Here's the sequel to Some one likes Sam.

Danny: Why should we give a Fuck?

Me: Shut it emo boy.

Sam: Danny your emo now?

Danny: Yeah, thanks to you.

Zachary : Hello sweat.

Me: Who wants to do the disclaimer?

Danny: I'll will, like I have nothing better to do. Rachel doesn't own anything but the Idea, and the guy who made me this way.

ME: ` ^-^. Thank you Danny.

Dan's P.O.V

"Hey, emo boy, why don't you go into your emo corner and cut yourself with a butter knife!" Yelled the moron Dash, God he annoys me, well at least that's one thing that didn't change, since she left. "Fuck off." was all I said as I walk over to Tucker. "Danny long time no see." Was he said as I walked to our table.

"Life is a useless time, we'll all gonna die anyways, why be happy?" Was all I asked as I put my black hood over the spiked part of my hair. "Well your still the same." was all he said. "Why should you care?" I asked as my black lined blue eyes looked at him. "I'm should leave you alone?" he asked as he got his books. "Yea." was all I said as I got up with my book bag and walked to my locker.

I walked to my locker, but of course I had to bump into my preppy sister. "Danny_" she said the name hat hurts even when someone says that name. "It's Dan, not that stupid name." I said as I tried walking past her but she had to act like my mother. "Look DAN, I'm starting to get worried about you-" She said but I interrupted her. "Look, you can try to help me , you can act like your helping, but it won't work." I said but she than started to say something I could careless at.

"NO!! YOU LISTEN, DON'T BOTHER, JUST BECAUSE I WAER SKINNY JEANS, OR HAVE MY HAIR IN MY FACE, DOSENT MEAN THAT I HAVE SOME THING WRONG WITH ME, SO FUCK OFF!!" I yelled as I stormed off. I than just grabbed my stuff and walked out of this damn school to my house. "DANNY, why you home so early?" Asked my stupid father Jack. "None of your goddamn business Jack." I said as I walked up to my room.

I then grabbed my razor and put it to my wrist as soon as I got in my room. I than just sat there looking into the overcastted sky. "Why did you leave me Sam?" I asked as I looked at the picture of me, Tucker and Sam. "Why Did you?" I asked again as tears ran down my face.

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