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She wore white?

Booth's mind whirled with the implications. He knew she was no damn virgin, but…She was wearing white. Fucking bridal suite, wedding night white. It was a Tuesday, an otherwise nothing day, but now…satin, lace, dreamy, creamy, sexy, white, white, take me, I'm yours. White…

"Booth!" she was shouting. "Get in here!"

The alarms going off in his head were nothing compared to the ones going off in the lab, indicating that the air's sanitation and safety had been compromised. Booth ripped off his clothes and rushed into the decontamination shower with her in just his socks and boxers.

The water and soap sprayed around them as the doors to the normally single person compartment closed and sealed around them. Booth scrubbed his arms, blinking rapidly as he watched his partner pull on a cord. And suddenly, the shower was covered on the outside by a curtain.


She met his eyes then. "It's my private decontamination shower. It was installed a few years back, for when there was an emergency. In a few moments, security officers and the bio-hazard team will enter my office and clear everything out for decontamination. As you can see…" she motioned down her nearly naked body. "It would be somewhat disconcerting to have that happen while I was standing in the middle of the corner for everyone to see. Safe…" she added, "But hardly inconspicuous."

"Yeah." He groused. "Inconspicuous" That was the word for it. There were other words, too, and he should know them; he was a native English speaker after all, but damned if he could think of anything.

All thoughts were centered on her, and the white satin lace trimmed bra with the pretty bow in the middle. The bow was matched by another just at the top of the satin and lacy matching panties, and Booth felt himself get hard. The water molded his already snug boxers to his body and there was nowhere to hide.

"Booth…" she was saying, and he had to blink again and lift his eyes to hers.


"Can you help me?"

What? "What?" he asked. "Help you with what?"

She motioned toward her back. "Unclasp my bra, please. I can't reach it with both of us in here. There is not enough room to move."

No shit, there wasn't enough room to move; there wasn't even enough room to breathe. Booth inhaled through his nose and gritted his teeth before reaching his arms behind her and he cursed the way he fumbled with the wet fabric. She was leaning close to him, her nose pressed where his shoulder bone met his chest, her gorgeous breasts rubbing like the sexiest torture imaginable, and the smell of her hair combined with the scientific soap around them was new, and he only hoped to God that he'd never experience this again.

The clasp of the bra released and he tried to step back as far as he could, but the shower wall stopped him after a few inches. Booth moved his eyes to the ceiling as Brennan let the wet satin fall between them, and Booth felt it against his feet. Son of a bitch.

"Booth?" she was asking again, and he was almost afraid to meet her eyes.

"Yeah, Bones?" he closed his eyes and leaned his head against the shower wall.

"Um…you need to take off the rest of your clothes too. Everything has to go eventually through the filters, so…it's best to have as little contact on your skin as possible. And…" she paused when he met her eyes finally. "And you'll have to help with my underwear too."

Booth knew she was right. The space was so small, neither one of them could bend over. He clenched his jaw and bent his knees. She'd already hooked her thumbs into the top of her underwear and was sliding them down her body, but the soaked fabric was sticking to her wet legs.

Booth closed his eyes and took over, knocking her fingers out of the way. He was starting to get pissed. Majorly and royally pissed off, and he figured it was a good time to just finish this and then turn around and not look at her, try not to smell her, and try as hell not to feel her naked body against his. He stood up, and she nodded before bending her own knees and carefully removing his boxers. Booth wasn't sure whether to be mortified by his eager erection or just gratified that the water wasn't cold. Either way, it didn't matter, because he felt the wet fabric around his ankles, and he looked down just in time to see his partner stand back up. Their eyes locked, and his nostrils flared at the bright of her eyes in contrast to her pale skin and the darkness of her soaked hair.

Shaking his head, he turned his face toward the shower wall.

"Booth…" she chided softly. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact…" Her voice took on that breathy educational tone, and damn if it didn't make his cock swell another inch. "In fact, you don't have anything at all to be embarrassed about. And it's just the human body."

"Just stop talking, Bones" he begged in a rough voice. "And how long do we have to stay in here, anyways?"

"Should only be a few more minutes. I think I can hear them clearing out the room. Soon they'll knock on the door, and when I knock back, then I will open the door and they will hand in a robe for me to put on."

"One robe?"

"Well…" Brennan conceded, letting her eyes move from Booth's perfect shoulders to his firm ass. "If they see both our piles of clothes, they may have the presence of mind to bring two."


"Booth…" she shook her head. "This is all for our safety. Obviously this is not an ideal situation, but I don't understand why you're so upset. After all I have seen you naked before, and--"

Her words were cut off by a sharp rap on the shower wall, and Brennan replied with a knock before opening the door several inches.

"Dr. Brennan?" a woman's voice spoke up.

"Yes, I'm here. And Agent Booth. Did you bring two robes?"

"Yes, Dr. Brennan" the woman answered, and Brennan shut the water off before she reached through the door to retrieve them.

"Here, Booth" she tapped his back with the terrycloth.


He hadn't used his hands to cover himself up in any attempt at modesty (although at that point, she recognized it would have been useless), so she knew shyness or modesty wasn't the reason he practically stood on the opposite end of her office to put on his robe and dry his hair.

The tingle in her nipples and achy feeling between her thighs wondered if he was irritable due to unfulfilled sexual desire. But the vigorous way he dried his hair, leaving it standing on end gave her enough of a clue to know that she shouldn't ask him.

Eyeing him from across the office, she noticed the way his eyes trailed over her robe clad form, from her wet hair to her bare feet. It was an intimate look, for both of them, juxtaposed in her normally more clinical office.

"Do you have spare clothes, Booth?" she asked, and he grunted out a response, rubbing his hand through his hair for effect.

"Yeah. I'll just go get my bag and come back in." he paused at the doorway of her office. "If I can get out. We can, right?"

Brennan followed. "Yes. Um…but actually, I don't have anything else to wear, so if it's all the same to you, I'll wait in the SUV for you to change and then you can take me home for the day. Now seems as good a time as any to cease our work for the day."

He snorted and rubbed a hand down his face, a humorless laugh erupting from his lips. "Of course."

Brennan didn't understand that, but just followed him to the parking lot. When he got into the driver's side and closed the door, she looked to him in surprise. "Aren't you going to change your clothes?"

"What's the point?" he shrugged, starting the ignition. "I'll just change at your apartment. Hopefully we can actually get there without any more contaminations."

Brennan closed her hands in her lap and nodded. "Sounds rational."


Booth thought if he heard 'rational' or any other scientific word ever again, he might just have to punch something. As it was, his rage was just about as contained as his body was in this fucking Jeffersonian issued robe.

He waited for his partner to unlock her door, thankful at least that none of her neighbors had stepped outside their apartments just in time to notice the two of them in their 'his and her' science robes.

Brennan led the way to her kitchen and started the coffee pot, and Booth felt himself getting more and more angry. It was like she didn't even care that less than an hour ago, they'd been standing naked.

"You're unbelievable, you know that, Bones?" he choked out, feeling only a little bit chagrined when she looked up at him in shock.

But damn it…

Just…damn it. Why did she have to be so gorgeous?

"Why are you so upset, Booth?"

He snapped, and he grabbed her arms, pinning her to the cupboard, his feet settling between hers. "You wanna know, Bones? Do you really want to know? Cause I'll tell you. It's because…it's because it was wrong. It wasn't right. I mean, I had a plan, okay? And you may think that barging in on me in the bathtub is all fun and games, and that there is nothing wrong with us naked in your fucking contamination shower in your fucking office, but…that was not part of the plan. My plan."

"Plan?" her voice was low and shocked, more by his language than his touch.

"Yeah…" Booth rasped and stepped even closer to her. "A plan. You think I didn't hear what people said about us? Do you think I didn't know that everyone thought we would be good in bed? That hell, maybe we already were? I've heard it all, Bones. But…I didn't give in. I had my own plan. And people…they had a ton of their own damn reasons why we should be together, but I've never cared about a single one of them." When her eyes widened even more, he laughed humorlessly.

"Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about. Did you think I never thought about what it would be like to see you naked, Bones?" His eyes glazed over. "Oh, I thought about it. I thought about, I had dreams about it…I had nightmares that it would never happen. And I had a plan. First…" his fingers loosened just a teensy bit on her wrists, but he still kept her hands pinned to her sides. "First, Bones. I'd kiss you. Not like a brother, not like a partner, not like French people kissing on the street…no, this kiss would knock your socks off. It'll prove I'm a man, Bones. A hard man. And I love sex, baby."

She gasped, and he leaned in closer.

"And in that moment…we'll both be ready. Ready for everything. Everything we've been denying ourselves for years. But…" he licked his lips. "I'm not in a hurry, you see. No, I have all the time in the world, and so I ease up. And I let my lips touch you here." He lifted one fingertip to gently brush the curve of her throat. It flushed under his touch, and her breathing hitched. "I'd take my time, Bones…right here…"

Her pulse was fluttering, and his mouth dried up with the need to taste her. Not yet, he smirked.

"I'll kiss you all over, Bones. It will take so long you'll be begging me to hurry up. But I'm not in a hurry," he murmured, running his fingertip over the skin revealed by her robe, dangerously close to the inside curves of her breasts.

"All. Over" he whispered in her ear. "And you'll gasp my name, and beg me to take you. Hard, slow, any way I want, you'll be that desperate. But like I said, I'm in no hurry. So very gently, I'll touch you…" his fingers hovered over the tie of her robe, rubbing in small circles. "And you'll be so wet, Bones. So wet for me…but I won't look at you just yet. No, I'll be staring into your eyes, and I'll see that you want what I want, for me to touch you with my tongue. And just the idea, not even my mouth…just the idea, and the tips of my fingers will make you shudder, Bones. And all the while, you'll be looking in my eyes, seeing just how badly I want you. And after that, I won't be able to wait. I'll strip out of my clothes so fast, so anxious to feel you wrapped all around me. Then I'll kiss your mouth, really kiss you, and I won't be stopping at all, not until your fingernails scrape up and down my back and you're begging me…begging me…"

He knew he was getting cocky, but he couldn't stop.

"And then, I'll be between your legs, and just as I'm about to be inside you, I'll pause. And there won't be any words, Bones, but it will still be the most honest thing I've ever done in my life, letting you feel how I feel about you."

Booth could have continued, but he was shocked silent when Brennan practically collapsed against him, her face pressed against the side of his neck. He'd seen enough of her damn animal science videos to know that this was surrender, and like the alpha male he was, he took.

He clasped his hands around her and lifted, carrying her back to her bedroom. And there was no question what was about to happen. He was about to make good on every damn word. It was about time someone in her life made good on what they said to her. Her fingers scraped up his back, and Booth arched his neck and practically howled in desire for her. He needed her, and he cupped her face in his hands and took her mouth, as fiercely as he'd ever dreamed.

She responded with a moan, wrapping her arms around him, rubbing her thighs against him and he just pulled her tighter, plunging his tongue into her mouth over and over, drinking in her desperation as sustenance to his need.

But then, he paused, yanking back his mouth, staring at her swollen lips, her glazed over eyes. His chest heaved and he forced himself to slow down, running just one light fingertip against her soft cheek. "I've got all the time in the world, Bones…" he murmured, letting his finger trace down just past the collar of her robe. His lips followed the movement, just like he said he would, and she relaxed, resting back against the arm he still had wrapped around her waist. He sat down on her bed and moved her to stand between his legs. Carefully, he let her robe fall from her shoulders, and he gasped as her entire body was revealed to him again.

"This is how it should be, Bones," he murmured. "You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. And..." his throat closed up against his words as he met her eyes. "And you deserve to be worshiped. Not just seen, but...adored."

He kissed her. He kissed her lips. He kissed her neck. He kissed her throat.

He kissed her all over, pulling her into his arms and laying her on her mattress, the soft white satin of her sheets peeking out from beneath her wine red comforter, the dark fabric the most erotic canvas to her pale skin curved in desire for him.

His name was a moan on her lips, the chant the most beautiful thing he'd ever heard. His palm settled against her belly as his lips swept over her breasts before he began to pluck at her nipples, leaning over her. Brennan bent her knees, unashamedly parting her thighs and allowing Booth access to her intimate flesh.

Just as he promised, he let one fingertip slick over her soft skin, finding her wet and ready for him. Their eyes met in fiery arousal, and her gaze fell to his lips when his tongue snaked out to brush against them.

"Booth," she moaned, circling her hips against his hand. "Please."

He licked his lips again, and she climaxed, pressing her own palm against his hand, keeping it in place as she flooded around his fingers.

Booth drew on her nipples as if he wanted to suck the pink from them as he wrenched his robe off of his shoulders, flinging in across the room. He settled between her open and ready thighs and the tip of his cock rested right at her entrance.

His neck arched back and he groaned out her name before his head slammed forward, his eyes predatory. She knew what he'd said, that in the moment, he would be as honest as he'd ever been with her, and she could feel how he felt about her.

Her hand cupped the side of his face and she bit her bottom lip. "I love you too," she whispered, her hips writhing around his.

Booth cupped her in his hands and slid forward, a harsh moan erupting from his mouth as she quivered around him. When he was settled in her to the hilt, he began to rock against her, never looking away from her eyes.

She let her fingers scrape against his shoulders, just like he wanted her to, and his thrusts grew less practiced and more primal.

Soon he was panting, his knees rubbing against the sheets as he tried to gain leverage to pound into her harder.

"BOOTH!" Brennan shouted, coming again just before he paused.

A look of pain crossed over his face before it released into the purest pleasure she'd ever seen on any man, and his release washed up into her.

"Bones…" he collapsed onto her, nearly crushing her. His chest pressed against hers, and his hips continued to rotate, slowly decreasing in speed until he was just murmuring praise into her ear, his lips whisper soft against her cooling skin.

Brennan felt the moment his entire body tensed as he realized what had just happened, and she flipped them over. "No," she challenged. "Do not regret that."

Booth's breathing was returning to normal, but his eyes were still wild as he looked up to her face. "Bones…" he whispered, smoothing his hand over her cheek. "Okay…"

"Okay," she nodded, feeling like she could relax beside him. "That was very, very…"

"Mmmmm…." He agreed.

He pulled her down to him, and though it was awkward at first, they settled against one another.

Booth frowned again and let his hand smooth over her bare back. "There's one other part of the plan I forgot to mention to you, Bones."

Brennan leaned up on one elbow and met his eyes. "What is that?"

He stared at her for a couple of minutes before answering. "Well, the plan is that I stay. And the next morning when I wake up, you're there, and you smile at me. And I kiss you again, and again that night, and again the next morning… for the rest of our lives."

Brennan blinked a bit and then settled back against his side. She didn't say anything.

But the next morning when Booth woke up, she was there, and she smiled at him. And he kissed her.


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