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Bella's First Night Club

Edward's POV

"Alice, are you guys done yet?" I asked for the hundredth time in the hour.

"No, we are not ready, you cannot rush perfection!" She yelled in an annoyed tone, popping her spiky head out of the door to glare at me. I rolled my eyes at that, and she started cursing at me in her mind very loudly as she went back in the room.

My brothers and I were waiting downstairs for the girls to finish. Jasper and Emmett were currently arguing over who won their last arm wrestling match.

"You cheated, I know you did," shouted Emmett.

"Where's your proof, Emmett?", Jasper taunted back.

"Edward knows, don't you Eddie."

"Oh no Emmett, I don't want to be in the middle of this." I said holding up my hands in surrender.

"Ha, see you can't prove it." Jasper teased.

Please, come on Eddie. Emmett thought at me. You have to tell if he cheated. Please please please please please please

"Fine Emmett," I said exasperated, "Jasper did cheat, you should have won."

"Traitor," muttered Jasper.

"Hey, don't blame me because you decided to cheat."

"Ha, told you were a cheater." Emmett said triumphantly.

"You suck epically, Edward"

"Right back at you Jazz," I said as I went to sit on the couch; after a few minutes Jasper and Emmett came to wait with me for the girls to finish up.

Alice's POV

"Ready girls," I asked as we put the final touches on our outfits.

"Yeah" Rose replied excitedly.

"Sure," Bella answered sullenly.

"Ugh, Bella why can't you be more excited?" I said slightly annoyed with her attitude.

"I would be more excited if I knew where we were going, Alice." She replied seeming just as annoyed as I was.

"You'll see, it's a surprise," I said excitedly.

"I hate surprises"

"I know."

"Come on the guys are waiting, and we don't want to be late," said Rosalie.

We came out of my room and slowly descended the stairs with Rosalie going first, followed by me, then Bella. The boys stood from the looking at us appraisingly as we came to a stop in front of them. "You guys look great", Jasper said slightly breathless.

"You guys don't look so bad either, even though some people still won't let me pick their clothes." I directed the last part specifically at Edward.

"Alice, get over it, I am not wearing skinny jeans for the millionth time." Edward said slightly annoyed.

"Whatever, you will them wear them eventually, mark my words Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, I will win."

"Sure you will Alice." Edward said sarcastically.

"You doubt me?" I asked incredulously.

Bella decided to interrupt before Edward could answer and we really started fighting.

"So… anyone want to tell me where exactly we are going dressed like this?"

"No." we all answered in unison.

Bella looked a little scared, ooh this was gonna be so much fun.

Bella's POV

This was ridiculous; first I get dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn so Alice can take me shopping. Then I get held hostage all day so she can play Bella Barbie, this I state again is ridiculous. Is she trying to kill me? These heels have to be at four inches. Crazy evil pixie! Now the six of us are talking downstairs, waiting until Carlisle and Esme get back, for some reason I am also not allowed to know why we are waiting, but whatever. I'm brought out of my thoughts by a pair of cold arms wrapping around my waist. I sigh and lean back in Edward's familiar embrace. "You look beautiful, love." he whispered softly in my ear. "Thank you, so do you.' In fact we all looked pretty good. Edward was wearing black jeans, with a black button. Emmett was wearing dark baggy jeans with a plain black tee, and Japer was wearing dark jeans with a black shirt, that said made in Texas. The clothes Alice had picked out for me and Rose were less casual than the guys laid back clothing. Rosalie was wearing a red halter dress, that came up to her mid thigh; and the neckline plunged down into a deep v- neck exposing a great amount of her cleavage, matched with six inch red stilettos . Alice was wearing a purple spaghetti strap dress with black sequins that made a beautiful swirl pattern around her waist, matched with white stilettos. Alice had dressed me in a Midnight blue strapless dress that was skin tight and barely went to my mid thigh, and she had suck me in four inch wedge blue heels. "They're here." Alice said excitedly. I leaned back against Edward and waited what to see what Alice had planned next.

Carlisle's POV

When Esme and I arrived home we found our children dressed up and waiting for our return. "We're home." I called out as we entered the house. There was a chorus of hellos throughout the room as we came into the living room, where they were all seated. "So… I see you guys are all ready to go, have you informed Bella on where you are taking her tonight." Esme asked the children.

"No, not yet, we want to keep a surprise." Alice said excitedly, while Bella groaned in frustration.

"You all know I hate surprises, and yet you still insist keeping secrets from me." Bella said angrily.

"Relax, love you will enjoy this surprise." Edward said reassuringly.

"Trust me Bella; this surprise is one you should enjoy." Esme told her quietly.

"If you say so," she said doubtfully.

"Well, kids if you want to get there before it gets too crowed, you might want to leave soon.

"Oh, he's right we probably should get going." Emmett said looking at his watch. After that they all filed outside to Emmett and Edward's cars and Esme and waved as they drove off. "I wonder how she will react when she finds out they're taking to a night club" Esme mused quietly. "Ha, well let's just hope her new self control holds up, or else we will be missing a few children.


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