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It took Mac,Danny and Don an hour just to pick up the cake can come back. Jess was sitting with the baby in her arms. Don looked at Jess as she laughed at Hallie.

"Oh god!" Don said.

"What?" Danny asked.

"She wants another baby!"

"It's not that bad daddy"

"Mac!" Stella yelled.


"Before you put the keys down can you run and get diaper and formual?" Stella asked.


Mac picked up his car keys; he started walking out the gate. Stella just smiled at Hallie; she was moving around. Mac loved his family, friends, his whole life.

"Stella! She's asleep" Jess whispered.

Stella ran over to Jess; she picked Hallie up. Her play pin was inside in the living room. She put her down in the nice air conditioning house. The twins jumped in the pool with Don; They learned how to swim but with arm wings.

"They're so cute when they swim" Stella laughed.

"They grow up so fast; wish they where still babies" Jess laughed.

"I can't wait till she can walk"

"Girls start walking sooner" Danny said.

"Hey kiddo" Stella hugged Danny.

"Donny and Dani where uncle Danny's hug?" Danny yelled.

Donny and Dani ran out of the pool; they gave Danny a big wet hug.

"Love you uncle Danny" They said.

"How did you get them to read and talk like that?" Danny asked.

"That your baby can read" Jess smiled.

"That really works!"


thirty minutes later...

"Where the hell is Mac?" Stella yelled.

"The store is like five minutes up the street" Lindsay said,

"I don't know where he is?" Stella said..

"So Stella? When are you guys getting married?" Dan asked.

"We haven't talk about it"

"Don and I got the easy way out" Jess laughed.

"So did Danny and I" Lindsay said.

"So I want a good wedding" Stella said.

"Like what?"

"One of those big wedding; with a pretty dress, nice food, everything" Stella laughed.

"It's hot!" Jess complained.

"It's like one-hundred degrees" everyone laughed.

"Well it's the middle of June!" Mac yelled.

"There you are!" Stella yelled.

"There was a shooting at the store, so I had to go a little farther" Mac said.

"Jess! Come help me with the food" Stella yelled.

Jess walked inside the house with Lindsay and Stella. Don had his sister and his other friends over. Jess had her four brothers and her dad over,

"Donald" said.

"Hello" Don said.

"How are my grandkids?"

"They're great but get mad when they don't get what they want!"

"They'll get over it" said.

Stella and the girls came outside with all the food and put it on the tables; Jess the plats and forks; Lindsay got soda and cups.

"We will do the cake after everyone eats" Stella yelled.

Stella sat down with Hallie in the little baby swing; Hallie loved that thing. She would rock in it for hours at a time and not cry. It was nice enjoying ; she could eat and not be annoyed.

"Donny and Dani!" Jess yelled.

Donny and Dani got out of the pool; Jess put both of them in there high chairs and feed each one of them.

Jess was walking by the pool; Danny and Don where going to play a prank on jess. Don and Danny walked up behind her.

"What are you guys doing?" Stella asked.

Danny ran into Jess; she was slowly struggling to keep her balance. She fell in the pool. Jess got beyond pissed off; she was soaking wet in the pool. She came out of the pool soaked,

"Danny you've FUCKED WITH THE WRONG GIRL," Jess screamed.

Everyone was finished eating; Stella brought out the cake and the twins blew out the candles.. Donny put his face in the cake, Dani smered it all over her face. Jess just kept laughin

"Yes, please" Jess said.

Lindsay and Stella walked into house; they grabbed as many as they could and brought them outside. They stacked them up next to the pick nick table; Don went inside and got g, she would never see her babies like this ever again. Once in a life time chance she would see them like this. They took a bunch of pictures of the two.

"Do you want me to go get the presents?" Stella askedpaper towels to whip of the twins face.

" How many present's are left in there?" Jess asked?

"a lot of presents" Stella said.

Stella handed Dani and Donny a present they started ripping the paper open; they got a whole bunch of toys. There was everything that Jess hated a bunch of noisy toys. Jess hated when they would annoy her with them. Everybody knew that when Jess was annoyed she would come to work in a very prissy mood and cuss everyone out in her site.

"Jess?" Lindsay asked.

"What's wrong?"

"I have no clue" Stella said.

"DON!" Jess yelled.


"DON'T YOU SAY WHAT TO ME!" Jess yelled.

Stella had started to notice that Jess was always yelling; she seemed to be twice as mad lately. She complained about back pain a lot; and right now she was so aggravated that she was yelling and screaming at Don about something..

"Jessica Flack! come here" Stella yelled and pointed up stairs.

Jess and Stella walked up stairs to Stella's bedroom; Stella shut the door so no one could hear what they where saying.. there where so people who like to listen on to people conversations.

"What has gotten into you?" Stella asked.

"I have no clue the stress from the twins is hell; Don is pretty much not helping me with them at all" Jess said,

"It's been hard since his father died Jess you know this!" Stella yelled.

"I know but he can at least go see someone about this" Jess cried.

"You know he wants to but no one can convince him to"

"We Stella can you at least try to?" Jess asked.

"I will try" Stella said," Why don't you guys just stay here with Mac and I; you in no condition to drive home"

"Okay" Jess cried.

"You stop crying and go down stairs with your two beautiful children"

Don was walking up stairs; he saw Jess come out and he was heading back down the steps.

"Don come here!" Stella yelled

Don walked up the steps like he was in shame; Stella told him to sit on the bed. He felt like a little baby again.

"What's wrong?" Don asked.

"Don listen to me"


"Just listen," Stella said, "Don please you really need to go talk to someone. this thing with you dad dieing has been to long; I know you lost your mother and I know this has been so hard on you that you can't stand it. For Jess's sake please talk to someone; She needs your help with all of this. You where there too when the twins where born; she needs all the help she can get. You can't raise two all by your self; that's a bit hard."

"Stella I can't" Don put his hand in his face,

"Just try" Stella said,

"It's hard i lost both of my parent's Stella"

"I never met mine.." Stella said,

"I'm scared to talk to someone.."

"You need to talk to someone! You have the most beautiful children with her; they are all you've ever wanted and more. You even said that to everyone. I know it's a bit of a shock. that your dad died; i never met mine! When i talk to People about it.. it makes me feel a whole lot better" Stella said.

"I'll go talk to someone" Don cried.

"Awww it's okay!" Stella hugged him

Later that night...

Stella was in the kitchen making popcorn; Jess walked into the kitchen.

"Did you get him to cave in?" Jess asked.

"Yes i did," Stella said, "Here's a list on good people to talk to.. friends of mine.."

"Thank you!"

"Your welcome" Stella laughed," Now what the hell kind of movie are we watching"

"We are watching the crazies!" Don said.

"What the hell is that?" Jess asked.

"It's a movie about zombie's" Mac said.

"Don we've already seen this" Jess laughed.

"It's awesome"

"Where are my little one's at?" Jess questioned,

Jess went and picked them both up and put them in the play pin.. they had there new toys in there so no one had to worry at all. Stella finally sat down for the day cuddled up next to mac and sat the baby monitor on the floor. Jess and Don laid on the floor all cuddled up next to each other..

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