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What's in a name?

Ok, some of you were asking about my name last time so I thought I would expand a bit more on that. Yep. I always introduce myself as Aaga, ah-ga, cause I have a pretty weird name. Well not weird so much as it is long.

Alfilda Amara Giselle Axelle. That's my name, yep. Well, minus my last name of course. It's a pretty big mouth full isn't it? Granted, Alfilda is all I really have to say cause it's my first name, but I like the whole thing cause my name makes this cool sentence when you link all the meanings together.

Oh yeah, by the way, my mom is big on genealogy and stuff so I kind of inherited that from her. And the meanings and origins of names ties in with that so yeah... I just love finding out what someone's name means! Anyway, my name means: "she who helps the elves" the "eternal" "hostage/pledge" of the "source of life."

Pretty cool huh? No idea what it means but it sounds awesome. My mom says my three middle names come from these three girls in our family tree that were supposedly pretty famous, but I don't really understand what their famous for... I mean yeah winning the Nobel Prize or something sure, that is famous to me, but my mom just seems to adore these girls because they died young or something... I don't know...

Well anyway, that's my name in a nutshell! See you next time!