New World

Disclaimer: I dont own Legend of the Seeker or The Inheritance Cycle. They belong to their respected owners. I do own Phoenix Shadeslayer and the plot.

Fandom: X-over between Legend of the Seeker and my AU in the Eragon(movie) world. Here's the link: .net/s/3666337/1/Wyrda

Pairing: Eragon/OC; Richard/Kahlan.

Timeline: Season 1 for Seeker; Somewhere in the beginning of my AU version of Brisingr.

Genre: Romance/Family/Supernatural.

Ch. 1

(Alagaesia, Surda)

High in the sky, above the Surda camp, two young Dragon Riders flew around, practicing aerial fighting moves. The Dragons scales shimmered as they moved in the Midday sun. One Dragon with blue scales circled around the green dragon and snapped at him playfully. As her Rider, a man, sparred with his opponent with a combination of swordplay and magic. His female opponent blocked his sword with hers and just barely dodging his magical blows.

The female on the green dragon had him fly out of fighting range, signaling for her partner to seize the sparring match.

I believe it is time for us to take a break, she said to him through their magical connection.

The man relaxed, sighed and then nodded.

Yes, I do believe that I could use a nice long nap, the green, male dragon agreed.

You always could use a nice long nap, the blue, female dragon teasingly.

The four flew in a wide circle before descending to land. But they didnt get that far. As they prepared for the dive, a flash of light swallowed them whole.


A cold wet rag applied on her forehead woke her up. Her eyes were half open, making her vision blurry. It was night, she noticed, and by a fire. An old man with long white hair was starring down at her, whipping her forehead gently. He smiled at her once she opened her eyes completely.

She lifted her body up and began to glance around quickly, trying to get a better grasp of her surroundings. There was a young man and woman by the fire talking. They looked over at her when they heard her sitting up.

"Welcome to the land of the conscience," the old man greeted her kindly.

A hand went immediately to her overgrown pregnant belly. The woman ran her hand up and down it, getting a sense if the baby was hurt or not. Thankfully it wasnt. Her head, on the other hand, throbbed.

She continued to look around. Her Dragon Rider sword and her pair of daggers she had always kept in her boots were on the floor next to her a few feet away.

"There's no need for those, dear one," the old man told her, still gentle.

The womans stomach plummeted when she realized Eragon was nowhere to be seen. Neither were the two dragons.

"Where is Eragon? Where are Aiedail and Saphira?" She asked firmly.

"There was no one with you when we found you, child," the old man told her softly.

The man and the woman stood up and came over to her and the old man. The pregnant woman held her stomach and closed her eyes. She sent out a string of her magic and used it in her search for her husband and the two dragons. Any sense of them would make her feel somewhat better. She needed to remain calm, for the baby, but she couldnt until she needed to know that they were alive, let alone safe.

She reached as far as she could go with her magic. She could barely reach for them. The pregnant woman opened her eyes and quickly went for her daggers. The people with her tensed. She noticed this.

"I'm not going to hurt you. My magic is low. I need to give myself a boost, so that I may find where they are," she explained to them.

They let her get her daggers, but remained slightly tensed, still.

The pregnant woman rubbed each index finger on each of the green stones that decorated the daggers. They glowed softly, transferring the magic she needed from them to herself. The effect was what she needed. She felt restored, if only it would be for a short time.

She closed her eyes once more, taking in a deep breath. She had managed to find all three of them. But they were very weak. Eragon wasnt even with Saphira or Aiedail. This worried her slightly. When she opened her eyes she found that the three were still starring at her.

"I've found them. They are very weak, however. But, at least, they are still alive," she told them, putting her daggers next to her sword and rubbed her belly. "You wouldn't have anything to eat, have you? I'm famished!"

Once the old man filled bowls of soup, they all sat around the fire and ate.

"My name is Phoenix Shadeslayer, by the way," the pregnant woman introduced herself. "So who do I have to thank for helping me."

"My name is Richard Cypher," the young man told her, giving a friendly smile.

The old man served himself and Phoenix another bowl of soup and broke apart pieces of bread from one of the travel packs.

"The cook over there is Zedd," Richard introduced the old man, as he was too busy stuffing his face with yet another bowl of soup.

"I'm Kahlan Amnell," the young woman introduced herself.

Kahlan took a blanket from her pack and wrapped it around Phoenix before sitting next her again. Phoenix wrapped it around her tightly and said, "Thank you."

"Who is Eragon?" Kahlan asked her gently.

"My husband," Phoenix answered, shakily. "I'm worried because neither Saphira or Aiedail are with him."

"I'm sure hes fine," Richard reassured her.

"You don't understand. My husband likes to get into trouble when he's alone," she told him.

"Just like our Seeker here," Zedd messed up his grandsons hair playfully.

Richard moved away, grinning, fixing his hair. Still smiling he asked Phoenix, "So who's Aiedail and Saphira?"

"Oh," Phoenix started. "They are our Dragons."

To be continued . . .