A/N: This is officially the final chapter of Three in One. Thanks for sticking with me. Now, I will be focused on finishing my X-Men Evolution fic, Tragedy, before moving on to the new ideas I've been having. Hope you enjoy this peak into the lives of the triad.

Epilogue: Dreams Do Come True

12 years later

As Kyra heard a crash from upstairs, she frowned, pausing in her cooking. Spelling the food to cook, she moved to the family room. "What are you two doing up there?" she called to Seth and Brad, her oldest children.

The twin boys came rushing to the top of the stairs, looking down at their mother with innocent faces. "Nothing, mother." They chorused, even as their twinkling blue eyes gave them away. Their red hair was covered in dust, some of it sticking to their necks with sweat.

Kyra sighed. Her oldest twins were a handful, but she loved them dearly. They were so much like their fathers that she often didn't know what to do with them.

"Just don't hurt yourselves." She warned them, yet again. They nodded, pleased that she would allow them to continue their fun.

Squeals of "Daddy!" were heard from behind her, just as she had turned to go back to making supper. As her husbands walked into the room, a smile spread across her face. In a flurry of skirts and flaming red hair, their eight-year-old daughters rushed to greet Fred and George. Each picked up a little girl, moving to kiss their wife.

"Welcome home, loves." She said, moving back into the kitchen to finish supper.

"It's good to be home." George stated, sitting at the family table withAnne in his lap.

"Agreed. How was your day?" Fred asked, adjusting Ruth so that she was seated more comfortably on his lap.

"Pretty good." Kyra replied, spelling a knife to chop tomatoes. "Not too much went on today, except I got a large order for some rare ingredients that I'm not sure how to get my hands on. It made me wonder why someone would need so many. I would have felt it my duty to report it to the Ministry if it were from anyone but our sons." She paused in the cooking to send a glare at her husbands.

"What can we say?"

"They're our boys."

Said boys came bounding down the stairs to sit next to their fathers. They immediately began rambling about their latest idea for a new product. There was no doubt that the two boys would take over the joke shop, although sometimes Kyra wondered if their sisters wouldn't give them a run for their money. In the secret place of her heart, the one where she hid her innermost thoughts, she couldn't help but hope that her children would always remain close, running the shops together.

When she felt there had been enough talk of jokes, since it was related to her husbands' work, Kyra moved the topic to school as she set the table. Seth and Brad were very excited to start school. Kyra verbally expressed that she held no preference for which house they would get into. Fred and George made it no secret that they would be proud of their sons no matter which house they were placed into, though they wanted them to be in Gryffindor. The proud parents still couldn't believe their oldest twins were going to Hogwarts next week. And the girls would be following soon after.

Kyra knew it would be annoying for the girls when they were old enough to start dating, because of how protective their brothers were, but it was a trait they had learned from their fathers, and it couldn't be changed.

Her husbands had never asked which of them was the father of which child. They both took equal responsibility and loved each child the same. When the medi-witch had asked if they wanted a paternity test, they had looked at her in horror, as though she had suggested ripping off their toenails.

"Why would we?" Fred growled, placing a comforting hand on Kyra's shoulder when he noticed she was shaking.

"We're their fathers. What else would we need to know?" George asked, his normally calm demeanor gone.

He and Fred had the exact same thought at the exact same moment: She upset Kyra.

Luckily for the medi-witch, she dropped it, realizing it was a ridiculous thing to say. She did however, continue to glance suspiciously at the trio. This increased Kyra's anxiety, and made up the twins' minds. They had a serious talk with Kyra, who, in her overly anxious state had agreed to their suggestion. A new medi-witch, Shannon, was assigned to Kyra's case, and the previous medi-witch who had made Kyra so anxious was severely reprimanded and transferred.

Shannon was much friendlier and had no problems with the triad. She had taken a second glance at the trio, before smiling and introducing herself to Kyra first and asking how the pregnancy was going. She had gotten right down to business, and Kyra had been more relaxed. Shannon had handled the pregnancy and birth of their little girls as well. She was now a lifelong friend, who came by Kyra's shop often to purchase ingredients for her personal use.

Despite all the mishaps that had to occur to get here, their life was pretty perfect.