I walked into the local restaurant, located on my home world, Earth IV. On a side note, I don't exactly know if there is an Earth I or Earth II, although I'll probably find out sooner or later. Now, Earth IV is pretty much the same as the Earth you're familiar with, albeit some minor differences, which might come up later. I was panting ever so slightly. I had just run half way across town.

Let's flash back half an hour, shall we?

I stood in front of the mirror on my dresser in my bedroom, fixing my hair. By fixing, I mean rubbing wax in my hair and styling it for fifteen minutes. It was totally worth it, because when I was done, my hair was perfect. I had just put the finishing touches on it when my cell phone went off. I pulled off of the dresser top and looked to see who was calling. The small screen read "Princess Pookie X3". I sighed. I should really stop letting people add their numbers themselves.

As soon as I flipped opened my phone, I was forced to keep it at least two feet away from my ear for a loud, cheery voice blasted out of the speaker. "HEY, AER, GET TO THE CLOCK TOWER ASAP!"

"Uh, first off, why should I, and second off, it's A-S-A-P, not asap," I told her, sighing. Pookie had a habit of actually saying acronyms as words. She also had the habit of interrupting me when I was doing, or about to do, something important. Like now.

"BECAUSE ME AND MIDNIGHT SAW ONE OF THEM," Pookie shouted into her receiver. God help her little phone speaker and her poor grammar.

I should probably explain something right now. The Keyblade wielder is given one or two companions to help him or her with the heartless and whatnot. They protect him or her and assist him or her on his or hers journey.

Pookie and Midnight were…different. They were human, or at least as far as I know, and they have odd personalities. It's a bit difficult to explain what they're like, so you'll find out soon. Anyways, back to the clock tower.

"Uh…one of who," I asked, not really getting it.



"I'm on my way," I said, as I walked out of my room, grabbing my jacket. Wonderful.

To sum it up, it was a false alarm. We looked in the clock tower and every where around it. We found nothing and they left me on top of the clock tower with no modes of transportation. When I was searching the tower on last time, they snuck in their ship and zipped on out of here. Great help they are.

Anyways, flash back to the present, skipping the long journey across town.

I looked around the room, searching for someone. Finally, I found her and I grin spread across my face when I did. She saw me too and our eyes met. She had almond green eyes, smooth tan skin and long, wavy black hair. In my fifteen year old mind, she was not only the most beautiful person in the room, but also in the whole world itself and possibly some other worlds, such as Twilight Town and the Land of Dragons.

I walked over to the booth she was sitting at. She was wearing a purple v-neck t-shirt and blue jeans. I was wearing a black t-shirt under an open white stripped dress shirt and white jeans. We both dressed casually, nothing fancy or formal. I mean come on, we were high school students.

I sat down from across from her and said, "Hey Asher, hope I'm not too late."

Asher giggled slightly and said, "Don't worry. I just got here also."

"I'm sure, and that breadstick just ate itself," I commented, glancing down at her plate, which held a half eaten breadstick.

She blushed. I sighed and apologized. "I'm sorry, I got held up with some friends of mine. They had some homework they needed done and it took me longer than I thought."

It was partly true, at least. I did have some pesky people bugging me an hour before.

Our date was pretty casual. We ate food, we talked, and we laughed. This may sound cliché and cheesy, but there was a point where we looked into each others eyes in silence. Her deep green eyes were full of such spirit and kindness. I wonder what she saw in my eyes. I'm going to guess she probably saw a disturbed teenager. Oh well. She saw something she liked, or she wouldn't be here.

The date ended about an hour after it started. I walked Asher home, which wasn't very far from my house. Only about four blocks away. We shared a slightly awkward hug on her doorstep and she went inside. I didn't move to kiss her because her parents were watching. I was uncomfortable with just a hug.

As I turned around and started walking down the driveway, something flashed out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to look, all I saw was the darkness of the night. I sighed and pull out my cellular phone, flipped it open and punched in a number. After a few rings, Midnight's voice answered.

"Aer? What's wrong?" He asked his voice already tense.

"Yeah, they're here somewhere. I saw one, but barely. And I could sense them," I replied grimly. I was walking home, on my guard. My hand twitched, ready to pull out my Keyblade is needed.

"Did they finally find her?"

"I believe so."


Oh yeah, there's something you should know about Asher. She's one of the seven Princesses of Hearts. That means, her heart is pure and has not one trace of darkness in it. And now, the big bad heartless organization has found her. Just like before. And I, the wielder of the legendary Keyblade, have to protect her with all my life. Awesome, right?

Get ready, because things are about to get Legendary.