Me: Chapter two.

Danny: Who cares.

Me: Shut the fuck up.

Z: Yeah, please do.

Me: Why are we talking like this? :E

Sam: Can we just continue on?

Me: Okay, I don't own anything but, Z and Sam's soon to be son, emo Danny(Get doom stare from Danny.) I mean Dan, and this story.

"Hello there Samantha." I heard My husband Zachary say to me as he kissed my cheek. "Hi." I laughed. "Your looking beautiful ." he said to me as he rested his hand my pregnant stomach. "Only four more mouths left." I said to him with a smile on my face. I've been with Zachary for about a year now and I'm happily married and pregnant with the first born Vampire of the last five centuries. I really do love him, he's more than I thought I wanted from Danny, he's sweet, loving, Strong, and yet gentle.

"Samantha, you won't believe how glad I am." he said to me as he kissed me again. "About as happy as I am." I said to him as I kissed him back. I've learned a few things about Zachary too. That he does have a temper, he also protects what's his , and how he showers me with love. Danny never did that, but only when Amber put that love spell on him.

Zachary, he's different, he's not afraid of showing how much he cares for me, when I want something he'll do it and he listens to me. When we were first married we did have sex, well until I got pregnant, Zachary hadn't did anything but kiss, hug, and hold me. I love him and he loves me, and That's how it'll be until one of us die, but that'll be impossible because we're Vampires we live forever, well until one of gets killed.

"Zachary I don't think I'll never be able to live without you." I said to him as he held me. "I'll die if you weren't here." he said as he kissed my cheek again.

"Seems like something bad gonna happen." Clockwork said to himself before he turned into a young boy. " I should get Danny phantom, we need him now, and more then ever, the peace of the ghost, human, and vampires are about to shatter." he said as he than went to get the halfa with him.

"WHAT THE!" said a emo Danny as he fell in Clockworks lair. "Danny I'm here to tell you that something's gonna happen and something bad." he said to a very pissed Danny. "I go by Dan now." he said as he looked up to the now old from of Clockwork. "I DON'T CARE!" the young man form of him yelled at the emotional 17 year old. "I'm trying to warn you about something very important and YOU DON'T SEEM TO CARE!" yelled a younger Clockwork, he than turned back into a young man. "Why should I, its not like we'll all gonna die." he said before tears ran down his face.

"It's about Sam, isn't it?" a older Clockwork asked him as he turn to the past time when she went with the young Vampire when they were 16."Why should you care?" he asked Clockwork. "Because it involves the Ghost zone too." he said as the young boy version of him. "How bad is it?" he asked Clockwork. "Lets just say not good." he said before he placed Danny back to the present time.

"Something gonna happen." Danny said as he looked at the gray sky. "I should lay off the cutting." he said as he saw the multi scars on his wrist. "I'm going to the ghost Zone." he said before he went to call Tucker.