Chasse aux Sorcières: Witch Hunt

He looked out at the crowd, trembling in horror. Their horrid faces snarled at him, gunning for his immediate death. As long as it was slow and agonizing of course. The men's vice grips bruised his arms as they jerked him across the platform, the stage they had prepared for all of this.

The leader of this little town read his so called charges loudly, but he could hardly hear him. His heart was pounding in his ears, in time with the dark bruises covering his body. He was scared, deathly so.

"For the crimes of witchcraft and heresy, he shall be put to death!" The crowd screamed in bloodthirsty pleasure.

He shook even harder as they dragged him to the wooden post in the middle. He fought weakly, but there was no point. He wasn't strong enough to do anything. He couldn't even save himself. His wrists were bound tightly behind him, tying him to the post. The point of no return had been reached.

The food started flying then. Rotten tomatoes, heads of lettuce, rocks, whatever they could get their hands on flew at him, striking him everywhere. He turned his face away, sobbing softly. He whimpered as each object hit, trembling more and more.

"Please…" He choked, but no one heard him. "I didn't do anything…please…" The cloth that was tied around his waist was ripped away, humiliating him further. He sobbed harder.

Alec, he thought. I just want to see him again...Just one more time…

They came toward him with torches, laughing and grinning horribly. He shook his head, tensing away from them even though there was nowhere to go.

"No, no, please!" He begged. They grinned up at him, teeth pulled back in snarls as they lit the wood and hay around his legs. "NO!" He was scared of fire, very much so. It had been used against him before. But those other times he had strength to fight against it. He had the energy to build up to save himself. He was too weak now. There was nothing he could do.

"Please! Pl-" He started to cough from the smoke. He looked down at the fire creeping closer to him. "Oh, god, please!"

"How dare you speak of God, you Satan!" A woman screeched.

The heat around his feet and legs was almost unbearable. He screamed as it burned slowly, licking up further and further. He sweated from the heat, coughed from the horrible smoke, threatening to choke him. He hoped that would kill him first. Suffocating on the smoke. Not the fire, please, not the fire.

"AAALLLLEEEEECCC!" He shrieked through the agony pulsating through him. He cried helplessly, unable to breathe. The crowd laughed and jeered on, as if it were some sport. "PLEASE, ALEC, HELP ME!" He was begging. If he could only see him just one more time, just one more…

Magnus looked out at the crowd one more time, and he saw that face, that beautiful face looking at him. He smiled a little, laughing quietly. "Alec…" He let his eyes close, the pain fading as the darkness took him over.

Alec shoved his way through the dense crowd, unable to see what they were looking at. He saw smoke billowing toward the clear-blue sky. He finally pushed his way through a halfway clear area and he could see the stage. And he could see Magnus burning.

"MAGNUS!" He screamed. The warlock looked at him, tears, blood, dirt, and some things Alec didn't recognize on his face. He smiled at him, just before his eyes closed. "NO! MAGNUS!!" He pushed through as fast as he could, panicking. He felt Jace and Isabelle close behind him, there to help when needed.

He got to the front and immediately ran to jump up onto the platform.

"What do you think you're doing?!" A man bellowed, reaching for him. Isabelle's whip wrapped around his wrist, yanking him away. Jace stood in front of them, holding out a knife. Isabelle cracked her whip at them, making them back up.

Alec couldn't get to Magnus, the fire was too high and too hot. "JACE, I NEED WATER!" He screamed desperately.

Before Jace could move, Clary burst from the throng, holding her stele.

"Clary, I told you to stay at the-" She ignored him.

She ran to the platform and started to draw.

Water, she thought frantically. Water, water, WATER! There was a burst and the stage flooded, putting out the fire.

Alec rushed to Magnus, hurriedly untying him.

"Magnus, Magnus, baby, can you hear me?" He asked quietly. He caught him as he fell, lowering him to the floor. He pressed his fingers to his throat, feeling for a pulse. He relaxed a little when he felt a weak beat. "Magnus, wake up, baby. Please, please, wake up. C'mon baby, wake up. Please, Magnus, please…" He kissed his forehead, rocking him gently. "Magnus, please, open your eyes. I need you to wake up for me, please."

The warlock's eyes fluttered open, slowly. He started to struggle, crying.

"No, no, please, don't h-hurt me, please!" He begged.

"Shh…baby, it's me. It's Alec. You're okay," he assured, brushing his sweat-soaked hair out of his face.

"Alec?" He nodded. "Alec!" Magnus started to sob. Alec stroked his cheek. Magnus leaned into his hand. "Don't leave m-me…"


--Hmmm....wth happened? Next chap you'll find out :D--