6. The Lightning Strikes!

With the Hulk immobilised, Spider-Man made his way over to Thor. The god of thunder was now risen to his knees. However, Thor was still shaken and obviously in need of some more recovery time.

"C'mon, Goldilocks." spoke Spidey. "Wake up. That webbing will never hold --"

At that moment, a loud snap announced the freeing of the Hulk. Tearing off the webbing from his eyes, the Green Behemoth made his way towards Spider-Man. Recognising that his best hope still lay with Thor, Spidey attempted to divert attention away from the slowly rising Asgardian.

"That's right Jade Jaws." said Spider-Man as he moved away from the fallen god. "Come and get ol' Spidey here. No need for anyone else to get involved."

The Hulk moved towards the Web-Slinger with a growl but the Emerald Colossus was stopped by the sound of a familiar voice.

"I thank thee, Spider-Man. Thor needs no further rest."

Now risen, the Thundergod directly faced the Behemoth. A look of fear came into the eyes of the Jade Giant. Launching himself at the Hulk, Thor spoke "I under-estimated thee, Monster!"

In the blink of an eye, Thor had brought Mjolnir down onto the head of the Hulk with a terrible cracking sound.

"But fall thou shalt!"

With the Hulk letting out a cry of pain, Thor continued his punishment. Steadying the bowed Hulk in one hand, Thor readied a sinewy fist.

"For I be Thor, Prince of Asgard --"

With a sickening thud, the blow connected. The Hulk sent spinning through the air, landing on the ground barely conscious.

"-- Son of Odin --"

Raising his magical hammer in both hands, Thor gathered the lightning in it's mystical uru stone. In an explosion of raw energy, the electricity-charged mallet connected with the fallen Hulk.

"-- and Lord of the Lightning!!!"

* * *

Spider-Man moved towards Thor. The god stood over the crushed Hulk.

"Whoah!" exclaimed Spidey. "That was totally awesome, Goldilo -- uh, Mr Thor."

Slowly the Hulk began to rise from the dust on one hand. The other clutched his painful head, attempting to stop the ringing.

Spider-Man gaped in astonishment and not a little fear - at this continued endurance of the Hulk.

Continuing his painful recovery, the Hulk rose to one knee. Spider-Man clutched at Thor, who seemed oblivious to the resurgence of the Jade Giant.

"He's getting up Thor! He's still weak. Together, we could --"

With a wave of his hand, the Asgardian silenced Spider-Man.

The Hulk, now fully risen, regarded the Thundergod through tormented eyes. Looking the Asgardian up and down, then rubbing his painful head, the Hulk slowly spoke "Hulk is bored of fighting. Hulk will leave this place now."

And with that, the powerful leg muscles of the Hulk sent the behemoth on his way.

Exasperated, Spider-Man questioned Thor, "I don't believe it! You're letting him get away."

With a regal look, Thor regarded the Wall-Crawler as if a child. "Aye, mortal. Thor's aim was never to injure the beast."

Putting a powerful hand upon the shoulder of Spider-Man, Thor continued, "For underneath the breast of that monster lies the heart of a man. Thor's sole aim was to drive the Behemoth away from this place of learning less any innocents be hurt."

Thor offered his open hand to the young superhero. Taken aback by his regality, Spidey paused for a second. Then, with gusto, Spider-Man warmly shook the Asgardian's mighty hand.

Spidey said "I only hope I would be as responsible with that much power."

Smiling, Thor replied, "It be not the power, Spider-Man." Thor swung his hammer rapidly as he prepared to fly using it's energy. "It be the beating heart that lies within all men."

Spinning a web, Spider-Man swung away from the scene of battle to find a nearby ledge to change into the clothes of Peter Parker. "Until we meet again, Goldilocks!" cried Spidey.

With a hearty laugh, Thor replied, "Fare thee well – Bug-Man!"

"Sheez! Everyone's a comedian!", thought Spidey as he wondered whether his automatic camera had caught any pictures that might make Jolly Jonah greet him with a smile.

"Nah," he laughed, "Spider-Man was on the winning team!"