AN: The beginning of the story takes place at the end of the movie and it turns into a sequel. I'll be posting a new chapter every Friday and I'm planning on making this story about 10 ~ 15 chapters. I hope you enjoy! R&R!


I hate myself for losing you
I'm seeing it all so clear
I hate myself for losing you
What do you do when you look in the mirror
And staring at you is why he's not here?

(I Hate Myself For Losing You ~ Kelly Clarkson)


Alice emerged from the rabbit hole with tears flowing down her face. She had just left Wonderland. But most importantly, she left The Mad Hatter. She had not realized it until now, but she cared for him. She wasn't sure if it was anything to even be sad about. He probably didn't care for her. At least not in the way she did. All these thoughts whirled around in her head as she stood up.

"No Alice, you must not cry." she told herself as she wiped the tears away. She took a deep breath, then began to walk back to her engagement party. 'Just relax.' she thought to herself as she stepped out into the crowd of people. It didn't take long for her to notice Mr. Ascot, with his bright orange hair and goofy smile. She knew he was about to propose to her.

"Alice, you're back!" he cried happily as he approached her. Alice felt like running away, but she knew she had to face it.

"Yes...I...fell down. But I'm alright." Alice replied in a sad voice. She was trying to sound somewhat happy, but she couldn't.

"Well, I'm happy about that." Mr. Ascot giggled as he grabbed onto her hands. "Alice Kingsley, I have brought you here today to ask your hand in marriage."

"Oh...I'm very honored by your proposal...but I..." Alice stopped herself from declining his offer, to think for a moment. 'What if this is my only chance to get married?' she thought. Then she said "Yes." before she could help herself.

"Yes!?" Mr. Ascot sounded excited and slightly surprised at the same time.

"Yes, I accept your offer." Alice hesitated saying. She watched as the crowd of people starting cheering. She knew she had just made a huge mistake.


Everything seemed to be happening so fast. She had been proposed to, not even a week ago and she was already moving into Mr. Ascot's house. She had her own room of course. But after the wedding, she'd be sharing a room with Mr. Ascot. That was a dreadful thought. Alice was really starting to dislike him. He wasn't...she could never find the word to describe him. Horrible? Obnoxious? Rude? None of those seemed to fit.

Alice was now standing on the balcony that connected to her room. The wind was blowing back her wavy blonde hair as her eyes glared at the cluster of stars overhead. It was really a beautiful night for star gazing. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Alice sighed as she folded her arms and leaned against the railing. Even though it was a beautiful night, it was also quite chilly. It was only Spring after all.

She was about to turn around and head inside, when she noticed something. It was scurrying around in the corner of her eye. She turned her head quickly, but it was gone before she could see it. 'I'm probably imagining things, I am quite tired.' she thought as she stretched her arms and yawned. She began to turn around, when she noticed it again. Only this time, she seen it for a second. A second was not nearly enough time to tell what it is. She decided to climb down the vine that covered the side of the house and follow it in the direction it appeared to have gone.

"Alice!" a voice whispered. Alice immediately recognized who it was.

"White Rabbit? Is that you?" Alice asked as she tried to figure out where the voice was coming from.

"Yes. Can you come here? Its quite important indeed." The White Rabbit whispered again.

"I--" Alice tried to say, but another voice stopped her.

"Alice? What on Earth are you doing out here? Its freezing!" Mr. Ascot questioned, sounding slightly angry. "You must come inside at once!" he demanded. Alice was angered, but she remained calm when she spoke.

"Its such a beautiful night for star gazing. I love the stars." Alice admitted. He lifted his eyebrow in suspicion, then took her hand.

"I'll lead you inside." he told her as he pulled her towards the door. Alice didn't like how he was treating her. The Mad Hatter would never treat her like this. She really missed him. But he was in Wonderland and she was in London with Mr. Ascot. She had to accept that.


It was tea time for Alice and Mr. Ascot. All the finest cups were set out on top of saucers. They were filled to the brim with steaming hot tea and surrounded by biscuits. A napkin lay on the side of the saucer with a small spoon. The tea pot was placed between the two arrangements, along with the milk and sugar.

Alice was mixing her tea with the small spoon as Mr. Ascot watched in amusement. She knew he was watching, but she refused to look up. Looking at him was like looking at a lie. She didn't want him and never would.

"Are you going to drink your tea Miss Kingsley?" Mr. Ascot asked. Alice still didn't look up.

"Yes. Thank you." Alice replied as she stopped stirring her tea. She put the spoon back on the napkin and brought the cup up to her lips for a sip. The tea did not taste nearly as good as The Mad Hatter's tea. He made the best tea there ever was.

"I have a lovely day planned for us, my dear." Mr. Ascot told her. Alice giggled a little. "Is something funny?"

"No Mr. Ascot...well...its just that, you always seem to be so serious. Don't you ever have fun?" Alice questioned as she sipped on her tea.

"Fun? Are you mad? I don't have time for fun." Mr. Ascot said as he stuffed a biscuit into his mouth. Alice looked up at him.

"Why yes, I am mad. All the best people are." Alice answered as she remembered her father's words.

"Don't be silly. No wife of mine will be mad." Mr. Ascot said as he stuffed a few more cookies into his mouth. Alice began to feel disgusted with Mr. Ascot's messy eating.

"Oh, but I am! I'm terribly mad!" Alice laughed. Mr. Ascot looked angry.

"Enough! We shall not discuss this any further. You are not mad, Alice." Mr. Ascot demanded angrily. Alice was silent. Inside she was screaming with anger. What gave him the right to tell her what she is?

"You'll have to excuse me, Mr. Ascot. I'm feeling rather under the weather." Alice lied.

"Very well then." Mr. Ascot sounded frustrated as he motioned with his hands for her to leave. She stood up and walked towards the door as she thought 'How am I ever going to get used to this?'


Alice lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling. She wanted so badly to fall asleep, but her anger kept her awake. She thought of ways to get away from Mr. Ascot, but none of them would have worked. Then she began to think of her adventure in Wonderland. Then she thought of The Mad Hatter. Soon her eye lids felt heavy and she could no longer fight against them. She finally drifted off into a deep sleep.

"Alice!" a voice yelled. Her eyes slowly opened. "You're so amusing when you sleep, you know." Alice fully opened her eyes and looked up at The Mad Hatter. He was a bit blurry, so she rubbed her eyes to get a better look.

"Hatter? You're really here?" Alice asked happily as she jumped up to hug him. She squeezed her arms around him and buried her head in his chest.

"No. You're here!" he laughed. Alice released him from her grasp and looked around.

"Wonderland?" Alice questioned as she realized where she was. "How did I get here?"

"I haven't got the slightest idea. Would you like some tea?" he replied as he passed her a cup filled with tea.

"Sure." she said as she took the cup and brought it up to her mouth. It tasted so good that she drank nearly half the cup before setting it down. "Its wonderful."

"Of course it is! Everything wonderful is from Wonderland!" he giggled. Alice smiled as she moved closer to him.

"Hatter...what do you think of me?" Alice asked as she started blushing.

"You're lovely company." he answered as he grabbed a cup of tea and began to drink. He seemed to be nervous.

"Thats not what I meant." Alice told him as she moved closer. "Have you ever cared for someone?"

"I care for all my friends. You're all great company!" The Hatter giggled nervously.

"Have you ever...loved someone?" Alice hesitated asking.

"Love? Well uh..." he sounded nervous and unsure of what to say. Alice moved closer until their faces were only inches apart. She lifted her hand and placed it on his cheek.

"Do you love me, Hatter?" Alice whispered. The Hatter smiled and put his hand over hers, holding it in place.

"Of course, Alice. I always will." The Hatter admitted. Alice leaned in and pressed her lips against his. It startled him, but then he took his hands and pulled her in for a more fierce kiss. 'I love you Hatter...'

"Alice! Wake up!" Mr. Ascot's voice snapped her out of the moment. Her eyes widened as she sat up in her bed.

"It was a dream. Only a dream." Alice mumbled in disappointment.

"Who is Hatter?" Mr. Ascot asked angrily. "I heard you say 'Hatter'."

"It was dog's name. He died when I was only a small girl." Alice lied to him once again. She hated lying, but Mr. Ascot wouldn't understand. Especially considering she is engaged to him and loves another man.

"Oh..." he sounded surprised and annoyed. "Get dressed into your dinner clothes and meet me downstairs in an hour."

"Yes Mr. Ascot." Alice agreed.

"Hamish. Call me Hamish." he told her. Alice nodded in agreement as he walked away. As soon as he was out of her sight, she laid back in bed and began to think of The Hatter. She loved him. She really did. But did he love her? She wanted to know more than anything...