Hi, my name is Aer Akuen Raikou. I'm a fifteen year old ex-average teenager. Now, you may be wondering: how can I be an EX- average teenager? Well that's simple, really. Something that can make you not average anymore is a magical key – sword hybrid weapon. Sounds fun, right? Wrong.

While yes, having a magical key-sword hybrid, which is dubbed Keyblade (I'm working on renaming it), may sound cool at first, there are repercussions. An example is the fact that there are these creatures that said Keyblade wielder has to defeat. They are called the Heartless and Nobodies. The heartless are creatures created from the darkness found in a person's heart. Their goal is to get as many hearts as possible, turning countless innocent people into heartless. Nobodies are the shell of a person who fell to darkness and became a heartless. A nobody has no emotions what so ever. They are also made up of nothing. They were never supposed to exist. They still shouldn't exist.

The stronger the heart, the stronger the nobody and the heartless. Crazy, right?

Another repercussion is the fact that who ever wields the Keyblade has to travel from world to world, protecting the 'heart' of these worlds from the heartless. And these heartless are in great numbers and in various shapes and sizes. Some get immensely huge. Huge as in I-almost-wet-my-pants-when-I-see-one huge.

There are also two organizations, each made up with these things. One's called the Organization of the Forgotten, composed of nine humanoid heartless. The other one is called the Forever Organization, composed of fifteen humanoid nobodies. Now, a humanoid heartless / nobody is a rare thing to happen. They actually have minds of their own, while the lesser nobodies / heartless are mindless, and they are quite clever also. And, they are extremely powerful. Having twenty four in total is a very big problem, which I will probably have to solve, whether I like it or not.

Now you should know everything about my predicament. You know that I'm a hero of the Keyblade, I have to battle a lot of creatures made of darkness and nothingness. What you don't know is who I am. You also don't know how I shouldn't be able to wield a Keyblade.

The Keyblade picks somebody who is pure of heart, and that's somebody with a lot of light in their heart. The thing is, my heart is filled with Darkness. I haven't exactly fallen into the darkness, in fact I control it. Basically, my Darkness is equivalent to the Light of one's heart. And the Keyblade picked me, an unstable person who could fall to the Darkness at anytime. The guy behind all of this better know what he's doing, because I sure as hell don't.

You see, the day I got the Keyblade was very odd in itself. The days that followed were probably easier than the previous wielders. I mean, I had almost everything explained to me. All except what I was really supposed to do and how to fight. I suppose I have to learn by experience. Although in this scenario, I may die from said experience.

Now, here's the thing. I want to live my life as average as possible, which means continue my teenage life at my home world while secretly fighting evil creature during my free time. It's really quite stressful, especially with my two companions assigned to me.