Chassé aux Sorcières: Witch Hunt

Alec lied down next to Magnus, ready to sleep. He looked at the man lying next to him and smiled.

Magnus had his eyes closed, breathing slowly. His arm was behind his head, the blankets at his waist, moonlight glinting off of the muscles on his bare chest. He reached out to him, gingerly touching his chest and his stomach. Magnus smiled and jerked away.

"Stop it," he giggled, "that tickles." Alec smiled, moving his hands to his face, stroking the warlock's cheek, getting glitter on his fingers.

"I love you," he whispered, gazing into iridescent green eyes that made his heart flutter every time he saw them. Magnus leaned his face against Alec's forehead, smiling lightly.

"I love you too." This was one of those moments, Alec could feel it. And he'd been away from those lips for far too long. He pressed his lips to the full ones Magnus had to offer, cradling his face. His kiss sent chills through Magnus's body. His hands went to Alec's waist, holding him even closer.

The kisses deepened. Alec's fingers tangled in Magnus's gelled hair. He could smell the faint scent of lilac from his body wash on his skin, the musk of his cologne on his neck and the slight burn of sulfur on his fingers.

"Mmn," he moaned against his lips, deepening the kiss further. They broke free of each other, gasping, cheeks and noses brushing, eyes boring into each other.

They wanted each other, they wanted each other bad. Alec waited for Magnus to take the lead, as he always did. Alec loved it. The feel of those arms around him, eyes above him, touching him so gently.

But if Magnus wanted it this way, it was alright.

He slid over him, stroking his cheek and kissing him again, cupping his neck. Magnus put his hands on his back and in his hair, wanting him closer.

Alec yanked his shirt over his head, shutting his eyes when Magnus touched his bare skin. He leaned back down, kissing him deeply. His hands went to Magnus's waist, on the waistline of his boxers. His heart pounded at the thought of what was about to happen. He was lost in Magnus's lips, as blissful as ever. Magnus shimmied out of his shorts with the help of Alec's hands.

His own hands gripped Alec's holey and faded sweat pants, tensed, knuckles white. Alec's gentle hands gripped his hips, thumbing his tanned skin.

It was at that time that Magnus started to tremble. Alec didn't notice at first. He kissed his neck slowly, deeply, wanting this moment to last.

Magnus tried to focus on just how good Alec's lips felt. How amazing it was to be blessed with his touch.

But flashes of calloused hands, laughter, a horrible, horrible mouth and tongue touching him all over wouldn't let him. Trying to remember that these were Alec's hands, hands that he loved more than anything and not His was almost impossible.

He was lucid enough to want the rest of Alec's clothes off. He pulled impatiently at the waistbands of his sweats and boxers.

"Alec," he almost whined. Alec swallowed hard, as cute as ever, and pulled off the remainder of his clothes.

Don't be scared, don't be scared… he told himself repeatedly. It didn't seem to work.

Alec was kissing him again, his lips, his neck and his chest. He started to shake harder, those memories impossible to shoo away. It was almost like he was there again, strapped down, helpless.

Out of sheer reflex, when Alec squeezed his hip again he whimpered.

That's when Alec noticed. He saw past his own pounding heart and looked down at him.

Magnus's eyes were shut tight, his face turned into the pillow, his arms were at his sides, hands clenched into fists, his whole body tensed. He looked so scared and vulnerable. He felt him shaking underneath him. He realized then what he had done.

He took his hands away from his hips as quickly as he could, remembering the bruises that had been there before.

"Magnus," he touched his face, thumbing his cheek. "Baby, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Magnus looked up at him, tears of shame in his eyes.

"We can stop," Alec assured, nodding. "We can stop right now if you want to. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

"No," Magnus shook his head, swallowing hard to make the tears go away. "No I want to forget. I want to forget how…how it felt. I want to remember you," he breathed. He kissed Alec softly with shaking lips. "I want to feel you, Alexander. Help me remember, please."

Alec couldn't deny him that. He kissed him as slowly and as gently as he could muster. He wrapped his arms around Magnus, holding him tenderly, just as he held him. He carefully parted the warlock's lips, his tongue sliding in slowly and tangling with his.

Magnus moaned so quietly it was almost inaudible. Alec kissed his neck with full knowledge of the bright and brazen hickey that would be there in the morning. His hands traveled over soft skin, lips making way for teeth on his neck as he grazed the skin that resided there. Magnus keened, fingers searching for purchase until they wrapped in the dark silk that was Alec's hair.

"Harder," he breathed. Alec bit harder, just a little. Magnus moaned softly, arcing off the bed and into Alec's body.

Alec echoed the sound, being cut off by eager lips. Alec looked into Magnus's eyes, making sure he was here, with him and not there. Not surrounded by cold and pain, but here with him, so full of love it almost hurt.

"Alec, please," he choked. "Move."

Pleasure moved through both of them as Alec obliged. Magnus whimpered, but not for the same reasons as before.

Alec watched for any sort of sign that Magnus wanted to stop. He wouldn't let him get scared again. He wouldn't let him think he was hurting him. No…no, he wouldn't.

"Alec!" Magnus moaned, dragging his fingers down his back. Alec shivered. God, he knew how to make him feel good. There was such need, such longing in his eyes

"I'm here, baby," he whispered, mouth beside his ear. "I'm here."

The lights started to flicker on and off, coming in waves, dim then bright, dim then bright. They stayed brighter longer as the intensity built. Magnus's doing, of course.

"Magnus…" Alec breathed, his pupils dilated.

"More, Alexander, please!"

Alec could taste sweat on his lips as he kissed him. They held each other tight, trying to get impossibly closer.

A light bulb in the lamp beside them popped out.

"Oh yes, yes…Alec!"

It was so hot, and the friction between them wasn't helping. Sweat fell over each other, breaths drew heavily, lips entwined and tangled with great ferocity.



And then it was over.

Alec breathed heavily and collapsed next to his warlock, hugging him close, hardly able to believe what had happened a few weeks ago, when Magnus had been so abused and hurt.

It was what made him hug Magnus close, kissing his face and cradling him against him.

"I love you, Alexander," he breathed, face in his neck.

"I love you too," Alec kissed his cheek, looking in his eyes.

That pain was still there, so was the fear. But he would be alright. He would be just fine, Magnus knew that. He knew because of the eyes looking at him right now. Alec would be there for him, he would take care of him. He would love him. And that was all he could ask for.



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