It was a rainy, lazy day to study. The little room was warm though, maybe a bit too hot, but it didn't really matter: It was perfect for the occasion. Papers laid all over the chabudai, along with some pens and erasers, a cute pink pencil case and another big, gray one. They had been there for a while, unused, since their owners were occupied in something a little bit more important than homework.

Beato sighed softly as she felt his lips travel from her jaw to her cheek and then her ear. It was one of those short pauses they took to breathe between kisses, before going back to business. And to think that they used to actually study together before they started their relationship. But now every excuse was good enough to start making out, and after that they would continue until Battler's parents got home. It's just those damned teenage hormones fault, she said to herself, as if that was good enough to throw responsibility away.

However, their hormones were getting way too out of control lately, especially Battler's. She had to admit that she had been teasing him herself by sitting on him, and trying to get as much physical contact as possible. Even then she was sitting on his lap, her legs around his lower back, pressing her chest against his own passionately. She did it out of lust, her own desire to take their playful flirting to the next level, just teasing each other here and there while keeping it clean. Still, Battler was going too far now, crossing the line between kissing and—

"Ah... W... wait..."

There it was again, over her chest. His hand had sneaked from her hips to that place, pinching softly and then cupping one of them, feeling it's warmth through the thin fabric of her white shirt.

"Just a bit..." He muttered, squeezing softly. Beato couldn't help but gasp.

"You... You really can't control yourself can you?" She tried to laugh confidently but only a breathy, short laugh came out. "Men are really pitiful creatures, letting themselves be controlled by something like breasts"

"Well it's kind of hard not to grope them when they're constantly pressing against you, you know." He grinned, this time putting both of his hands over those warm, round twins and squeezing them hard. Beato jumped, and a short, cute moan escaping her mouth. She tried to push his hands away, but wasn't strong enough. "Stop pretending you don't like it, will you? You kept rubbing yourself against me a while ago so I just guessed you wanted me to touch you already" Beato blushed and looked away.

"Sh... shut up..." Battler just laughed, his hands still playing with her chest and then he kissed her.

"That'll teach you to play with a 18 year old, hormone filled virgin, you crafty bitch" Beato moaned, offended, but the way he kept fondling her breasts and kissing her neck were distracting her way too much to try and answer something coherent. No, she had to pull it together, pull it together. If she didn't then he would... ah, there it was, his right hand was slowly making it's way to her ass again. She gulped.

"It's... it's a bit unfair, don't you think? You guys get to squeeze our breasts, and what do we get to squeeze?" She commented, grabbing that sneaky hand and keeping it on her hip. She heard Battler grumble something, annoyed, and he buried his face in her chest.

"... I wouldn't mind if you squeezed my crotch" He replied boldly, pushing it against her own.

"Don't do that. S... stop it."

"Beato..." He kissed her chest, still rubbing against her. Knowing that the only things that were separating them from joining were a few layers of cloth, namely her panties, his pants and his own underwear, only fueled his lust. But the charm didn't last long. She pushed him away soon enough trying to keep her breath steady, and he groaned, frustrated.

"You wish, pervert." She softly caressed his hair, her fingers tangling in his red locks, but he was staring at her obstinately, ready to attack again as soon as she let her guard down. "Or... you know, now that I think about it, I guess I could always grope YOUR boobs"

"Huh?" Battler blinked but immediately went out of his trance when he felt two small hands sneaking under his shirt. "Hey, let go! Tha... that tickles!"

Yeah, that was more like it. Just playful (and a bit sexy) games. It was the safe zone she liked. However, Beato couldn't take away the feeling of closeness and she didn't want to admit that she wanted more. She shook her head and kept teasing those places she already knew very well and used every time she needed him to calm down.

In just a few minutes they went from playing to kissing again though, but his hands didn't sneak around anymore. Beato could tell he was annoyed as well, so she tried to kiss him here and there but he stopped responding to that too. He was staring at her, frowning slightly, so she sighed heavily.

"What's wrong? Are you angry at me?" She pouted a bit, trying to hit another one of his weak spots. But this time, he didn't even flinch.

"Beato, I'm pretty sure you know what I want by now" Before she could say or even think anything, he pushed her against him and they went back to their original position.


"We've been dating for a while and I really... really want to..." Beato felt his hand on her butt again, but she didn't stop him this time.

"It isn't that I don't want to too, you know." She muttered. He pushed her body against him until it hurt.

"C'mooon" He whined "You've got me at my limit, you know? And all the guys keep talking about how great it is, too. C'mooon, Beatooo..." She bit her lip. Battler kept staring at her, his hand caressing her softly, lifting her pleated skirt more and more.

Ah, it was too much, too much...

"Just... okay, fine..."

Battler beamed and as if possessed by a demon he kissed her, his hands moving around her body as if not knowing where he would grope first. Beato moaned when he finally set on grabbing her ass, squeezing it hard and playing with her underwear at the same time. She threw her head back, panting and he pinched her then, more and more moans escaping her.

"Heh, I didn't know you were so sensitive around here, Beato~~. I guess that's why you never let met touch these" Battler spanked her firmly, and the blonde beauty jumped and let out a surprised shriek.

"Idiot." She hid her flushed face in his chest, and Battler laughed again, slapping her butt a few more times, each whimper and sound that came out of her stimulating him to go further. "C... Can't we... take off our uniforms at least? I don't... hah...! want to get it dirty..." He grinned.

"I'm all for taking off all of our clothes right now, but I want you to keep yours this once. Call it a kink of mine, ihihi~" Beato smiled, his contagious laugh relaxing her a bit.

"You're a pervert. A big disgusting pervert." She pulled his tie and kissed him passionately, and he moaned into her mouth, each passing moment feeling like torture, sweet, sweet torture.

She suddenly heard the sound of various things falling behind her. It was their forgotten homework, and her own body occupied it's place on the low table soon enough, Battler moving her around as a doll with overwhelming force. He kissed her feet and her thighs before laying his body on hers and it was the first time she realized how big he was compared to h—

"Ah... Hah..."

Th... that was...


Her face was positively red now, and she looked away. On her most intimate part, she felt it. Battler pressed his hard erection against her, as if to show her how bad he wanted her body.

"Aah... damn it... see what you do to me, you idiot? All this time, teasing me and playing with me. I can't take it anymore, Beato..." She laughed, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Stupid. Are you really that desperate? You're so pathetic you know~"

"I am. I really am. But I know you are too. I bet you're all wet down here..."


His fingers found their way to her panties, and he caressed them before taking them off. They touched her folds gently, and as he had expected, they were already humid, ready to receive something more. Beato kept panting as he teased, just like she did before with him. He entered her a bit, her insides even hotter and wetter, but he stopped dead in his tracks when her body jumped jerkily and she tried to move away from him.

"Be... be careful will you? You can't put them in there just like that, it hurts..."

"Ah, right." He took his fingers out and he drew himself up, grinning "After all, I want to tear you up with something a bit different" His grin grew wider as he watched her expression twist into one of pure embarrassment as he played with his belt before taking it off.

"We... we are really going to..." Battler got on top of her, taking her hand and kissing her forehead.

"Don't worry, I'll go slow. Just trust me." She gasped when she felt something soft, warm and hard against her own hot pussy. "Beato, Beato..."

"Ba... hah... Battler..."

Bing bong.

They both stopped, staring into each other's eyes blankly, unfeeling.

Bing Bong.

"... N... No... no way..."


Bing Bong.

Groaning in frustration, Battler his face on her neck. She could hear him going "no way no way no way" and she sighed.

"You have to answer that or they'll notice. You know they have a key anyway." He muttered something. "We... we'll do it another day, I promise. C'mon..."

Battler just got up and put his pants on, automatically, and walked like a zombie out of the room. Beato started tidying up the place, feeling just as frustrated, but at the same time glad that little Ange's obsession with ringing the doorbell every time she entered a house (even if it was her own) gave them a heads up.

Battler came in a few moments later, still expressionless.

"I'll be in the bathroom getting rid of... you know..."

He pointed at his pants and Beato nodded. Something told her that he was at the verge of crying. As he went to the bathroom she heard a pair of noisy feet running towards her.

"Beato is here, Beato is here! Uuu~~!" Maria hugged her from behind and Beato did her best to smile.

"Hey, Mariaaa... hey Ange, too!" Ange waved her hand, a bag of candies on her hand.

"Want some? Mommy said we should share them with Beato and onii-chan too..."

"Ah, sure, sure... b-but Onii-chan is in the bathroom right now so wait for a bit..." Kyrie entered the room then, smiling warmly.

"There you are. I know you two are studying hard so I brought some treats. These kids ate half of them already though..."

"Ah, that's fine, that's..."

"Uuu~... Ange, look, there are panties here uu~..."

"They aren't mine either..."

Beato's heart skipped a bit. She knew that that draft she felt down there wasn't normal. She stared blankly into Kyrie's eyes, and even though she looked surprised for a moment, she smiled and smoothly told the kids to drop the subject and help Rudolf with the bags. As they left the room, Kyrie turned around too.

"I think we may have interrupted something, huh?" She giggled at Beato's dumbfounded expression. "We'll try to arrive later the next time. Just don't let it take too much of your studying time, will you now?"

"Uh. Uh, I..."

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not like your dear mother, Beato. Just be sure to use protection and don't tell anything to Virgilia. I want my son to live to graduation" She giggled as she closed the door, and Beato let her head fall on the table. She took one candy out of the bag.

After 6 months of dating Battler, she still couldn't figure out if entering the Ushiromiya family would be impossibly hard or impossibly easy.