The Game of Hers

At the end, it was still Sialeeds. What a stubborn heart I have. The severed bind will never be recovered. She will never come back just for me. It was all for the sake of her 'precious things', her nephews, her kingdom. I know, but I was happy enough having her at my side. We were in a big hide and seek we used to play. That's merely another reason I love her.

One may say the cunning serpent lies behind a faithful dove. I found this proverb, with some modification, proven true for her. She played all the thread, moving all of us in a gigantic chessboard. No one could defeat the game mistress, no one.

Even thought they believe in fact, I wouldn't. Dying, Sialeeds, these two words never really get along, realizing it or not, she did alive, within this kingdom and people. The way she died was as dramatic as the way she lived. This war, this story, it was just another game of hers, and once again, I was caught in…

A/N: Yeah, strange, I know. I dunno how to arrange these sentences to make it sound better. It took all energy of my poor brain to write this.