True Colours

"I need to give up on toms," I said to myself miserably, "I'm not pretty, no tom ever looks twice at me..."

Sighing, I looked up, the sky was grey and it seemed as though a storm was brewing. I huffed and sat on the curb of the street, I didn't often leave the junkyard, I didn't see much point, but I wanted some alone time, which was extremely strange for me, I usually like being surrounded by the others, but no, I was being pretty uncharacteristic, I guess.

A clap of thunder shook me away from my thoughts, I jumped and rain began to fall. My head fur covered my eyes, I brushed it away impatiently,

"Great," I muttered, "Just peachy, got anything else for me?" I was very ticked off by now."

A flash of lightning, I jumped again and yelled, "Don't you understand sarcasm!"

I huffed and walked on in search of shelter, I was sopping wet by now. I then noticed a cardboard box, I ran over and found the opening. Great, there was someone else in there.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I yelled over the thunder,

"Et'? Is that you?" I noticed that voice...

"Admetus! What are you doing here?" I queried, he gave a dry chuckle,

"I could ask you the same thing! C'mon 'en! You look freezing!" he shifted up a bit so I could squeeze in. I started to shiver, he was right, I was freezing. He smiled gently and put paw around me and pulled me close, I blushed gently.

"Warmer?" he asked, I nodded and he grinned. God, he had a nice grin...

He tilted his head to the side, "Why are you outside the 'yard 'en?" he asked, I hesitated, wondering whether to tell him about my very uncharacteristic moment,

"I-I just wanted to be alone," I replied.

"That's not like you, Etcetera..." He frowned, I sniffed,

"Well no one notices me anyway, so they won't care that I've been a way for a while," I snapped. His frown deepened, his brow knitted together with concern, "What are you talking about, Et'?"

I look at him, my eyes blazing, "Oh come on Addie! Are you really that clueless?" Admetus shook his head, "I know what you mean... I'm just wondering how you can be so wrong..."

I open my mouth to interject, he shushes me and then starts to sing gently,

"Show me a smile,

Don't be unhappy,

I can't remember when.. I last saw you laughing.

If this world makes you crazy,

And you've taken all you can bear,

Just call me up...

'Cause you know I'll be there."

My eyes widen gently, who knew he had a nice voice? He smiled, I look away for a while and then say,

"Why did you stop singing?" He chuckles gently and takes my chin with his hands, turning my face to his, he continues,

"I see your true colours shining through,

I see your true colours,

And that's why I love you,

So don't be afraid,

To let it show...

Your true colours, true colours...

Are beautiful,

Like a rainbow."

He stops again, I want to hear his soothing and calm voice echoing around in my ears. My lips part slightly, he smiles and closes in and plants a tender kiss on my nose. I nuzzle him and steal a kiss from his lips.

Love can be found in the most peculiar and mystifying ways.

I never thought I'd find my true love in a cardboard box.