Authors Note:

Hello, I would just like to let you know that i'm feeling extremely motivated right now, and so uh....Yeah XD I hope you liked it as much as I did, I love Ratatouille by the way :)

Ratatouille the Guardians

Its been a while. A little sun a little chit chat here and there...You know...The usual...

Yeah, because, you know, it isnt easy, protecting people for a living. Some say its straightforward, that all you gotta do it "Protect the guy dude" but thats not all to it. You get your ass shut up all the time, and your sent to the most unlikely of places...Heck, I was even sent to Zimbabwe for 3 months...And you wanna know what happened? Absolutely nothing! Turned out it was a false call, and I was just sent there to check out a "situation", well, I got my pay at least...And a sun tan that would last a friggen lifetime.

Well, now here I am, back on the job, I reinstated for work, and guess where they send me? Paris. Of course it sounds fun, oohhh i get to check out the tower and all those cool places. No, I get sent to a resturant. I found out that the resturant I was sent to was actually pretty popular.

I did my research, it got 5 stars, some dude named Geus- Whats his name owns it. The place has a good rep, for a resturant I guess, but hey, the french like food, well at least thats what I think at least..Im a guardian, someone who's supposed to do the "Dirty" work for my employers. Not like killing, just those low jobs, the ones that require you to get waist deep, mingle with people, you gotta be that kind of person ya know?

Well, I dont know what the hell they were thinking when they chose me. I'm a disturbed, defensive invididual who likes to keep his space...But hey, the pay is good, and my job's aren't hard...Well, till last week see..

Someone has it out for the people that i get sent to protect. Whether or not they just dont like me or the people im protecting are simply high value targets, I dunno, but as of late, my jobs are getting a little....Dangerous.

Well, here I am...

I'm here, at friggen foreign. I half expected the people I walked past to carry a baguet or something. I checked the contract I was given by my employer, carried my fake id, 10000 euros, and details of my targets and where they were working.

"Heh" I thought, they both worked at the same place, The friggen resturant...

I looked at the large domed building that had the sign "Geustos" On it. Was pretty obvious, I was where I was supposed to be... As I walked toward the building, I glanced a look red, curly haired fellow inside the resturant. Seemed like a nervous fellow..

I checked my watch, 12:00, it was morning and it looked like I was just in time.

Next to the red haired fellow, I saw a female with dark hair, she looked pretty serious and was talking to the red haired dude.

I slowly entered the resturant, took a seat next to one of the windows....The red haired fellow and the female were both cooking and making their daily preperations for customers. I guessed I was a customer because the red haired guy approached me and asked in french 'Hello, what would you like sir?" I could detect a hint of strain in his voice, he was obviously new to the job.

I smiled in a friendly gesture and responded in french (As a guardian i am fluent in over 30 different languages) "Im uh, not thirsty and im not hungry either, i just came here for something..." The red haired guy nodded and walked back to the female.

I watched them talk, and as they talked, he gestured to me, and the black haired female frowned. Moments later the female stalked over to me with a serious look, I think I was going to get kicked out, because the first thing she said was "What is it that you want? if your not going to order anything then why are you here?" I was taken a back by her sudden rudeness, seeing as a I was a customer.

Trying not to piss her off anymore, I quickly decided to apologize, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, I would like a coffee and 2 sandwiches to go please," I turned to sit and wait, but she merely shook her head and glared at me.

"What do you think we are?" She demanded, "Some kind of fast food resturant? We are cooks, not coffee brewers, if you wanted coffee, go to another place, do not waste my time by ordering something as trivial as coffee!" I sat there, dumbfounded. How could someone be so dedicated to their work...? I glanced at the red haired guy who gave me an apologetic look.

Then my gaze returned to the female in front of me, who stood, arms against her hips in a haughty fashion. I sighed, shook my head and tried to avoid her gaze which was constantly burning into the side of my head. "Well gee, I really....Dont know what to say....I would like to have something....anything you reccomend" When I couldnt think of any french food beside french fries.

At this she brightened, and she went into this 3 minute montage of what to order, what might have fitted my tastes and lightened my mood, I was completely dumbfounded by her enthusiasm.

When she was done, she said "Well?" Her hands were on the table holding the menu tablet. I really didn't want to spend any money, as I wasn't actually hungry and I was waiting for my targets to show up....

Realizing that would be futile, I ordered 2 really intricate sounding french dishes that sounded cool, and sat...Waiting expectantly. She nodded and left.

I sighed, realizing I had just spent money on some crap that I wasnt even hungry for. Gosh, and MY TARGETS HAVEN'T EVEN SHOWN UP YET!!

I took out my contract paper, which was pretty much a piece of paper with a whole bunch of information on it. In this case, my targets were:



I didnt know who or what they were. The contract included no faces, no personal information, except the information of where they worked, which was where they were right now...I sighed...This was a hopeless job...

The female came back, taking the menu off the table, I glanced a quick look at her. She had a white cook suit on, just like the red haired guy, but no name tag....Aghh, if I could only ask, without sounding like such a creep...I was glad I was the only customer here at the resturant, because right now, I was feeling like an idiot, sitting here, ordering expensive food for no reason..

I waited patiently for 20 minutes. My targets were not showing up. I sat and eyed my empty plate, and was about to up and leave when my cell rang. The familiar jingling noise went off like a loudspeaker and I hastily went to answer it.

"hello?" I said.

"Motakai." Came the voice.

The voice was my boss, a rough, low, and almost always pissed off guy. He wasnt the most likeable fellow, but he was the one who got me my job here and I would always respect him for it.

I smiled in response, "Hey boss, whats up,"

"Dont say 'Whats up' to me" Came his reply, taking a second to cough, "Listen, I just recieved important data on your targets, the ones that your sent to protect."

"Aye, what about em, I've been sitting here waiting for them for the last 20 minutes, they haven't shown up yet,"

"Listen, the targets are right in front of you,"

I narrowed my eyes, 'No way, I sent him a video feed of my surroundings with my phone, it came back to him as a sickly green video, but he could make it out. I fixed my phone in a sideways manner towards the female, the one who took my order, then the red haired guy who was sitting there nervously, cleaning stuff.

"Yeah, that's them all right,' I heard his reply, I made a movement to get up and walk over.

"Dont." I stopped, dumbfounded, "Why not? Its always important to let my clients know Im protecting them before I start following them around like a creepo right?"

He sighed, and then grunted again in response, "Listen, these people dont know your assigned to them, your job right now, is to get a picture of either one, and then get to know them."

I swore, my jobs never involved this kind of crap, "Listen, Im not a CIA agent, how the hell am i gonna get to know them without even talking to them? Spy on them? Follow them to their house? Humor me..."

My boss laughed, "Your gonna have to maintain cover, thats all..."

"Oh yeah? And how the hell am i gonna do that?"

"Simple, get a job at the resturant, your cover will be as just another cook,"

I almost dropped my phone in shock, "Are you kidding me? I've never had any cooking experience! Let alone working as a chef at a 5 star resturant....Im pretty sure I cant just get a job here, "

"Well this is the only way, do it, I dont care how, over and out.." He hung up, and I swore under my breath...

"Working here....Gahh..." I got up and stared at the resturant, the red haired "Linguini" was coming over to give me my food.

I took it, smiled, then left.

And this guys, is the beginning to my Ratatouille fanfic, I'll be adding more soon, just gotta think get some creative juices going XD