they were younger. He was surprised that he actually forgot what it was like to not be in that room anymore. The last time he went to the room was the day before everyone got separated. His bed sheets were red and blue. And he looked in the closet. There was that cheap volleyball that would always run out of air. It wasn't even his... It was Riku's. He just didn't want that ball because it would always run out of air. "It hasn't changed..." he said. And he was right. It hasn't changed at all. He sat on his bed and then lied down. He was remembering many things from the past. He thought it was great to be back. Then he heard Riku get out of his room. So then he got out himself.

"Morning." Riku said.

"Morning." Sora greeted.

"Hey guys." Kairi said, happily.

"Why are you so happy?" Riku asked.

"Well, because you guys are back." Kairi lied. Well, some of it was the truth, but that wasn't the real reason.

"Ok then." he said. Sora was blushing wildly, but when Riku turned around, he wasn't.

"So Riku, yesterday you said something about your room looking gay?..." Sora brought up.

"Yeah, I really need to remodel it. It looks really gay. I never knew it could change so much in one year." he complained.

"Actually, I think you're the one that changed in one year." laughed Kairi. Sora agreed. Then, Riku decided to describe his room. It wasn't the best description. It was yellow and blue but more yellow than blue, and that wasn't Riku's style. Seriously, it really wasn't. It looked like a little kid's room.

"Yeah, I guess you guys are right. We all change, even in one year." he agreed. Then, they ate a breakfast of waffles and bacon, they all brushed their teeth and got out of the house. Riku and Sora looked outside, and they were like "whoa..". They were not used to it at all. Kairi just smiled and they kept walking. Then, Selphie saw Kairi and the guys.

"Oh hi Kairi! You're................................................... Sora and Riku! You guys are back!.... And you look different!" Selphie yelled in amazement.

"Yeah, we know." said Riku.

"Where were you guys?!" she asked.

"I was traveling through different worlds." said Sora.

"I was tied to the darkness I suppose.." Riku said seriously. Selphie looked like she had no idea what he was talking about. After a few minutes of just standing there, she finally remembered. The olden days when they would play ball. She remembered that cheap ball and the fact that she would always lose. She ended up laughing and the three friends looked at her with a look saying 'What's so funny?'. Kairi walked, talking to Selphie while Sora and Riku were a few inches behind them.

"So are you and Kairi like going out?" asked Riku. This made Sora jump.

"What?! Nothing happened! Why? I was sleeping in my room all night!" Sora said, scared.

"Umm... Okay, Sora but that doesn't answer my question."

"Oh, we're.., I'm not sure. I wish we were. It's her choice because I don't want any problems. Heh, like there would be any problems. " he said.

"What exactly do you mean, Sora?" went Riku. He had no clue about what happened last night, even though Sora accidentally gave him a clue. Then, after a little bit of walking, they made it. When they got there, Kairi was holding Sora's hand, and he was too. Riku was like "Huh?" and Selphie was like "Ho ho haha!". The students were looking at them because they have never seen them. They don't know them.

"Who are they?" "I haven't seen these guys!" "Are they new?" went the voices on campus. Sora was happy because Kairi was holding his hand, and he was doing that back.

"Why are they looking at us?" asked Riku, not really caring, but asking anyway.

"They're just not used to seeing you guys," said Selphie, "They'll get over it in a few hours."

"You mean like in a few days!," said Kairi, "Usually when there is new students, nobody notices!"

"True." said Selphie.

"Whatever, maybe they just think we're cool." joked Riku, but that joke was actually a fact. Even teachers looked at them.

"It's alright, maybe they've never seen us around town." said Sora. Most people were new to them. It's only been a year. And in one year, possibly everything can change. They moved forward and it seemed that they got there earlier than usual. Then, they was a group of "popular" girls. They looked very snobby, and eveyone was looking at the one in the middle.

"Uh... It's her again." sighed Kairi.

"Who is she?" asked Sora.

"That is Kiki Kaka," she said, "She is the most popular girl and she hates anyone who is better than her. She makes other people feel bad and she makes out with other girls' boyfriends, maybe, even sleep with them." Sora and Riku started laughing.

"Kiki Kaka! That is so stupid!" laughed Riku.

"It's funny." said Sora.

"I laughed the first time I met her." said Kairi.

"But she actually falls in love with anyone! Sometimes she even stalks the guy she likes at the moment." warned Selphie.

"That is Kiki," said Kairi,"I am not kidding!"

"You got a problem with my name? Why are you laughing?!" Kiki came up to them, angry, like usual. She has brown hair that she usually ties in two ponytails. And she wears the shortest skirt. She actually cuts it shorter than it already is. She had her eye on Sora, and he got a little scared. Her purple eyes would squint a lot. It was freaky!

"What? We weren't laughing..." said Kairi as she ran behind Sora.

"You better not have been, because I am so better than you, and you know what? I am actually a cheerleader!" she bragged.

"Yes, a cheerleader with low grades!" Kairi shot back.

"That's none of you business!" she said. She smiled at Sora.

"Hi, I'm Kiki. Nice to meet you. Would you wanna go out some time?" she asked him. Sora was about to say no.

"Wait! That's not fair! He's my!........" yelled Kairi. Riku was like "Huh?!" and Selphie was like "My god!" and Kiki's friends were like "What?! Finish your sentence ugly *****."

"What? Haha?!," said Kiki, "I want Sora to tell me."

"Umm, no. No thanks," said Sora, "I wouldn't ever cheat on my girlfriend."

"Who's your girlfriend?!" yelled her and her friends all at once.

"Kairi." he said.

"Uh! Well, you have no idea what you're missing out!, Because your not getting any of this!" she yelled while pointing at herself. Sora and Riku felt a bit uncomfortable after she said that.

"What did she mean, 'You're not getting any of this'?" said Riku.

"I don't want to know!" shouted Sora.

"Yeah, that's what I meant, Sora, she likes you at the moment. She going to stalk you and going to keep trying to do you-know-what to you!" Selphie warned again.

"Aww, C'mon, Selphie. Wait! She's going to stalk me?!" he yelled.

"No she won't, I hope." said Kairi.

"She doesn't know where you live." said Riku.

"I guess." said Sora. He was feeling a bit better. Wow, the bell hasn't rung yet. Then another girl came up to them.

"Hi Selphie and Kairi!" said the girl.

"Hi Shiema." said Selphie.

Shiema was a girl with black hair and a few acne around her left cheek. The acne wasn't that bad, but she kind of did make a big deal out of it. She had dark green eyes and she would get jealous easily. She was smart. But something interesting is that she hasn't fallen in love in a few years ever since her last crush told her crap that hurt her feelings. She was looking at Sora and Riku, but looked at Sora more. That caused another problem for Kairi, but not as big as the one with Kiki.

The bell rang. And all the students were leaving to their classes.

"Sora, you're class is over at that room and Riku, yours is passed the grass field." said Kairi.

"Alright, Later Sora. See you both in P.E." said Riku and walked along.

"Okay, see ya later." Sora said to Kairi. Then, in 2 minutes, the campus was empty.

Sora looked around the room after the teacher told him to sit on this desk at the back of the room. "This class first period, geometry." he thought to himself, "Oh no!" he said in his head. Kiki was sitting down all the way in the front.

"Class, today we have a new student. His name is Sora. So if you wanna talk to him then wait til after class because you are here to learn." said the teacher. "Her name was Mrs. Wood and she was very strict. She hated high school students all because of one bad memory she had when she was in tenth grade: She was singing in a talent show and everyone was watching and they were liking it. They were cheering, so happily and then she tried to do a flip but ended up ripping her favorite jeans! Everyone laughed as she ran back in crying and from that day forward she wasn't known as Paca anymore, she was known as 'the girl who ripped her pants'. Now, she thinks that her job is to make students miserable just the way she was for the rest of her highschool life."

"Your name is Paca?" a boy laughed.

"What?! I said that out loud?!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah you did. Duh?" said Kiki.

"You be quiet and do your work or else I am assigning you detention!" shouted Mrs. Wood.

"Well, if you do, I won't go anyway!" she talked back. Then everyone was silent. Since Sora was a new student, he had to fill out a stupid worksheet that the teacher told him to do while everyone was working on this math page. The math book pages were all tagged on. With nasty pictures...

Instead of filling that out, he remembered his journey. School was so boring! He'd rather fight Xemnas or some heartless or possibly a nobody. That sucked for him. He was thinking about that cave that Kairi and him would play in. That cave still exists! He would go there again! He was so focused on. He forgot about the paper until the teacher came up to him.

"Sora. Fill out your paper!" she shouted.

"Okay!" he said. And worked on it. He had to write his name and all those very stupid things(Sorry, couldn't think of anything to describe the worksheet.) "When will this end?!" he thought. Kiki waved at him and he just looked out the window.

The red haired girl looked at the book she was reading. It was about this girl who never knew about her parents. And that she was sent to another town and never made friends. It was kind of a good book. But she had to stop and think for a while. "Who are my parents? I never met them. Oh, at least I have good friends! And Sora..... He is such a lazy bum! But I like that lazy bum!" she thought to herself. She started laughing and everyone in the class was looking at her

"I'm so sorry........." she said. She was a bit embarrassed. There wasn't much she thought about. She was just sitting there until she remembered that Kiki was in the same class as Sora right now! And there was nothing she could do. But she trusted him, and it's not like he's going to let Kiki do things to him. The rest of the class she stared at the window....

"Students be quiet! Stop throwing that paper airplane! Take out you books! No chewing gum in class Wakka! New guy!, stop talking to Tidus. Oh my god! We haven't even started class and we have 2 minutes left!!!!!!!" yelled Mr. Goldsberg. But nobody listened. They were still messing around and there was only one nerdy girl who was doing work. It was fun for Riku and then those two minutes were over. Then, the bell rang. And everyone ran out of the classroom. The teacher looked frustrated, as if he were going to quit his teaching career.

The students were walking out and Kiki ran to Sora. Riku and Kairi had an annoyed expression on their faces.

"Hey Sora! What do ya have next?!" she asked with feeling.

"Umm, P.E, why?" he said, his face asking for help.

"Oh! So do I!!!" she exclaimed. Sora frowned. Then she ran away and skipped to P.E.

"Poor you Sora." said Riku.

"This is as horrible as the battle with Xemnas!" Sora sighed.

"Calm down Sora, you gotta pull it together." said Riku, trying not to laugh. He thought it was and wasn't funny at the same time. Kairi was kind of bothered.

"Yeah, Kiki is like that. Many people consider her popular because of her world record." said Kairi.

"What world record?" asked Sora.

"For having too much boyfriends." She answered.

"Stupid." said Riku.

"Yeah.." said Sora.

"Hey, our lockers are right next to each other, right?" said Riku.

"Yeah, Like, all the way over there." said Sora.

"Cool," said Riku, "They say that a lot of guys slap each other with their shirts and that crap."

"Why?" said Kairi.

"Well, guys are different than girls." said Riku.

"Oh." said Sora and Kairi. Then, after that conversation, they made it to P.E.

"Man, I can't open the lock!" Sora complained.

"Here, let me open it. What's your combination?" Riku tried to help.

"16, 14, 3" said Sora. Then, Riku opened it.


"Thanks." Sora said as he was changing his shirt. Riku changed faster.

"Man, these shorts are too short!" Riku said.

"I know!" Sora agreed.

"Do you shave your legs?!" Riku asked him.

"What?! No!" Sora answered.

"It looks like you do!" Riku laughed.

"Look who's talking!" Sora also laughed. They were both joking around.

"Hey Kairi, are you jealous that Kiki is trying to take Sora? Tell me the truth." Selphie said.

"Well, not jealous but mad that she just thinks she can have whoever she wants." Kairi answered.

"Hey I heard that!" Kiki yelled, but she was ignored. Selphie's locker was next to Kairi's. Then, Selphie was going to ask something.

"So, have you and Sora done anything?" she asked.

"W-What do you mean?!" Kairi yelled back.

"I meant have you gone on a date?" she asked.

"Oh! No, not yet..." she answered. That question really made her nervous. She really didn't want anyone to find out. It would be a mistake if she told Selphie!

"Well, you should." said Selphie, done changing.

"Yeah...:" said Kairi, putting her shorts on. She was done changing. As they were both walking out, Kiki threw a hardcover book at Kairi.

"Oww!," she shouted, "What was that for?!"

"For taking Sora!"

"I've known him longer than you!" Kairi shouted back and left. The P.E teacher saw that.

"Kiki, stop it." she said.

"I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!" she yelled and walked out. They were in the gym and it was huge.

"What happened Kairi?" Sora asked as her hand was on her arm.

"Kiki hit me with a book." she sighed.

"A hardcover." Selphie said.

"Ouch. That's going to leave a mark." said Riku. He was being sarcastic.

"It already did." said Kairi.

"Why would she do that? I know this is my fault." he said as he was touching where she got hurt.

"It's not your fault. It didn't really hurt." she lied.

"Oh, ok." he said, still concerned.

"Hi boyfriend!" Kiki shouted.

"I'm not your boyfriend." Sora said.

"Fine then, my future boyfriend!" She wasn't joking. The classes were sitting together. Riku was in a different class, but he was with Sora and Kairi.

"Hey, you guys." said Sheima. Just to make things clear, she likes Sora.

"Hi." they said.

"Remember the cave we used to play in?" Sora reminded Kairi.

"Yeah, the old times. Fun days. Where were you when I was in Twilight Town?" she asked.

"I was in another world. When Pence told me you were there, my heart started pounding." he said.

"Yeah, me to. But then Axel had to kidnap me. What happened to him?" she asked again.

"He died." Sora said. Sheima was just looking and listening.

"Wow." said Riku. Then the P.E teacher came up to them.

"Hey! You're not in my class!" she shouted to Riku.

"Oh yeah.. See you guys later." Riku left and waved off.

"Yeah. What are we doing today?" asked Kairi.

"We are playing volleyball." said the teacher. Her name was . She was very nice. She was one of the nicest teachers in the school. Whoever had her was considered lucky.

"Oh. So, Sora, you look different." she said.

"Yeah, and you look different to. You let your hair grow. And, you.. look pretty." he said, turning a bit red.

"Thanks," she blushed, "You look...... I don't know, what's that word?.. Oh I love you." she smiled and kissed him. Some people were looking. Sora liked it but was a bit embarrassed. He didn't do anything in public because he thought it was weird, but then again, it was none of their business. Sheima looked a bit jealous, but she didn't hate Kairi.

"You know I love you more than anything." he said, "I lost you once, I'm not losing you again."

Kiki was pissed off, and Kairi found out that she saw.

"Oh no." she said.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I just hope Kiki doesn't do anything to me, or you, or Riku, or Selphie." she worried.

"I won't let her, I'll protect you." he promised.

"Thanks." she smiled. Again, that innocent smile.

"Heh..." Sora smiled, looking around.

"Ok everyone! Sit down, we are playing volleyball and I am putting everyone in teams." she said. Riku's class was going to do push ups. But the teacher was just talking.

"Yay volleyball!" Selphie shouted.

"And class, we have a new student today, his name is Sora. Sora would you like to say something about yourself?" she said.

"Well," he said as he stood up to the front of the class, "I'm not new to Destiny Islands, I've lived here my whole life. And I was away at different worlds, literally defeating evil people."

"Really?!" went the whole class. And Sora nodded.

"Class, today we have a new guy named Riku. Riku would you like to say something?" said his teacher. It could be heard through the whole gym.

"I am not new to this place. I have stayed here just like my best friend. That guy with the brown spiky hair is my best friend Sora. I was traveling through worlds to, but then I was locked into darkness. I didn't want to come here but my other friend Kairi, that girl with the red hair forced me to enroll." said Riku. The people looked clueless but did believe him. Then, people started laughing.

"I was forced to enroll to!" shouted Sora.

"Oh be quiet. You were going to enroll anyway!" Kairi said. Then they all laughed.

"Okay, we are picking teams. Team 1: Yuna, Paine, Kiki, Shiema, Paul, Gay, Socko,(Just putting random people), Someone, and you guys," she said as she pointed at a group of people, "Team 2: Sora, Selphie, Kairi, Rikku, John, Bobby, Marcy, Ugly, and you guys." The teams were settled.

"Why can't I be in Sora's team?!" yelled Kiki. She was ignored and the game started. Yuna served and Paine hit the ball with her face.

"Ouch." she said, with that same face.

"Pass the ball to me Sora they hit it!" Kairi yelled. And so he did that and Kiki got so mad that she hit the ball and it hit Paine again even though she meant to hit Kairi.

"You need to stop. I wasn't ready for that one." Paine said a bit mad. Sora looked one way and there was heartless there(Even if I pass the game, there are still going to be heartless appearing. If you got a problem wit that, PM me). His keyblade randomly appeared on his hand. The same with Riku and Kairi. All the students were looking at them, and the got ready to fight.

"How many of them are they?!" Kairi yelled.

"Like ten." Riku said and jumped to fight them.

"We don't have time for these heartless!" yelled Sora. He hit one like two times and it died. Kairi was kind of struggling, so Riku killed it for her.

"I can do this myself." she said, concentrating. She hit one and it died. Then they kept on killing them while everyone was silent and watching with caution. Finally, they got rid of them.

"Thanks for saving us all." said Ms. Navu.

"Don't thank us." they said and sat back down. Everyone was talking all at one. Then the teacher told them to shut up and they did.

"Let's continue with the game. This is P.E, not social hour." said Riku's P.E teacher.

The rest of the game went smoothly and team 2 won because Sora was on their team. They headed in the locker room. The locker room had so many lockers, people wonder how all students each have one. Continuing with Team 2's victory, they won because Sora was really good at volleyball. In other words, he is good at sports. So is Riku. They are good at sports because they've been fighting, which involves strength, and you get the idea. They changed back into the'r clothes and the bell rang.

"What do you have next Kairi?" asked Selphie.

"Geometry." answered Kairi. Her arm stopped hurting, and since she has sensitive skin, there was a red mark.

"Uh! You have geometry?! I have chemistry!," yelled Kiki, "With Sora!"

"Is she going to have the whole day with me?" whispered Sora to Riku.

"Hope not." Riku answered.

"HEY I HAVE EARS LIKE A HAWK! I HEARD THAT!" the snobby brunette yelled. She yelled so loud that everyone heard her and they were looking at her. She didn't mind, after all, she thought they were looking at her because of her looks. Sora tried to ignore her and shyly put his arm around Kairi. Kairi blushed. But she liked it.

"In chemistry we have partners right?" Sora asked.

"Yeah." Kairi answered.

"I hope I'm not with Kiki! No offense but she is annoying." Sora admitted. He didn't sound mad, but sad.

"Seriously, and it's only been one day." Riku spoke.

"Well, Riku, you are lucky." Selphie told him.

"I feel lucky since I don't have to be in the same room with that chick." Riku said.

"How's your arm?" Sora asked.

"I said it wasn't a big deal." Kairi said. She wasn't mad either. She was annoyed.

"Alright then." he said. There's my class."

"See you in art. Remember, room 12, not 11." Kairi said.

"Okay I won't forget!" Sora said proudly.

"Later Sora." Riku said. Then, after three minutes everyone was in their classes.

Luckily, Sora didn't sit with Kiki. He had to sit with Shiema instead. He felt relieved because he wasn't with the other crazy one. Although he wished he was with Kairi. He was thinking about her. Her body was curved, her skin was while and smooth. Her figure was so perfect. Her blue eyes with little purple lines in them. Her face with no pimples. and her lips soft. He knows because her lips are soft when they kiss. He remembered her thighs and her bare back. Shiema was looking at him. He was deep in thought. He remembered doing those things the night before. Then he began to blush, because the memory was not blurry. It was as clear as HD(High Definition for those who don't know).

"Sora, are you okay? Your face is red." Shiema notified. She thought he looked cute.

"Oh! I'm fine. Just remembering something. Something that happened- that when I was at another world!" Sora lied. He sucked at lying. He would usually tell the truth. But he grew up, which means he's gone threw changes. He grew up to be a guy. He's not little anymore. So that's why he sucks at lying.

"Oh, well, good to hear that. I thought you were dizzy or thought of something that was bothering you." Shiema smiled. She was taking out some notes and did what the teacher what the teacher ordered. She was a good student. She wasn't good at much things but she was really smart.

"Class, settle down! We are going to mix potions today and see what happens. I read in a book that if a purple chemical pops up as smoke shaped like a triangle, it means you are meant to be together.

"You mean like for the rest of your life?" asked Kiki.

"Yes, that is what I meant." said the teacher. His name was Mr. Ostler. Shiema hoped a purple chemical would pop up shaped as a triangle. She really like Sora even though she hasn't known him for that long. Sora was just like "Not in this class that will appear." He was thinking. Everyone passed the materials needed and everyone was ready to begin.

"For how long have you known Kairi?" asked Shiema.

"Well, we were like 8,9?, when we met. She was from Hollow Bastion. We were little. It was her, Riku and me. We would always play on the islands together."

"What else happened?" she had to ask.

"When we were 14 Kairi and I would secretly play in a cave. Just the two of us. We even drew a picture," he laughed, "But then, the worlds were being separated and being swallowed by darkness. Then we all got separated and Kairi lost her heart. Then, without thinking, I stabbed myself so she can get her heart back. She got her heart but I didn't have mine. I became a heartless. Believe it or not, Kairi is actually a princess."

"Wow, that was such an interesting story." she said. She was jealous. She wished she was there when that all happened. She wished tha Sora liked her instead. She was sad but hiding it. Her face had a smile but when he would turn back, she frowned.

The students then got to work with the chemicals and all that crap. Some of the chemicals exploded and others laughed. Kiki was passing notes to Sora but he never read them. He didn't want to read them. He was scared that the notes might include something he didn't want to know. He was talking to Shiema and he thought she was pretty nice. But he didn't love her. The time flew by since he was talking with Shiema. Shiema was being nice even though she wanted to cry. There was no purple smoky triangle for anyone except these two girls that were partnered up together........

Kairi fell asleep and then the bell rang. She was getting up when her paper had some drool. She fell asleep for the whole period. She was looking outside, seeing the fresh sky and all the trees. She was going to sit with Sora in art. And something good about that was that Kiki was not in that class since she had cheerleading as an elective. Sadly, she was the cheer captain and she was the one who decided the dance steps and all that stuff. Kairi was so bored. She would always fall asleep for the whole class. But that was because she was bored. Yes, the boredom. She got up and walked to class.

"Hey Sora." she smiled.

"Hey." he said. Riku caught up with them.

"So, art is our homeroom?" Riku asked, not sure.

"Yeah, it is." Kairi explained.

"How come you chose art? I thought you knew how to play the violin?" Sora said to her.

"Yeah, but I chose art because ever since I was little, I loved to draw random things. I also like to talk in class. And art is like that," she went on,"Sure I play the violin, and I'll never forget, but I just, randomly decided."

"That's cool." Riku said.

"Don't you know how to play the violin?" Kairi asked Sora.

"A little. I know all the things but I'm always forgetting the bow grip and always getting ahead of everyone else. I even forgot the notes!" he shouted. Not too loud.

"It's been a year." Riku reminded.

"Yeah. I had other things i mind." Sora said back. When they were both young, younger than 14, Sora and Kairi would always play the violin for fun. Kairi was an expert, but Sora.......

"Here it is, room 12." Kairi said and got in, grabbing Sora by the arm.

"Sit down class, today we are going to do a paint! So the faster you guys sit down, the faster we can start. Not only that, the more time we'll have!" said Mrs. Wilinskie. She was creative and not strict unless people pissed her off. But that was nearly impossible. Class always behaved, for the projects were exciting.

"These chairs are weird." Riku whispered.

"I know." Sora whispered back.

"Why hello, here are unfamiliar faces. You must be the new students." she said.

"Yeah, I'm Sora and this is my best friend Riku." Sora introduced.

"Great! Are you new here?" she asked.

"Actually, we're new to the school but we've lived in this town since we were born." Riku said.

"So, where did you guys go?" asked the teacher.

"We were at different worlds fighting heartless and the organization XIII. I was going through the worlds." said Sora.

"While I was in the darkness, which changed my appearance, but I guess I'm back to normal." said Riku, looking at his hand. The class was all interested and wished they could go to the worlds.

"Really?! So you guys only went?" said the teacher.

"Actaully, Kairi ended up in Twilight Town. It was ayear, and we haven't seen each other that long. But then she was kidnapped." Sora said, kind of mad for remembering.

"Ohmygosh! This is so interesting!" yelled Mrs. Wilinskie.

"I remember," Kairi said and then everyone was looking at her, "Stupid Axel. I can't believe he died."

"And I was stuck in the realm of darkness with the king." said Riku. Some people in the class were writing that down.

"Why are they writing this down?" asked Sora.

"Maybe they're trying to make a book of our adventures." said Riku.

"Wow! Why didn't I tink of that?!," Sora thought out loud, then he stopped, "Wait! Isn't that like taking our ideas and stuff?"

"Stop class! We need to take put the paint and canvases." the teacher announced. So they did that and everyone was starting to paint.

"What are we going to paint?" asked Kairi.

"Class, we are painting like a memory from your point of view. Make it like a symbol. If you can't think of one, just draw something you've experienced. Use creativity and that memory can't be made up. When the teacher said memory, Sora thought about last night. So did Kairi.

"Alright! I'm using gray." said Riku, getting a paint brush.

"Yes! Make it a wonderful memory, or a sad memory, or a mad memory, or even a-!" she was cut off.

"Can you please stop saying the word 'memory'?!" Kairi asked. She was too shy to even remember.

"Oh fine then." the teacher said and went back to her desk. She wasn't mad. She even thought she was getting annoying herself. Sora then took a deep breath and couldn't help blushing every time he talked with Kairi. But then he got over it. Riku was having fun painting a picture of him and king mickey. He also painted the door closing and a whole bunch of darkness behind him. He'll never forget that. It was turning out to be a work of art. He blended in the colors, mostly using blue gray and black and white. Sora thought it was cool. His wasn't looking as crappy as other peoples'. Sora's painting was of Hollow Bastion, when he was younger. He was with Donald and Goofy. They weren't really hard to draw. He used the color purple a lot, for hollow bastion purple in the first game. He was having fun. This class was actually calm. The teacher put instrumental music on and everyone was painting and talking silently. This was a great class. Kairi's painting was of her giving Sora her good look charm that he gave her back yesterday before they did that. Sheima was also in that class and she was jealous because Sora was sitting next to Kairi and they were laughing. Riku was into painting that he was quiet. He was actually liking this class. He also like P.E. Same with Sora. They were both athletic.

Sheima was in the same class and she was painting a picture of an owl. This was the memory she was painting: She was walking one day through the sunny islands with Selphie and Kairi when an owl came up to her. The owl went on her head and stayed there for a while. She was happy that the owl liked her. She then took it off her head and suddenly the owl barfed on her! Today, she just laughs out of. "Good thing Sora wasn't there. I'd die out of embarrassment if he were there!" she thought. She was painting the owl. It had wonderful brown features. One of the rarest owls that have been seen. That happened like about 2 weeks before Sora and Riku came back. How she loved Sora, and how Kiki would annoy her. She was usually quiet.

"Sora, can I have some purple?" Riku asked.

"Yeah." Sora said, lending him the purple. He wanted to see what he was painting. It was cool! Really different from what he was drawing! The drawings that Sora, Riku, and Kairi painter weren't as crappy as the ones that Namine would draw(They looked like kindergarten drawings!).

"Wow Riku, I guess you were very into the painting." Kairi laughed. It was funny. Then, sadly, the bell rang.

"Don't worry class, we'll finish these tomorrow because it's lunch time already!" she said, and everyone left. Riku was walking with Sora and they accidentally bumped into one of Kiki's friends, Kohana.

"Hey, watch where you're going next time." she said to them.

"We're sorry." said Sora.

"Don't worry about it," she grabbed Sora's arm ,"Run, Kiki is looking for you. Go to the boys restroom or the chess clubs room or hide in the corner from Mr. Ostler's class."

"She's looking for me?!" Sora shouted.

"Shh.." said Kairi.

"Yeah, Kiki is getting annoying." said Kohana.

"What has she told you?" asked Riku.

"She said she was going to try to make out with you." she said to Sora. Then Kiki came out.

"Damn! I can't hang out because I have lunch detention with the P.E teacher for talking back!" She yelled and left.

"Well, I guess you're off the hook, bye!" said Kohana, and ran. Selphie caught up with them.

"Hi Kairi! Kiki got detention!" she sang.

"Is she still going to stalk me?!" Sora asked, uncomfortable.

"I hope not." said Kairi.

"No, we've got it all covered." said Selphie.

"How?!" Riku and Sora jumped at the same time.

"I told her that you live in that house located near the freeway." Selphie said.

"That house is still there?!" Sora laughed. When Riku and him were little, they would throw rocks there and hang around there with out letting their parents know. But their parents are gone now. Nobody ever knew who lived there. It was empty inside, but somehow there was a presence that anyone could feel. What could it be?

"Never mind that! Isn't she going to follow us after school?" asked Kairi.

"No, she said she was going to leave at the end of fifth period so she could 'find Sora' there," laughed Selphie, "I was about to pee in my skirt when I was telling her, and she actually believed it!"

"That's hw dumb she is?" Riku suggested.

"I guess so." Sora answered back.

They ate their lunch on the table, and a whole mess of people were crowding near Sora and Riku because they wanted to know more about their adventures. Then, the bell rang.

Fifth period flew by like a bird that was migrating during the winter. But it was spring! And now it was sixth period.

"So Kiki should be gone by now." said Sora. Kairi started laughing so hard her face turned red. She was laughing because Kiki was probably waiting at the old house right now.

The cars were passing by and Kiki was inside that old little yellow house. It looked like it had been repainted many times. She was looking around and there was this little room with a beaten up old bed with tape on the pillow.

"Sora lives here?!" she yelled at herself. She looked at the watch, "Well, school's not out yet, I guess I'll wait." She thought somebody was there, but there wasn't. There was a poster 'Sunny D'. She looked at it and laughed. But she didn't care. As long as her love 'lived there.'

Sora was sitting next to some kid that tattletells a lot. His name is George. and if he saw something against the school rules, he would tell the teacher. That is why nobody liked him. Sora was thinking of passing notes to Kairi but she already warned him about George. The rest of the class was boring and all the teacher did was blab on and on and on and on......

"Okay class, and then we-!" he was cut off and the bell rang. He was still talking and everybody left, ignoring him.

"This always happens." he sighed. Everyone was going home and they were in their groups of friends. Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Selphie were walking. Selphie lived next door with her mom only. Sheima was behind them and heard everything they were saying. She was looking foward to helping Sora with homework. She hoped he wouldn't change his mind.

"Hey you guys, you want to go to the cave where we used to play later on this week?" Kairi asked and they said yes. Sora and Riku said it was a good first day.

It's now sunset and Sora, Riku and Kairi were calm at home. They were laughing on what Kiki did and wondered if she ever came back, and from that day until a few hours that have happened so far, Sora and Kairi haven't talked about that. Him and Riku sat in that place where they sat in the beginning of the game. It was that place where Riku was saying "If there are other worlds out there, then why did we end up in this one?"

"I guess I'm not used to the fact of being back home..." said Sora.

"Yeah... Hey Sora, I thought you and Kairi weren't going out. How did that happen?" asked Riku. Sora was not going to obviously tell the truth.

"I don't know, I guess she just wanted to, and so did I." lied Sora. Riku was suspicious. But then he looked some where else. Sora tried to think of something to change the subject, but no ideas came to mind. Kairi was coming from their secret house(where they used to hang out. Something like their usual spot) happy that they were together once more.

"Hi you guys, you do know we need to get our homework done." she said.

"Yeah." they both sighed.

"Can we do that later?" asked Riku.

"Fine then. We;ll do homework later." she gave in. They were looking at the sunset calmly.

"The sunset looks very beautiful. I miss this." said Riku.

"As much as I miss the olden days." Sora added in.

"Yeah, but everyone grows up, and when we grow up, things around us change." Kairi talked. She was right, and she knew that that was what they were thinking about.

Then the time to do homework came. Sora didn't need Sheima's help, Kairi helped him. She was smart and they finished the homework fast. Then it was 10:05.

Kairi was sitting on her bed, in her pajamas of a turquoise tank top and gray pajama pants. Her mind was focused on Sora. His eyes were really really blue. He was muscular, but not as muscular as those Dragonball Z guys and that is what she loved a lot. She felt safe when he would hug her, she wished he was hugging her right now. Too bad he was in his room. Her red hair was what would bring his attention. He would always sniff her head, which smelled like flowers, like violets. She was happy that he liked her, because Kiki wasn't his type. She then started laughing and talking to herself. The art teacher has told her that talking to yourself can sometimes be good for the human mind. Sure people will think you're creepy if you do that in public, but that's that. She was getting sleepy and then lied down, her eyes closing, a smile on her face.

'Can't wait til tomorrow'

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