Hey all reviewers! I have decided to try out a story where Yugioh GX and 5D are in the same time period. Yes I know they are in different times, but this is a what if story. Trust me there are a lot of what ifs. Anyways I might have gotten a little too creative with this. Warning: I might make the characters OOC (out of character for new people on fanfiction). Also I'm making Jaden act like normal, but more serious and I cannot write duels. Writing them are too hard for me. I know weird.

Summary: FYI, Jaden and Yusei are in the same time period. Jaden and Yusei are best friends and have known each other for years. Though how do they know each other since they live really far apart and some may say are total opposites. Well let's watch as they reunite to take down an evil so great, it may just kill them. Jaden X Alexis. Yusei X Aki. Maybe more couples though. Different ending to season 4.

Me: Hey reviewers! I am sorry if you don't like my story!

Jaden: Ah, sweet! I get to duel again. I didn't want to stop my adventures at D.A.

Alexis: Yeah and the producers didn't even show season 4 which was in Japanese.

Me: I know! I was so peeved when they did that! I nearly murdered my laptop when I discovered season 4 never got showed. I was/am a GX fan! Though I like 5D as well.

Yusei: Thank you. I thought you were going to leave 5D in the dust.

Aki: No, she wouldn't do that. She loves animes too much.

Me: Though for some odd reason, I never bothered to watch the original Yugioh.

Jaden: Then how the heck did you discover GX or 5D?

Me: *shrugs* I was flipping through the channels and discovered GX. Then I heard about 5D and decided to give it a chance.

Alexis: Can we start the story? This A/N is getting long.

Me: Fine, start the clip, I mean story!

(At Duel Academy) [Not Aki's academy]

It was a normal day at Duel Academy. Well as normal as Duel Academy could get. Anyways, as an overview, Syrus and Hasselberry were dueling to see who the better duelist was. Jesse was hanging out with Blair. Atticus was trying to catch a few waves before it got dark out. Jasmine was trying to catch up on some homework she forgot to do earlier. Chazz was trying to ask out Mindy. Jaden and Alexis were well just hanging out by the cliff close to the Slifer dorms. They were both having a nice chat and looking at the sunset.

"So Jaden, what are you going to do after leaving here?" asked Alexis.

"Well Lex, I haven't really thought about that. I was probably going to travel the world and catch up with some old friends. I'll keep in touch with you guys though." said Jaden.

"Cool. So who else do you know outside of Duel Academy?"

"Well over at New Domino City they have created this new type of dueling where you can duel while riding a motorcycle. So over summer vacation I went there. I wandered around the city and discovered new friends along the way. I met this cool guy named Yusei. He used to live on a poor island called the Satellite, but now lives with his friends in New Domino City. He lives in a giant apartment owned by the parents of these twins named Leo and Luna. They're sweet little kids. Heck, Luna says that Leo should be my brother since we act so similar. Apparently, we both love to duel and can eat a lot of food. Plus we're both hyper. Anyways, Yusei also has a rival named Jack who's very arrogant and stoic. In a way, he's like a combination of Zane and Chazz. He was the King of Turbo Duels, but then he lost to Yusei so Yusei is really the King of Turbo Duels. Also I think that he likes a reporter named Carly. She's really nice, but a little bit goofy and wears big glasses. She seems to be able to actually make Jack nice at times. And then there's Akiza though she prefers being called Aki. She has psychic powers, but is nice when you get to know her. Although Yusei and Aki won't admit it, they both like each other."

"Wow. So have they gone on adventures to save the world too?" joked Alexis.

"Actually, yes. They dueled these evil dudes called Dark Signers and saved the world from this crazy guy who thought he was the King of the Underworld." said Alexis.

"Jeez. What's up with people wanting to take over the world?" asked Alexis.

"No idea. But they won't be able to take over the world with me and Yusei here." said Jaden.

Jaden and Alexis both smiled in content as they went to watch the sunset.

(in New Domino City)

Meanwhile at the exact same time Yusei and Aki were having a similar conversation out by a beach.

A couple of things were happening as well. Jack was at a café with Carly that wasn't a date (according to Jack). Leo was trying to convince Luna to duel him and Luna was trying everything within her power not to yell at him or hurt him. Crow, as usual, was delivering a package to someone in the Satellite. Yusei and Aki were talking.

"I can't believe so much has happened over the past few months." said Aki.

"Yeah, it just seems yesterday that I was being threatened to duel at the Fortune Cup." said Yusei.

"Hey Yusei, do you think we'll ever see Jaden again?" asked Aki.

"Hm. Good question. I'm not too sure myself. Maybe I'll call him to see how he's doing. I remember he told me about a couple of his friends." said Yusei.

"Really? He never mentioned anyone when he was here."

"Yes. He mentioned he was friends with a shy, but bright boy named Syrus and his older brother named Zane. He's stoic and very good at dueling. Then there was a Texan guy named Hasselberry who works out a lot. He also mentioned an arrogant guy named Chazz, a girl about the twin's age named Blair, and a guy who could be Jaden's twin named Jesse. There were also two girls named Mindy and Jasmine. And a guy named Atticus who apparently has a dream to be a pop star and his younger sister named Alexis. By the way Jay describes her, I think he has a crush on her."

"I wonder if Jaden had to worry about any more bad guys."

"Hopefully not."

They both shared a knowing smile and looked out to the sea.

Little did they know, both Jaden and Yusei were being watched by two beings wanting revenge.

Hey reviewers! I know that was short, but I'm giving you a taste on what's going to happen. You know I have a feeling this was kind of bad or a lot. I don't know. If you want another chapter I need at least five reviews. I'm sorry if they're OOC, but I like Yusei actually talking about stuff that's not inspirational (almost every time I see him on screen, he says something inspirational. Maybe it's me).

Me: *depressed* Hi people. *sigh*

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Me & Jaden: WHY IS HE HERE?!

Me: *I look at Jaden* You so like her.

Jaden: *blush* I do not. She's a really good friend.

Chazz: Have no fear the Chazz is here.

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