Loretta Lovegood was very pretty. She had long, straggly, blonde hair. She was tall, and had a bluish-gray eye color. Loretta loved to experiment with spells, potions and other magical ways, for she was a witch.

Loretta believed in all sorts of magical creatures. She loved to go looking for all types of magical creatures. She believed in Nargles, and sometimes it was quite the hassle to insure her house was Nargle free.

Loretta's husband, Xenophilius, had just discovered a Crumple Horned Snorkack. He told her they resided in Sweden, and were slowly coming to extinction. She wanted to create a potion to help save them. She hoped everything would go the way it was planned. Later this year, Xeno was going to go looking for this magical beast. She hoped to accompany him, and bring her helpful potion.

In the potion she would include a series of medical ingredients, and a drop of a thick paste.

Loretta was currently in her laboratory, right out back of her house. She had several ingredients out in front of her. Her cauldron was over a fire. In the cauldron she had a small drop of the thick paste. When put on heat, the thick paste turned into silvery runny goop. She added a small spoon full of medical liquid, and stirred it in with the silvery goop. An orange steam emitted from the cauldron as she stirred.

"Orange steam." Loretta told her Quick Quotes Quill. It quickly jotted down the notes.

Next, she grabbed a powdery white substance, and sprinkled it into the cauldron. It bubbled up, and turned purple.

"Boiling, purple." Loretta spoke aloud.

"Hum… rather interesting." Loretta muttered to herself.

She wasn't expecting that to happen.

"It should have been blue." Loretta told the quill.

Loretta grabbed one more pinch of the powdery white substance, and put it into the cauldron. It then turned blue.

"Very nice." The quill jotted down Loretta's voice. "It's now blue."

Next, she grabbed a bottle of a pre-made potion, which was yellow. It was used mostly with dragons. But, she figured it would work perfectly here. She poured half the bottle into the cauldron. The substance turned clear, and raised higher.

"Clear, higher." Said Loretta.

Lastly, she was going to add an herb that her daughter had found. It was quite extraordinary and she was excited to use it. She had cut it into thin slices. As Loretta got ready to drop it in, her daughter, nine-year old Luna Lovegood, came bouncing in.

"Mum, can I help?" Luna looked dreamily up at Loretta.

"Of course dear." She handed the jar of herbs to Luna, who dumped it into the cauldron. Loretta stirred it all up.

"Clear, thick." Said Loretta.

"Thank you Luna." Luna smiled at her mum.

"You're welcome Mummy."

"Now all the Crumple Horned Snorkacks can be saved!"