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Eternally Connected

She could remember the exact moment she realized what was happening to her, to them.

It was their fourth year. Their brother Ron was in second year. His best friend Hermione Granger had just been petrified. Kyra was a muggleborn, so the twins stayed very close to her after that. She was barely able to go to the loo by herself, but that was to be expected. She was their girl. Not in the way people often suspected. They were best friends: her, and Fred and George. They were twins, two halves of a whole, and she had never dreamed that she would have been able to get into their world. But she had. They had bonded the moment they had met during their second day of school. They protected her, and she protected them. They were her boys. Unequivocally.

Draco Malfoy and his cronies had passed them in the hallway as she and the twins were coming back from visiting Hermione. Ron and Harry had stayed behind. Malfoy had made a comment in passing that she would be next. She had shrugged it off, but the twins had slammed him against the wall. Their display of wandless magic was impressive as they held Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle at their mercy. She could feel their magic, and it confused her. She should have been able to feel their magic crackling in the air, but she shouldn't have been able to feel it in her mind like she had. However, she dismissed it for the moment in favor of pulling her boys away. They were reluctant to leave, but she insisted, saying that a professor could walk by at any moment. As they walked the halls back to Gryffindor tower, they held her tightly between them, Fred's arm around her shoulders, and George's arm banded around her waist, his hand resting lightly, yet fiercely on her hip. The anger radiating from them would have frightened anyone but her. She could still feel their magic; it curled around her possessively, and stretched outward, warning anyone who even glanced at her.

It wasn't until the next day when she was seated in the back of the library, researching the bizarre event that she began to understand what was happening. Their words said she was theirs, even if they were just teasing at the time. There was nothing funny, however, about the way their magic had pulsed around her. It had claimed her, she learned. She really was theirs. It was a magical triad. It wasn't fully formed, of course, that required…other…activities, but it was a triad nonetheless.

Now, how to tell them? She wondered, worried about what they would think. Would they reject her? Would she be alone again, like she was before she had met them? Would she be able to stay here, knowing they hated her? Where would she go?

Stop. She ordered her thoughts. They were her boys, and they would figure something out. Together.

Fred and George were in an abandoned classroom. It was one of the many random places they had discovered as they snuck through the castle. They were sitting on a desk that had been transfigured into a couch, facing Kyra who was pacing in front of them.

"Sit down." Fred said, "You'll wear yourself out."

"And you're making us nervous." George concluded

Sighing, she sat between them and fidgeted. "I was in the library yesterday, researching a hunch I had, and…I discovered something." She figured it would be best to skip right into it.

"Something?" Fred asked

"Yeah. Something strange. I wanted to ask you two about it, since you're purebloods." She wasn't lying. She wanted to know if they knew anything about triads that she hadn't already learned.

They exchanged a glance. There were few things she had to ask them about after researching them.

"I came across the term 'triad' while researching." This was true. She hadn't been looking for the term. "I couldn't find a lot about them, and I wondered if you knew anything. I understand that they are rare, and can destroy a person's magic if used improperly, but…"

She trailed off, hoping they would pick up the conversation. They did not disappoint her.

"A triad, generally speaking, is a group of three." Fred began

"A magical triad is a bond formed between three people. Sometimes it's two witches and a wizard." George stated.

"This has happened in the past between a pureblood wizard who is the last of his family and needs many heirs."

George nodded. She remained silent, waiting for them to continue. "Sometimes it's two wizards and a witch. A triad has never been formed between three people of the same gender however, for procreation purposes."

She nodded. "I read that it is sometimes possible to force a triad."

The twins glanced at each other over her head. "That's dangerous." George said, frowning.

"And nearly impossible. A forced triad can result in a loss of magic between all three involved, or even death. It has been done in the past, but…it's not like an arranged marriage. The focus of one of those is procreation, so the magic doesn't have a problem with it, even if the two don't get along." Fred stated, hoping that she wasn't thinking of forcing a triad.

"A triad is trickier. There can be feelings of jealousy between members of a forced triad, because their magic isn't fully connected. A true triad forms a strong bond that is unbreakable. The magic of all three partners accepts all of them, and can even be shared between the members. This is why it is so rare."

Kyra nodded. That was what she needed to know. The books had merely skimmed the subject, not daring to hold more information, as though it was forbidden.

Fred slung an arm around her. "Why did you want to know?"

"We may have a problem." They might not believe her. She was beginning to get upset. What if she was wrong? No. I researched this. But she still felt helpless.

"What is it?" George asked, noticing that she was becoming upset. He was always the gentler of the twins, and the one most likely to ask questions before making assumptions.

"I...Do you remember when you attacked Malfoy?" she asked

They nodded. Both could feel the tension radiating from her, and wondered if maybe she was going to tell them that she had killed Malfoy in his sleep. Would have served him right.

"Well, when you did, I could feel your magic."

"Everyone could." The twins had spoken to Lee who had passed them in the hall. He had said that their magic was palpable.

"No. That isn't what I meant. I…could feel it. Inside my mind. As soon as you slammed Malfoy against the wall."

"Really?" George had a disbelieving look on his face.

Fred frowned. "What does that mean? Why do we have a problem?"

"I did some research about it, because obviously I shouldn't have been able to do that." She drew a deep breath. The twins nodded, squeezing her hands in encouragement. "That's when I came across the term triad. I did a little research on it, but I couldn't find much about it."

"Wait!" Fred cried, jumping up from the couch. "You mean we formed a triad!? That's disgusting! He's my brother!"

Even George had moved away from her, choosing to stand beside his twin. "I know!" she exclaimed, her confusion and distress escalating. She couldn't breathe. Had she been wrong? "I just wanted to talk to you about it. Based on the research, that was the only conclusion."

Her eyes formed tears, knowing they would leave her and she would be alone again. "I'm sorry." She sobbed. "I shouldn't have said anything." She buried her face in her hands and hunched over her lap. The tears escaped, soaking her school skirt. The worst part was: she wanted to belong to them. She had fancied Fred and George since last year—their third year—but could never bring herself to choose between them. The research had made her happier in a way, because it meant she would never have to.

Suddenly, she was lifted off of the couch, and placed in a lap. Then, two pairs of arms encircled her. One pair was connected to the body she was sitting on, and the other was attached to the body kneeling in front of her. Still, she continued to sob. It was as though all of her frustration about the research, her worry about the muggleborns, her worry about the twins' reaction, and her fear of being left alone had all come out at once. She didn't know who was where until the boy behind her spoke.

Fred crooned to her, trying to calm her, even going as far as placing soft kisses on her neck, and stroking her arms. George, still kneeling before her, moved his hands from around her hunched shoulders and placed them on her knees, giving them a brief squeeze, before moving to take her hands and remove them from her face.

When her hands were removed, she tried to bury her face in her lap again, not wanting them to see her tearstained face. But they had seen it before, and the boys usually knew how to stop her tears. But this time, they had been the cause of them, and they felt immensely guilty. Sure, they fancied her. She was their girl. But they had never considered the possibility of a triad. And they had made a rule when they discovered that they both fancied her: neither would make a move; if she wanted one of them over the other, the one not chosen would step aside.

George tilted her chin up. "We're sorry. We didn't mean to react that way. We were just caught off guard. I mean, a triad would require us to…be intimate." He chose more delicate words for her sake. After a quick glance at Fred, who nodded, he continued. "And Fred and I don't fancy each other in that way." He waited for her to catch his meaning.

Kyra nodded. She understood. She wouldn't want them to do that either. Wait. They don't fancy each other. Not 'We don't fancy you.'

She looked up. George had a grim look on his face, as though she would reject them. He conjured a handkerchief and used it to wipe away her tears. When her face was clean, she turned in Fred's arms, motioning for George to move next to him on the couch. When he did, she place her feet in his lap and took his hands in her own, placing them in her lap. Fred's were still banded tightly around her. She needed to see both of them. Being next to both of them was starting to soothe her already.

"So, you don't fancy each other?"

"No." George said

Fred, who had been strangely silent until now, said "We can't even picture ourselves being together in that way, but we can see us being together with you. We've known you for four years, and we feel that…" he trailed off, as though uncertain of what to say.

She could read them very well, however, and knew exactly the questions to ask. "But you do fancy me?"

They both nodded, holding their breath.

"Well, that's a relief, because I fancy you too. The both of you." She added, making eye contact with them both. "But…we should do some more research about this. See what's required. Maybe we should talk to Dumbledore. He might have an idea about this. He won't judge us either; he just wants what's best for students. And also, maybe we could figure out the whole being intimate thing. Maybe there's a way around it."

The twins smiled as they watched her eyes light up as she bit her lip. She was in research mode, already making a mental list of what they needed to do. She wasn't a Ravenclaw for nothing. It had surprised the twins that Hermione hadn't been placed into Ravenclaw. Their little brother's best friend liked to research even more than their girl did.

"But we want to be intimate with you." The twins whispered, both inching closer to her face. She squeaked, and pulled back, but was held firm by Fred's arms.

"You do?" she questioned, blushing a bright red. As she looked at their eyes, she saw that though they were very serious, there was also an air of mischief. Coughing, she said "I meant with each other."

They nodded, placing a kiss on both of her cheeks. "We know." Fred said

"We just wanted to see your reaction." George stated, linking their fingers as he pulled her up from Fred's lap.

As Fred stood, he laced his fingers with her free hand. It wouldn't be easy, because many people wouldn't understand. But at least in the wizarding world it wouldn't be so unfathomable.

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