Nineteen-year-old Gabriella Montez closed her eyes and thought back to when she was a little girl in kindergarten. The day she had sung for her parents in the living room. The day when it had all began.


Gabriella ran up to her parents with a smile on her face. "Mommy, Daddy, I just made up a song! Do you wanna hear it?"

David and Maria, Gabriella's father and mother, both looked at their daughter and nodded. They were happy that she had done something creative like writing a song. Their eight-year-old daughter, Jenna, had never shown any interest in things that didn't involve a screen. The TV, the computer, handheld video games-all those things were, to her, the only way of having fun.

Gabriella opened her mouth and began to sing simple words to a tune that was being made up as she went along. In about a minute, she finished her performance with a proud smile. "How was it?" she wanted to know.

David and Maria both clapped.

"That was pretty, honey," Maria commented.

"Great job!" David exclaimed. "Daddy's proud of you."

At that moment, Jenna stomped into the living room, an angry expression on her face. "Gabriella's making too much noise out here! It's disturbing me! I almost got to level ten of my Nintendo DS game, and she made me fail!"

"Jenna, it wasn't her fault," Maria told her oldest daughter. "She was just singing."

"Yes it was her fault!" Jenna slapped Gabriella's arm.

Gabriella began to cry.

"Jenna, that wasn't nice at all," Maria scolded. "Now go to your room, sit on your bed, and stay there. And also, no TV for the rest of the day."

As she watched Jenna walk away angrily, little Gabriella-with tears still in her eyes-announced, "When I grow up, I'm gonna be the best singer ever. And you'll miss all my good songs because you'll be too busy watching TV."

End of flashback

Gabriella then allowed her mind to wander to three years from that time, when she had done her first singing performance in front of a large audience. It was during the talent show her school was having; she was in third grade, standing up at the microphone dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Not the typical attire for a singer, but good enough for a eight-year-old.


Gabriella finished singing the last note of her song. The whole time she had been on stage, the audience had let out 'aws' and occasional cheers. Now that she was finished, they clapped loudly. Her parents even gave her a standing ovation! And then there was glum Jenna, now eleven years old, who sat in her chair with her arms across her chest, pouting because she was missing the new episode of her favorite TV show.

End of flashback

That first performance was a greatly treasured memory to Gabriella. She been so excited when people had shown they liked her singing. She now, smiling from the two memories she had just been thinking of, brought herself to remember her high school senior year performance on graduation night. Three students had signed up to sing before the graduation ceremony had started, and she had been one of them.


Gabriella stepped onto stage dressed in a midnight blue dress that came to her knees and black sandals. Her almost-black curls were piled up in an up-do, and her makeup was heavy enough so that the bright stage lights couldn't make her face look pale. As she made her way to the center of the stage, people began clapping and cheering. They all knew who she was from past years when she had sang at different high school events. And they had all grown to love her performances.

"Good evening, everyone," Gabriella said into the microphone that she held in her hand. "Tonight I'm going to sing a song for you all. I hope you enjoy it." She then proceeded to begin her singing.

Everyone in the audience clapped and cheered as Gabriella sung the last note. Everyone except twenty one-year old Jenna, who hadn't grown out of her rude and lazy ways. She was still a TV, computer, and video game addict; she wasn't even going to college at the time. Just living at the Montez house causing problems.

While Gabriella walked off the stage, she smiled to herself. She was graduating that night. The performance she had just given might have been the last one for high school performances, but she wasn't finished with her singing yet. In fact, she was far from it. And the same thought as when she was in kindergarten passed through her mind. She was going to be the best singer ever.

End of flashback

Gabriella now forced herself back to the present time and shoved another shirt in the suitcase that was in front of her. She was getting ready to leave her Georgia home to go to California for two weeks, record a demo album, and talk with some people about getting a singing career started. That thought made her smile, made her body fill with energy-it made her want to sing as loud as she possibly could.

"How are you doing with your packing?" Maria wondered as she walked through the open door of her daughter's bedroom. "Do you need any help?"

Gabriella turned to look at her mother and, with a smile, replied, "No thanks, Mom. I'm fine with it. I think I'm just about finished anyway."

"I'm glad you're getting to follow your dream, but you do know that your father and I are going to miss you during the time you're gone."

Gabriella nodded in understanding. "Yeah, I'm gonna miss you guys, too." Gabriella was really shy-which was surprising since she had sung on stage a number of times-so she wasn't good at making friends. In fact, she had only ever had one friend in her life, and that was when she was little. Because of her lack of friends, she was very close to both her parents. She talked about things with them very often and went shopping with Maria quite a lot.

"Hey, Mom, the TV isn't working," Jenna, who, despite the fact it was the middle of the day, was dressed in pajama pants, a tank top, and slippers, complained as she hurried into Gabriella's room. "You need to go have a look at it." While she spoke, she took the ponytail holder that was on her wrist off and began to put her long, stick straight blonde hair in a messy ponytail.

"Well you're gonna have to wait a minute," Maria told her oldest daughter. "I'm spending some time with Gabby before she has to leave."

Jenna rolled her brown eyes. "Whatever. I'll just get Dad to fix it for me. I don't know why you just can't do it, though. The over-obsessed singer girl can wait. I can't. My favorite show is on now."

"She's not just 'some girl,'" Maria reminded Jenna. "She's your sister."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well she's a horrible one. When has she ever driven me anywhere I wanted to go when my car broke and I couldn't drive anywhere myself? Never. When has she ever brought me a snack while I was watching a movie? Never. All she does is sit in her room and make unbearable noise. And on top of that she's ugly. No one likes dark hair; all the guys want blondes."

"Excuse me, Jenna," Gabriella interrupted, an unusually harsh edge to her voice "But may I point out that you're a fake blonde, and, more importantly, single."

"Whoa, calm down. I had a boyfriend-in middle school."

"Jenna, why don't you go take a drive or something?" Maria suggested.

"My car's out of gas. And I don't have money to get the tank filled again. So I can't."

"Well then how about you go mop the kitchen floor for me? It's about time you did some work around the house."

"I think I said just a minute ago that I'm asking Dad to fix the TV. Anyway, I shouldn't have to mop the floor. What do I look like, a maid?" Jenna's lip curled up in disgust. With that, she walked out of the room.

"Do you want me to mop before I have to go?" Gabriella questioned. "I would be happy to."

"Oh, that's nice of you to offer, but I'm gonna have to say 'no.' You've been doing enough chores around here lately, which I'm grateful for since you've been really busy getting ready for your trip," Maria answered.

"Are you sure?"

Maria nodded. "I'm positive."

Gabriella glanced over at the clock that stood on her end table, which was located right beside her bed. "Oh, it's this late already? I've gotta get to the airport!" She then grabbed her suitcase with one hand, and with the other, her purse. After that, she proceeded to make her way downstairs and into the living room, Maria following.

"Are you leaving, Gabby?" David, who was sitting on the sofa reading a book, said as he saw his daughter.

"Yeah. I've got to get to the airport before I miss my flight," Gabriella responded.

David laid aside his book and went up to Gabriella. "Bye. I hope you have a good time in California. Don't forget to call home," he spoke, hugging her.

Gabriella allowed the things she was carrying to rest on the ground while she hugged her father in return. "Bye, Dad. And don't worry; I'll call every day."

Next, Maria embraced Gabriella. "Bye. Have fun."

"Bye, Mom."

Troy Bolton shot his basketball through the hoop for about the hundredth time. He was determined to become the best basketball player ever, and getting to that status meant practicing things for hours on end in the gym, putting up with sweat running down his face, and having calloused hands from constantly catching a ball.

"Hey, Troy, you ready for a break?" Jack, Troy's father, wanted to know as he entered the gym his son was currently in. "There's some pizza back at our suite." Troy's parents had dragged Troy, although he was an adult, along with them to Georgia for their annual vacation. They had a suite in the hotel they were staying at.

"Sure," Troy panted as he jogged over to the bench that was against the wall, where he grabbed his water bottle and began to take a long drink.

"Alright, great. See you there in a few minutes, then."

While Troy started walking out of the gym, he thought about basketball. He thought about when it had first become part of his life. And that was when he was four.


Troy walked up to his father, who was in the backyard playing basketball. "What are you doing?" he asked him curiously.

"Playing basketball," Jack answered.

"Oh. Can I play, too?"

"I don't know how well you'll be able to do it, but you can try." Jack handed the basketball to his son. "Just try to get it in the hoop."

Troy threw the ball. It didn't make it in the hoop, but it did get pretty close to it. "I almost did it! I almost did it! Daddy, I almost did it! Did you see?"

Jack nodded. "Yeah, great work." He gave his son a high-five.

"You know, when I grow up, I think I want to do this for my job. It'll be the best job in the world."

End of flashback

Troy then let himself remember how he felt when he was sixteen, and training to go professional in the sport he loved for the first time.


Troy ran up to the basket and tossed the basketball smoothly through the hoop.

"Great job, Troy!" Coach Williams, the coach, called out. "Keep up the good work!"

Troy smiled as he grabbed the basketball and began dribbling it. After a few seconds, he passed it to another boy who was waiting for his turn to try shooting and dribbling.

"Nice pass!" Coach Williams complimented.

Troy smiled again. This was great! The coach thought he was good! Maybe that meant he had a big chance of becoming a professional basketball player!

End of flashback

Troy rushed into his family's suite and grabbed a slice of pizza out of the pizza box that was in the very small kitchen. After that, he went into the living room and put a basketball game on the TV.

"Troy, I have some great news for you!" Lucille, Troy's mother, exclaimed as she rushed over to her son. "Your father just received a call from home. The Lakers basketball team want you to go back to California immediately to train with them for a month!"

Troy, allowing his slice of pizza to fall onto the floor, jumped up and shouted, "Yes! Yes!"

"Troy, your pizza-" Lucille groaned as she thought of the large stain that was most likely ending up on the carpet that very minute.

"I'm going! I'm going! I'm going to train with the Lakers!"

"I know you're excited. Now your flight leaves in just two hours. Start packing up. After you pick your pizza up off the floor, that is," Lucille told Troy.

Troy did as his mother instructed. The Lakers! He was going to train with them! He smiled as he thought to himself, This is the best day ever.

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