Authors Note: This is written to go with the lonelygirl15 webshow, beginning with season 1 episode 154. The show consists of several characters on various youtube accounts that post videos which are linked together to form one storyline. Because of that, all of these will be drabbles as they are meant to be like short little vlogs. Each post here will be a respond to one of the videos in the story.

Precedes: Episode 154 Uncle Dan || Poster: fangirlluv

Boring Intro

Okay guys and dolls, so if you haven't already noticed... yeah this is my first video blog. I suppose introductions are in order since, well... that's what you're supposed to do in the first episode right? Introduce the characters. Well the only character here is me and I am truthfully not that interesting.

My name is Aaga. I live at home with my boring parents and my boring brother. We live in a boring town full of boring people. I go to boring school and drive a boring car to my boring job making boring pizza. Yeah, it's pretty dull around here.

But! That's why I bought this camera, hoping it would help liven things up a bit. I have been randomly watching videos on here for a long time now and so I thought I would try my own hand at it. And if that doesn't work, I can always try my hand at producing which is what I really want to do. In fact, I think I am going to go find something to produce right now! So bye!