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AN: Epilogue!

Ten Years Later

Lucius Malfoy stood outside the gate of the platform, watching eagerly as small groups of people began disembarking from the train. It had arrived ten minutes ago and he knew that his village was not a terribly popular stop, so to see so few people getting off now worried him. But they'd said they would arrive by this one, so he unbuttoned his coat, then buttoned it again, and had just begun undoing it once more in an effort to keep his hands busy when he saw them.

A tall man with pale blond hair, a shorter woman with frizzy, curly brown hair, and a slip of a girl- was she really only nine? She looked about six, she was so tiny. She had her mother's hair, no doubt of that. He started to raise a hand and the man turned and saw him.

A smile so wide he thought it would split his cheeks spread over his face of its own free will and he waved again. The man looked to the woman and gestured and then the woman was smiling at him, too, and all three were making their way down the platform and towards the gate, towards him.

"Dad!" the man cried as they exited the gate and then his son was in his arms again, for the first time in far too long. He cursed the ministry again for taking its sweet time in relaxing their hunt for criminals and their bigotry against former dark wizards. Their hunger for blood had kept him away from his son and daughter-in-law for ten years, and while it had been their choice, it hurt more than he could say. After all, this was his family. His flesh and blood. He already lived without his wife everyday of his lifeā€¦

But no, this was a happy occasion, no matter what had come before. And they'd each made their choices, back then- good choices. The right ones.

He could see that now, looking at all three of them, bending down to greet his sweet granddaughter properly, seeing her shy smile as she took him in. The bitterness that swept over him from time to time melted away as he looked at them, and was replaced with the contentment he felt most often.

"And you must be Mona," Lucius said. She gave a small curtsy and then shook his hand, smiling at him.

"You're Luke," she replied and he nodded. "That's right."

"Mona, you can call him-"

"Grandfather? I forbid it," Lucius said, giving Hermione a mock glare, which Mona found incredibly funny and shared a giggle with her father over. Lucius' eyes traveled over Hermione's face and down to her rounded stomach. One brow shot up. "So, this is the surprise?"

"It was a surprise to us, as well," Hermione replied archly, though there was a hint of sadness to her tone. "After Mona we weren't sure-"

"All the doctors said-" Draco inserted, then hesitated as his daughter glanced up at him curiously. He put a hand on her head and smiled down at her. "Well, never mind that. Yes, this is our surprise."

Lucius smiled gently at them both. "I'm so pleased you've come," he murmured. "It's been too long."

"It has," Hermione responded with great feeling. Then she was standing on her tiptoes and giving Lucius a hug. Everything from ten years before came flooding back in a violent wave of emotion. He managed to control his traitorous eyes, keep them from welling with tears; to remind himself that they were here now, that they could be a family once again. The witch that had saved them all, even in her absence, shifted and held him closer, and he smelled her hair suddenly. He couldn't help rolling his eyes at his son.

Orange and juniper. Bloody hell.

Even though nothing would ever be the same; in ten years' time, nothing had changed at all.


Ok, time for my thank you to you all. You've been incredible on this fast-paced, reckless journey through Lumione, then Dramione land. Believe me, when I first started this story I intended for it to be a proper Dark!Hermione with Lucius and Draco being her sex slaves and Blaise and Ginny getting it on and everything. LOL Oops. As we all know, characters rarely do what we want them to. (I wonder if J.K. got to the end of Deathly Hallows and was like, well, shit.) Although maybe I'll have to write that version of events at some point. ;) At any rate, in writing things the way I have I've shared a part of myself with you all and you've responded in the most amazing, touching manner. So, thank you to you all for reading and loving it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. It's been one heck of an adventure and I couldn't be better pleased with how things have turned out. You guys are the best. Cheers! 2010 DRAMIONE AWARDS OR BUST!!!

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