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Summary: Surviving a broken heart

Author's Note: If the beginning looks or feels familiar to you, it's probably because it is. This fic was not only inspired by true events but also by the movie Untamed Heart. However, beyond the orphanage and similarities, this fic goes off into it's own little world and takes life and love by the hand. I hope you enjoy this and a fair warning, this is incomplete but I'm hoping to find new inspiration to finish it.

Surviving a Broken Heart


The day stood still in the cold winter breeze on the day of March 14th, 1991. The sun was nowhere to be seen as the old orphanage stood high on stop of the hill. It's old rickety sign that read "St. Anne's Home for Children" hanging from rusty chains. It swayed in the brisk wind.

"Spencew, whewe did you put my dowl?" Anne asked her friend, looking under all the beds that were in one room, lined up against the walls of the Children's Home.

Spencer sat on her bed playing with her yoyo looking down at her blonde friend. "I didn't see it anywhere, Anne," she watched her friend get up and sigh, pouting.

"My grandmuver gave me that dowly befo she died," she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Anne, I can help you find it," the tiny blonde smiled, jumping off her bed and started searching at the other end of the room.

"I bet Carly stoleded it, Spencew!" The little girl sniffled, tears rolling down her cheeks. Aside from Spencer, her dolly was her best friend.

"Then we'll get it back, I promise," Spencer knelt down beside her friend, gently patting her on the back. "Okay?" She watched the other girl nod, pulling her into a hug and crying softly.

"What's with the baby?" Carly came in and sat down on her bed.

"Where's Dolly?" Spencer asked, staring straight at the brunette.

"I haven't seen her," the brunette shrugged, kicking her feet off the bed.

"Don't lie Carly, you always take things that don't belong to you," the blonde stood up and walked towards the brunette. "Give Anne back her doll, please."

Carly grumbled, she may have been the bully but she hated getting into trouble or snitched on, so she climbed to the head of her bed and grabbed the small ragged doll from behind the headboard. "I'll get you for this someday, Spencer." She huffed and threw the doll, storming out of the room.

Spencer turned around and picked up the doll, handing it over to her friend. She found herself wrapped up in small arms being squeezed tightly.

"Fank you Spencew!" Anne squealed, hugging her friend and her doll.

Spencer felt good inside, her friend was happy and she did something to make her happy. Sighing, she wrapped her arms around Anne, closing her eyes and wondered if she'd ever feel this way again, would she ever have a family?


Outside the Orphanage, children played; jumping rope, throwing balls, the girls played with the boys on the playground, chasing each other. Spencer Carlin stayed her distance, sitting on a rock, with her hands in her pockets watching her peers play and have fun.

"Come on Spencew, pwease come and pway a wittle kick bawl?" Anne skipped over to her friend, with a redhead little boy, Brandon.

"Yea Spencey, please?" Brandon looked down bashful.

Spencer smiled and jumped off her rock and took Anne's hand as they took off into the small field with a kick ball. She kicked the ball towards Brandon and giggled as she made her way down the field halfway. Anne stole the ball away from the little boy and took off down the other side of the field, passing Spencer.

"Spencey! Spencey! Go get her!" Brandon screamed as he tried his best to catch up to the blonde.

Spencer took off down the field and just as she was about to reach Anne, she stumbled over her feet as the world around her started to spin and she felt a small tight tug in her chest, before falling face forward onto the field - her world was black.

Anne stopped running when she heard Brandon scream the little blonde's name. She rushed to her friend's side and fell to her knees, "Spencew? Wake up!" she took her hand and placed it shakily over her heart. "Bwandon, go get Mrs. Hales, now!"

Brandon, scared, took off towards where the rest of the kids were and grabbed the older woman. He tried to explain what happened, but the little boy was out of breath and crying.

Approaching the two small children, Mrs. Hales quickly took charge and felt for any pulse on the little girl. "Come on, sweetheart," she whispered. "Spencer darling," she turned the tiny head her way and saw the purple tinge in the little girls lips. "Anne, Brandon, run and tell Mr. Johnson to call for an ambulance, now!" As quickly as the kids took off, a crowd drew and Mrs. Hales started doing CPR on Spencer.

Mrs Hales cried as she tried her best to give oxygen to the lifeless-like girl before her. In the distance, she heard the sirens coming closer, sounding louder. "Come on little one, you're too precious to leave us behind..."

As she continued her work on Spencer, the paramedics came forward and started their work on the small blonde. No one knew, at that moment, if the young blonde would survive such a heart failure.