~*~9~*~ Strawberry Shaped

"Favourite colour?" Spencer asked, lying on her side in the soft grass at Kilton Park. She always found it peaceful there when the sun was shining. Ashley had her fingers tangled in blonde hair, smiling as she closed her eyes.

"Mmm, blue." The brunette smiled and bit her lip, it was her turn to ask a question. "Favourite recent band or artist?"

"Well I like Damien Rice," Spencer glanced at the woman next to her, "but I love Marianas Trench."

A brown eye opened and glanced at the blonde. "Who?"

"Marianas Trench. They're a band from Vancouver." Spencer shrugged. "They're still pretty low key. I mean, they have a couple of albums out but aren't too big yet."

"Hmm," Ashley gently dragged her fingers through blonde hair, smiling, "you'll have to introduce me sometime."

Spencer grinned and nodded quietly, lowering herself back down in the grass, her head now resting on Ashley's stomach. The two had known each other barely a matter of twenty four hours but to the both of them, it felt – right.

"Can I ask you a question?" Ashley asked softly, her nails scraping Spencer's scalp gently, earning quiet contented sighs. She heard Spencer hum in reply. "Do you like to live alone?"

The blonde moved her head and squinted up at the sun that blared down on them. She still had her hoodie on but it wasn't zipped up. "I'm not usually alone," she admitted, "Brandon is attached to my hip."

Ashley drew her lips into a small smile. "You know, if you ever get bored you can make my number useful and call me."

Spencer sat up and turned around, drawing her knees up to her chest as she looked at the waitress. "Are you lonely?" She asked quietly.

Ashley nodded and shrugged. "Not like a 'bad' alone. Sometimes I just find myself alone." She gazed into blue eyes and bit her lip. "It'd be nice to not know what that feeling's like."

Spencer tilted her head a bit and swallowed. Panic started to rise in her but she tried to hide it. She was taking a huge risk at getting close with the brunette and knowing that Ashley wanted her time, she was scared she'd let her down – somehow – someday.

"Did I say something wrong?" Ashley asked in concern and sat up, grabbing the blonde's hand.

"No," Spencer shook her head and sighed, "I'm just…"

"Tired?" Ashley frowned sadly. She noticed the fatigue episodes were more frequent with the blonde. "I should take you home." She got up and wiped off her jeans before helping up Spencer.

"Ashley?" Spencer strolled along side her friend and bit her lip. "Thank you for keeping me company."

The brunette smiled and nodded, lacing their fingers together as they continued to walk out of the park.

The walk was quiet and slow. Ashley was usually a speed walker everywhere she went, but she took her time in order to keep the blonde comfortable. She couldn't help but wonder why Spencer was so weak all of the time. An illness crossed her mind but she wasn't one to really pry. They stopped outside of a medium size building. Ashley sighed in relief when she noticed the building was at least secured with locks on the front door. "What number are you?" She asked, reading over the names. "209, second floor?"

"I tried to get ground but there was nothing vacant." Spencer shrugged and dug her keys out of her purse. She opened the door and allowed Ashley to pass her first. At first she felt a little embarrassed living in an apartment building where half the wallpaper was peeling off the wall in the hallways but as soon as she opened her apartment door, Ashley's gasp made her smile.

"Wow, this place is so cute!" Ashley snickered and glanced around the bare apartment with a few trinkets placed around to make it homey. "I should hire Brandon to keep my place this clean."

"Ha," Spencer laughed, "he only works for women."

Ashley spun around and glared at the blonde playfully, "and what is that supposed to mean? I am a woman you know." She made her point by grabbing her breasts with a raised eyebrow.

Spencer swallowed and licked her lips, her eyes transfixed on those perfectly tanned hands on that perfectly tanned body. Her heart started to do flips and she found the nearest seat, sitting down. "Uh yes, I see that." She whispered hoarsely. "I meant because you have male roommates."

Ashley blushed and dropped her hands, making her way to the couch. "You're so adorable, you know that?" She quietly spoke, her fingers trailing across the blonde's face. She loved trailing her fingers over the soft skin. She couldn't help it and the fact that Spencer showed no sign of being uncomfortable, only pushed her further. And those lips, those perfect strawberry shaped lips were so tempting – but Ashley wasn't that bold. She just met the girl.

"Are you hungry?" Spencer asked, smiling. "I can grab us some fruit?"

Strawberries was something Ashley wanted, strawberry shaped Spencer lips that was. "I think I should get going." She sighed but didn't miss the disappointed look that crossed the blonde's features. "But um, I'm off tomorrow night around 7:30 again, did you want to grab a bite to eat with me?" She cleared her throat and shook her head, "what I meant to say was, Spencer, would you care to join me for dinner tomorrow night?"

Spencer's eyes widened at the sincere husky voice of the brunette's. She was being asked out – on a date – by Ashley. "What about your paper?" She asked.

"I can work on it afterwards," Ashley whispered and bit her lip, "so will you?"

Spencer looked down and wondered what could possibly go wrong by going out on one date. "I'd love too." She finally said and we met with a hug from her new found friend. "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise." Ashley said excitedly.

"But I need to know what to wear." Spencer frowned cutely yet nervously. She didn't have a whole lot in her closet and two of her six drawers from her dresser were completely empty.

"Just dress like yourself, Spencer," the brunette grinned and looked the blonde up and down, "you always look beautiful."

Spencer fought the urge to roll her eyes, not really used to compliments. Getting hit on, yes but receiving genuine compliments was something she never found herself worthy of. Instead, she ducked her head, "thank you," she whispered.

Ashley leaned forward and cupped the blonde's face, brushing her lips over soft ones in front of her. It was a peck but it was enough to send both women lightheaded. "See you tomorrow, Spence." She whispered against the open shocked lips against hers and scurried off the couch and towards the door. She took one last look at the blonde and smiled, exiting the apartment.

Spencer shook her head and slowly brought her fingers to her lips. She was just kissed. It wasn't new to her by any means but for the first time it felt different.

It felt real.

It had meaning.

She tightly closed her eyes and sprawled out on the couch, trying to control her raging heart beat. "You will not do it, Spencer," she whispered to herself, "you will not fall in love."