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Sister of Fate

Chapter 11

"Enter, Karai." Oroku Saki stood with his back to the doors as they opened to reveal his daughter.

"Konnichiwa, Father," Karai greeted, bowing best she could with her bandages.

Saki kept his back towards his daughter. "Karai, I have called you here to ask what happened on that day that you had the Turtles, their master, and the girl in captivity."

"Father . . ." Karai was torn between confessing or not; if she told the truth her father would not like it. Leonardo always seemed to find ways to get to her, and she had been a fool and a failure for taking pity on her opponent and listening to her enemy. If Karai said any of this, her father would be furious.

"The girl . . ." Karai hesitated, looking for any sign of emotion from Saki, but she found none. "She . . . was much stronger than I thought she was. Her experience with the twin katana rivaled even Leonardo's and—"

Saki turned around slowly. "Karai." His tone was quiet but daunting. "Do not lie to me. Himeka Hanamoto had only begun training for a week prior to your encounter. She is a weak, fragile girl who is not even thirteen. Her skill with the twin katana is not even a fraction of Leonardo's. And yet, you were defeated." Saki stared at his daughter. "Now, Karai, do you know what that leads me to think?"

"N-no, my lord."

There was a brief silence, and then Saki said, "I will not humiliate you any further with your letdowns, Karai, but this will never happen again." Saki leaned closer to Karai's face, locking his dark gaze with her green one. "I will create another scheme to get that girl, but there will be no room for failure this time. Now, do I make myself clear?"

"Y-yes, Father." Karai bowed her head. She'd gotten off easy. "Forgive me, my lord."

Meanwhile at the lair . . .

"Okay, let me try this now . . ." Himeka took her practice katana and performed her kata. Slash . . . turnaround step slash . . . forward punch . . . katana block . . . counter punch . . . snap kick . . . roundhouse kick . . . and finish! Panting slightly, Himeka turned to her brother and father.

"Excellent, my daughter!" Splinter praised, beaming.

"You're really getting good, Mika-chan!" Leonardo clapped. "That's my sister!"

"Thank you, onii-chan,Sensei," Himeka smiled.

"You seem to be best suited for a bo staff, a naginata, or twin katana," Splinter reasoned. "I have yet to decide which would be best for you, my daughter."

"Is there a particular weapon you like more?" Leo inquired.

Himeka looked at the katana in her hand. "Well . . . I like the range of the bo, the flexibility of the naginata, and the preciseness of the katana, so . . . I really don't know, to be honest."

"That is all right," Splinter assured her kindly. "Such decisions need not be rushed."

At that moment, Donatello entered the dojo. Bowing to Leo, Himeka, and Splinter, he looked at Himeka and said, "Okay, imouto-chan, that's enough practice for today. We don't want to overdo it, do we?"


"Actually, I agree with Donnie," Leo remarked, taking the practice katana from Himeka. "Better safe than sorry, imouto-chan."

"But I need to get better, onii-chan!" Himeka argued. "I'm still a beginner—"

Don laughed. "You sound exactly like Leo. Doesn't she, Sensei?"

"Hey!" Leo protested as Splinter began to chuckle, too.

"It's not an insult, Leo," Don grinned. "Well, most of the time."

Himeka laughed; she'd heard stories of Leo and his dedication to training from her other brothers. The three siblings and their father exited the dojo. Donnie plopped himself onto the sofa to examine a circuit board he'd found.

"Yo." Raphael turned to greet his family, laying an arm on the couch and grinning at Himeka. "Hey, lil sis, how ya doin'?"

Himeka smiled back. "I'm fine, thank you, onii-chan."

"Good ta hear." Raph turned to Leo and Splinter. "I'm goin' topside to get more meds from April. Be back in two." He ruffled Himeka's raven-colored hair on his way out. "See ya, Mika-chan."

Leo chuckled as he watched his hotheaded brother go. "I can't believe how much Raph's changed since we took you in. I've never seen him so . . . affectionate. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's so . . . un-Raph-like."

Himeka giggled. "Well, I'm glad I helped to do that. It's nice having a protective older brother—well, four, and a father." She smiled fondly at her family.

"Girl together we'll be losin' track of time . . ." Michelangelo sauntered into the den, singing along with his iPod on full volume. Himeka recognized the tune. "Baby ain't no need to rush, we got all . . . oh, hey, Mika-chan!" The orange-masked turtle turned off his iPod.

"Hi, onii-chan," Himeka smiled. "Was that 'We Own the Night' by Jason Derulo?"

Mikey grinned. "You bet! JD's got the awesomest songs."

"I think so, too! Have you heard 'What If'?"

"Yeah, but it was too sappy for my taste."

"Really? I thought it was really sweet!"

"That's a girl speaking, all right—"

"Uh, I need to get back to work, so . . . can you guys discuss your music preferences somewhere besides my work place?" Donnie interrupted with a laugh.

Mikey stuck his tongue out at his older brother. "Party pooper."

Himeka laughed. "Okay, onii-chan, we won't bother you any longer."

Don smiled. "Good."

As Himeka and Mikey sat down at the table to listen to music, Leo and Sensei sat on the sofa and turned on the TV to listen to news like they did every morning. Suddenly, the door to the shaft to ground level opened, and Raphael came staggering out. Alarmed, everyone stood and looked towards him, but before they could ask what was wrong, the lights flickered and abruptly went out, as did Mikey's iPod. Immediately afterwards, a scream was heard.

"Michelangelo . . ." everyone groaned.

"Everyone, stay here," Don's voice ordered, and then shuffling could be heard. "My flashlight should be here somewhere . . ."

"Raph, what happened?" Leo's voice questioned.

Raph seemed to have caught his breath, and he responded, "It's those hornheads!"

Donnie came back with a flashlight as everyone except Himeka gasped. Illuminating their small area with the beam of light, Don asked, "What did you say, Raph?"

"It's da Triceratons! They're back!"

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