Eowyn looked down on the city from the top of the white tower.

She sighed.

Gondor was beautiful, but she preferred the rolling hills of Rohan.

Only a few more days.

Only a few more days until she would be healthy enough to travel back to the kingdom she now ruled.

Unbeknownst to her, a young prince was watching her from behind a pillar.

She sighed again her chin on her hand, the wind blowing her golden hair to the side.

She was used to the wind.

She loved it.

She loved the way is sounded, the way it felt.

It felt like velvet when it brushed across her skin.

When it blew, the sound reminded her of racing stallions, calling out to each other as the ran.

"Good day milady" A voice said, startling her.

She turned around, and saw Prince Faramir watching her carefully.

"Good day my lord" Eowyn replied, curtsying.

"How are you?" He tentatively took a step forwards.

"Very well, and how do you fare?"

He nodded.

"I have heard many stories of your battle, Princess. They enthrall me"

He took her hand adn knelt, obviously meaning to kiss it.

"Forgive me my Lord, but I am not a Princess"

He looked up from her hand.

Eowyn froze for a second, lost in his blue eyes.

"But milady, you have been appointed by King Theoden. You are to succeed him as Queen"

Eowyn looked away.

"I am no Queen"

Then she left, her footsteps sounding softly on the stone floor.

Faramir knelt there, hand still outstretched.

What an odd girl.