Star-Crossed Rivals

Rose and Scorpius were destined to hate each other. She was a Weasley, he was a Malfoy. Children of the longest-rivalling families in the Wizarding World. And when they're both at Hogwarts, it's bound to lead to chaos. Right? Definitely. And when both are sorted into their family houses, it's the same old story - Gryffindor vs Slytherin. But with Rose and Scorpius involved, things can never be so normal.

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Chapter Fourteen: Gossip Central

(Scorpius POV)

"Did you hear what happened…"
"… stuck in the Hospital Wing…"
"… couldn't take all the studying anymore…"
"… decided to give up trying to be as good as her parents…"
"… liked someone with a girlfriend…"
"… fell in love with one of her cousins…"

"… tried to kill herself…"
"… almost jumped off the Astronomy Tower…"
"… cut herself until she blacked out…"
"… tried to hang herself…"

I tried to block out the people gossiping. For days, people had been whispering about what had happened to Rose. Everyone had something to say about the daughter of two thirds of the Golden Trio trying to harm herself. There'd been rumours she was trying to commit suicide because she was sick of the studying. That was the one that most people believed. Rose could be fun and bubbly, but her grades were perfect, in a way that was almost inhumane.

Another rumour was that Rose had a crush on someone with a girlfriend. It was no secret that Rose Weasley was a hopeless romantic, unlike her flirty friends who simply wanted to hook up with the first guy to ask them out. She was always looking for the perfect guy. She always read Muggle romance novels and tried to live her life like those people. If she'd found her supposed 'perfect guy' and he had a girlfriend… well, to say she'd be crushed would be putting it lightly.

The third was that she'd fallen in love with one of her cousins. That one truly was ridiculous. Sure, Rose loved all of her cousins. The Weasley cousins did love each other much more than usual families did, but if you've seen their Grandma Molly, it was perfectly understandable (plus she didn't love them in that way). Their Grandma Molly was the heart of the family – the sweetest, most caring woman on Earth.

But what made me want to cast a Silencio charm on them all was what they were saying about how Rose got into the Hospital Wing. She hadn't tried to kill herself! Rose wasn't selfish enough to do that, I knew that from the short time we had been friends. She was always telling me what she had planned out for the future, and that she'd never commit suicide – she was lucky to be healthy and strong when there were people who were either dead or hanging onto life by a thread.

And Rose would never have jumped off the Astronomy Tower. I, being a Malfoy, had heard all about what had happened up there in our parents' sixth year. I knew for a fact that Rose had been told enough about Professor Dumbledore to respect him and look up to him. I knew she wouldn't have dubbed herself worthy enough to die the same way he had – even though I knew she was.

As for cutting herself? .blood. She hated it with all her heart. It made her sick whenever someone got so much as a paper cut. She had the grades for it – but Rose could never be a Healer. She'd told me once that she wanted to be one, and do her part in society, but all the blood would make her throw up. She'd just been lucky that all her Quidditch accidents hadn't involved blood at all.

Hanging herself was the stupidest one. Rose didn't like things around her neck – a fact only her friends and family knew. She hated necklaces, and was only seen wearing loose ones for very special occasions. Even her tie was never done properly, for fear that she would do it too tight by accident. He didn't know why this was, but he assumed someone she had known had hung themselves and now she feared the chance of it happening more than anything.

The truth was – Rose had been depressed and had a few drinks to try and forget about it – there was nothing else to it. However, whenever Rose's friends and cousins (luckily no one had known about our friendship, so I wasn't being hounded with questions) were asked what had really happened wands had been pressed to necks, screams would echo through the whole castle and crowds would gather. Usually, all three.

I stood outside Defence Against The Dark Arts, tapping my foot impatiently. I'd always hated waiting – Mum told me it was because I'd always waited for Dad to come home from work when I was a little kid. Apparently, I'd grabbed a chair and had sat next to the front door, waiting to hear that familiar crack when he Apparated outside. What a sad kid I was.


I, and everyone else standing outside the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom, turned our heads in direction of the loud scream. I grinned as I saw who had called me.

"Hey, look, Scorp – it's your girlfriend!"

"Everyone watch out – Mrs Malfoy coming through!"
"Dude, you're so lucky a girl like her likes you."
"Ugh, she's such a slapper."
"Look at the way she runs!"
"Her hair is so fake."

I ignored the comments from my fellow Slytherins and held my arms open so Alexis could run into them. Yep, I know – surprising, right? But since we'd both realised we loved Rose equally and the incident in the Hospital Wing, she'd pretty much become my best friend. No one seemed to understand me like she did.

"Well, I just saw Professor McGonagall – she told me that Rose was improving and she should be fine by the time we go on holiday next week. Thank goodness, right?" she whispered into my ear, her arms slung around my neck. I nodded my head in agreement. It turned out all the Gryffindors (well, Rose and her friends at least) often dropped by to have a chat with Professor McGonagall – seeing as most of their parents had been in her house when they went to Hogwarts, therefore she loved them.

Lucky prats.

"That's amazing!" I whispered back, once she'd detached herself. "D'you think she'll be back to lessons and stuff soon? I, um… kinda wanna talk to her about what happened before. I just feel so bad, like it's my fault – "

"Scor, shut up," Alexis said, raising an eyebrow. "Yes, I think she'll be back to lessons soon. But none of this was your fault! If you want to pin the blame on someone, I should be wearing a badge that says 'I did this to Rose Weasley'. Because it was me, Scor. I'm the one that made her run out of the library so fast, I'm sure the skid marks are still there."

"Scor, you know it's the truth."
"Alexis, you aren't to blame. It was all me."
"No, it wasn't!"
"It was!"

"Look, the lovers are having a tiff!"

"We should probably get this on tape, it doesn't happen a lot."
"Bloody joint at the hip, those two."
"They make me wanna gag."

And how thankful I was when Professor Corner turned the corner and ushered us into the classroom. Little did I know, I would learn to hate that classroom mere minutes later.

(Rose POV)

"Are you sure you want to do this, Rose?" Professor McGonagall asked, watching on as I slung my school bag over my shoulder. "You don't have to go back now. I'm perfectly fine continuing to teach you."

For the past week or so, I'd remained staying in the Hospital Wing, while Professor McGonagall taught me what I would've learnt in the lessons I was missing. I'm not saying I didn't like our headmistress (who was also one of my godmothers), just that after a while when you're with one person all the time, you miss the others in your life.

She smiled and nodded, holding the door to her office open for me. "Just… you can come back whenever you want. I'm fine to teach you, Rose, you know that, right? This is no hassle for me, if that's what your worried about. And… if you don't want an old bat like me teaching you, I could always ask one of the other teachers – they would all be thrilled to teach you…"

I turned around and gaped in shock at Professor McGonagall. I wasn't sure what had shocked me more – what she'd said or the soft, slightly hurt tone she'd said it in. I'd never heard her speak this way, even at the Memorial Services for the Second Wizarding War, where she'd lost so many of her friends and people she'd known for years.

Then I realised what was going on. Professor McGonagall was hurt. She thought that I didn't like her being my teacher, and I was going back to lessons because of that. It made me want to cry that she felt like this. Professor McGonagall was one of the people that I loved and respected with all of my heart, and I couldn't believe she thought I felt this way about her.

"No, that's not why at all! Professor, I respect you so much and can't thank you enough for teaching me!"
"So… why do you want to go back?"
"To be honest, Professor McGonagall – I miss my friends."

"Anyone in particular?"
"It kind of stings that Scor – Malfoy hasn't come to see me."
"Mr Malfoy?"
"Um… we were kind of friends."
"Why were you friends?"
"Well… we kinda had a fight."
"Yet you wanted him to visit you?"

"But why?"
"Because… I miss him. He was a really good friend and I just miss him."
"Are you sure that's the only reason?"
"Well… I guess."

"Are you sure?"
"I think so…"
"He did come to visit you, Rose."
"Mr Malfoy visited you everyday while you were sleeping."
"Yes. Everyday. He came more than some of your other friends did."
"He did?"
"Then I need to go…"
"Go do what?"
"Tell Scorpius how I really feel about him."

As I walked down the hallway to Defence Against The Dark Arts, I smiled as I heard the familiar click of my heels on the stone floor. I hadn't heard that noise for quite some time, I'd been wearing slippers the whole time I was in the Hospital Wing, and I'd missed it.

I couldn't believe Scorpius had come to see me everyday. Alice hadn't come to see me everyday, and she's one of the nicest people I know. I imagined Scorpius sitting by my bedside, our hands intertwined, looking down at me, his face concerned and scared. The idea of him coming to see me at all made me feel all warm and tingly, and made my heart swell.

I imagined running up to him in the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom, ignoring Professor Corner and the rest of the Gryffindors and Slytherins. I imagined the look in his eyes as I threw my hands into his silky blonde hair and leaned in to do what I'd been wanting to do for a while – snog the hell out of him.

"So what are you guys doing for these holidays next week?"

I grinned as I heard the familiar voice of Professor Corner, one of my favourite teachers, as I approached the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom. The last week before any holidays, she would ask us all what we were doing for the holidays. It was a lesson where we could just relax and hang out, something I wish we could do in every lesson.

I stepped into the classroom nervously. Professor Corner saw me and smiled, waving me in but then turning to listen to Zona Bell tell her about what she was doing during the Christmas holidays. My eyes scanned over the classroom, looking for someone in particular. I beamed as I saw the familiar head of blonde hair, but then frowned as I saw who he was next to.

Alexis had her long, dark arms around his pale neck and her head was tilted towards his, her eyelashes fluttering and her lips curved into a smile. He smiled back at her, looking just as gorgeous as I remembered him. But there was something different in his eyes. He looked completely, blissfully happy… and in love.

Scorpius Malfoy loved Alexis Thomas.

The guy I fancied the pants off was in love with my best friend. Or former best friend.

I can't even remember exactly what happened then. All I remember is screaming, on the verge of tears, then running out of the room as fast as my legs could take me. I was aware of people getting up, people calling my name, even people running after me. But I didn't care. All I wanted was to get far away as possible.

(Scorpius POV)

"How is she?" I asked Alexis, my hands clenched nervously at my sides.

Since Rose had run from the Defence Against The Dark Arts classroom, I'd been sitting in the library, my head in my hands. I don't know what had gotten into her, but somehow I felt it was my fault too. Everything bad in her life was always my fault – everything that made her cry, break down. Everything.

Alexis sat down across from me, her face blank. "Professor McGonagall found her on top of the Astronomy Tower. She was near the edge, Scor. She was actually about to jump off the edge." My mouth hung open, and I felt like I'd been shot through the heart. Rose had been ready to jump off the edge, and for whatever reason, I knew I was involved.

"And? Where is she now?" I asked. I was aware of the desperate tone I was speaking in, and I could tell Alexis was surprised by it, but she ignored it and turned to me, her eyes full of tears. "She's been sent away – to St. Mungo's. Professor McGonagall Owled her parents and her stuff's being sent home tomorrow."

And that's when I broke down.

Tears trickled down my cheeks and I sobbed loudly. I fell from my chair onto the wooden library floor. I buried my head in my lap and just sat there, rocking and crying. I was aware of other people watching in awe, but I didn't even care.

I'd broken Rose Weasley.

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