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He'd said "first one to wake up first leaves first," and Brennan had agreed. But when she woke up, everything was dark. She blinked but otherwise didn't stir. It didn't take her long to realize where she was…or why she was there. Her nipples were tight and deliciously sore from so much stimulation, and they grew even tighter as she remembered the way Booth's lips had wrapped around them when he'd sucked her. She didn't normally sleep in the nude. She preferred to do so but found it too vulnerable at a moment's notice. But now it was a different sort of vulnerability. The kind that occurs when she felt almost dangerously comfortable being safe. In Booth's bed, she felt incredibly sensitive all over and when his breathing changed, she noticed immediately.

He was pressed up against her, one of his arms lazily slung around her waist. She felt his penis stir against her bottom and she wondered if he was awake. If he was, wouldn't he be leaving? She was awake…shouldn't she be keeping that end of the bargain?

If he was awake, but didn't know she was awake, was it necessary for her to act? Or could she just stay as she was?


He'd known the moment she'd woken up, and he'd had to force himself not to wrap her up in his arms. And in the time it took for him to concentrate on remaining perfectly still, he realized she hadn't moved. She wasn't leaving.

Whether she knew he was awake, he wasn't sure. Then again, he knew she was awake, and he was awake…

He let his hand slowly move until he was cupping her breast, and he nearly groaned at her soft skin there. His lips parted and he wanted to taste her body again and again until she pulled on his hair and begged him to kiss her.

Brennan knew Booth was awake and she knew he wanted her. And she wanted him. Technically, it wasn't morning; it was after midnight but still nighttime. And with that thought, she let her legs part and she ran her foot along Booth's calf in invitation. His penis lengthened between her legs and when he slipped inside of her, they both sighed. It was slow, it was lazy, it was so tight and perfect, and it was completely silent.

Neither one spoke as they flowed together toward a soft morning mutual orgasm. Their breathing quickened and then soothed, and Booth chanced a kiss on Brennan's back. She responded by skimming her fingers against his bare arm. And they fell back to sleep.

And when Booth opened his again, the sun was shining, and she was gone.


"So…" Angela dipped her waffle in syrup. "How was it?"

Brennan's eyebrows rose. "How was what?"

"Very funny. Fess up now, Bren. How is Booth in bed? Was he good? Come on," she nearly wheedled. "You know I could never sleep with him. You're my only chance to find out."

"You could ask Cam," Brennan offered, taking a sip of her coffee. After leaving Booth's, she'd gone home for a long shower before meeting Angela for brunch.

"Cam?" Angela shook her head. "Cam is not my best friend. I like Cam, but…" her face scrunched. "Are you going to make me beg?"

Brennan chuckled but answered factually. "Booth would be annoyed if I were to kiss and tell."

"So…you're saying you kissed him?" Angela tried a new angle, but Brennan caught on fast and didn't say anything else.

Angela narrowed her eyes and tapped her foot beneath the table. "At least tell me if it was good. Or better than good. Or the best you've ever had, oh, please…just tell me."

A soft and gently smug smile crossed Brennan's lips as she took a bite of her fruit. "It was."

"I just need to know if-," Angela continued to beg and then she froze. "Oh wait. Wait…so it was good? Or better than good? Or the best?"

Brennan just laughed, and Angela smiled too.

"It was quite incredible," Brennan acknowledged. "And surprisingly…sexy."

Angela's eyebrow lifted. "Surprisingly sexy? You don't think Booth is sexy?"

"No," Brennan was quick to reply. "Of course I do. I just meant that he usually says that he values emotional connection over sexual satisfaction…" her words trailed off as she remembered the way he'd made her come against his door. The way he'd buried his face between her legs and forced orgasm after orgasm from her body. She'd expected him to make love to her with sweet words and soft touches, but he'd been fierce and cocky, and sexy, and…

"Well, the point is now you have to know what you're going to do to him." Angela interrupted her thoughts. "Do you know? Do you need help?"

"Ange!" Brennan gasped, her eyes wide and incredulous.

"I don't mean in the bedroom, I just meant…you know, do you need ideas?"

Brennan looked out the diner window and watched a few pedestrians and cars go by. Angela watched her and had to smile when she calmly answered.

"I have ideas…"


Later that evening…

Booth's shoulders felt tight in his leather jacket as he took the stairs—two at a time. He was too antsy for the elevator, and he'd been anxious all day. He'd gone for a run, he'd lifted weights, he'd done sit ups in his living room, he'd balanced his checkbook, he'd picked up his dry cleaning, and he'd still been kinda bored, checking the clock more times than he wanted to admit. He just wanted…to see her.

The small envelope perched on her doorknob caught his eye, and he lifted it, noticing his name scrawled over the sealed edge. After using one finger to open it, he pulled out a small scrap of paper and a blindfold. "Oh, hell no…" he murmured, opening up the folded note.

"My apartment; my rules. You can't tell me what to do…"

She'd repeated his single rule, and damn if he didn't get a little hard, just seeing her pretty handwriting. He fingered the black fabric, letting the silk slip between his fingertips. Pulling in a deep breath, he shoved the note and envelope in his jacket pocket. Then with one hand, he knocked on the door, and with his other hand, he put on the blindfold.


Brennan heard the knock and she moved quickly to her door. She peered through the peephole and shivered when she saw Booth standing there. He was wearing the blindfold, and with the black leather jacket to match, he looked ridiculously good. She opened the door and cleared her throat. "Hello Booth, come in."

Booth took one step and then another. He felt foolish, but at least he could step inside her apartment. "Hey, Bones," he tried to play it cool, but it was completely dark. Dark and warm. Or maybe it just felt warmer. He knew she was watching him—he could somehow feel it. And he smelled candles burning. He didn't know what scent, but it smelled…seductive. Damn…

He heard a whoosh of silk and then he felt her take his hand. And then he felt…skin. Hot damn.

"Bones," he whispered, as she used his hand to cup her bare hip. The memory of her gorgeous skin flickered in his mind. She'd been wanton and wet in his bed, and he'd kissed every inch of her. Pale and panting, pretty and perfect. And now she was literally beneath his fingertips, but he was totally at her mercy. She skimmed his fingers between her thighs over to her other leg, and his palm started to itch to touch her more. He wanted to run his hands all over her body, and he had to settle for whatever she wanted him to touch. His knuckles brushed against her belly and then he was cupping her breast. He heard and felt her inhale sharply and he knew she was just as affected as he was. Damn, they fit together in every way.

Brennan's plans for seduction got tangled in her mind at the feel of Booth's hand against her skin. She'd meant to tease him and torture him and talk to him, but the only words that came to mind were "more" and "yes, please…more". But she needed to stay in control, no matter how much she wanted to just…hug him.

She wanted to soothe his anxiety, to caress his shoulders and back until he relaxed. And she wanted to be skin to skin with him, feeling every inch of him against every inch of her. But she wasn't here to hug him. She was here to make him wild with desire. Purpose resolved, she lifted his other hand and placed kisses in the center of each of his palms. Then she used his hands to cup her own hips, pressing on his wrists to make sure he knew to keep his hands exactly there. His weight shifted from one foot to the other, but he didn't move his hands. And he didn't step away. He wanted this.

A thrill coursed through her and she relished the gasp he gave when she placed her hands on his chest. His leather jacket was cool to the touch and she knew it covered hard heated skin. The zipper was undone, revealing his black shirt. Brennan leaned forward and let her nipples brush against him as she pressed her lips to the skin of his neck in a featherlight caress. His fingers tightened on her hips, and his neck arched back, revealing more to her teasing lips. With her fingers, she unbuttoned his shirt from top to bottom and then smoothed aside the fabric, setting her sights on the smooth expanse of his chest. She was completely naked, and she wrapped her arms around his waist beneath his shirt and jacket. It pressed her breasts to his chest and her mound to his jean covered erection. Both of them moaned and Brennan began to rub against him. Not enough for orgasm, but just enough to heighten that tension to unbearable levels.

Booth's mind felt hazy, and his lack of sight was proving to rachet up all of his other senses. He still had his hands on her curvy hips, the flesh of her perfect ass just millimeters from his fingers. She was torturing him, and he knew he could clasp her tighter and back her up to the nearest wall, shove down his pants and bury himself in her tight wet heat. Her nipples were incredibly hard against his chest, her breathing was labored in his ear, and he felt warmth radiating from between her legs. She was ready, and he was ready for her.

But he also wanted this…

He wanted her to make him crazy. Or so he thought until she took his hand in hers once again. Then he felt the lick of her tongue on his fingers before she sucked them in her mouth.
"Fuck, Bones," he groaned, and damn if he didn't feel her smile around his fingers. And he wanted more. He wanted that smile around his pounding dick. The image flashed in his brain like the blindfold was some sort of big movie screen, and he groaned again, not realizing she'd pulled his fingers from her mouth. And then it was even hotter. And wetter. It took all of his strength to remain standing when she buried two of his fingers deep in her pussy. "Bones…fuck," he repeated. His other hand automatically cupped her ass, and he buried his face in her neck. Immediately, she stepped back until he was alone, standing and desperate. Without her skin beneath his hands, he felt vulnerable. "Bones…"

All of a sudden, he felt her lips along the back of his neck. "You can only touch me if I say so, Booth," her low command caused his hair to stand on end in delicious torment. Her fingers grabbed at his jacket and shirt and with one yank, she pulled them both down to his elbows. Booth rolled his shoulders back and relaxed his arms and hands. "And only if I let you," she moved her lips against his spine. "Is that understood?"

Any pretense he had of backing her up anywhere fled, and he stood perfectly still, giving in to her demands. "Understood," he answered, pleased when his voice sounded relatively normal.

"Good," she replied and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her breasts to his back and her hands to his cock through his pants. "I promise I'll make it worth your while." Her fingers were deft and sure against the button of his jeans, and the zipper was no obstacle either. His pants fell to his knees, and she shoved his boxers to his hips until his cock flexed forward, the tip pointing almost straight to the ceiling. "But first," she teased, moving back around him and taking his hands in hers again. "I'm going to make it worth my while."

It was ridiculous how excited he got about that. He wanted to touch her almost as much as he wanted her to touch him. He wanted her on him. He wanted to be inside of her. But he also wanted to just touch her. But it was her night; her turn. "Oh, yeah," he gasped when she slipped his thumb inside of her. He heard her—the breathless quality to her voice as she inhaled and exhaled. He felt her, the oh so fucking tight squeeze of her opening. He wanted to taste her—to replace his thumb with his tongue and lick at her until she was all slippery and squirmy. He couldn't see her, but he could smell her. The rich exotic scent of her sex and desire seemed even more erotic. It was only then that he realized he was whispering her name in a soft chant. Her lips skimmed over his chest and she let her other hand reach around and cup his ass as she rode his thumb. Her sighs turned to soft pants as she replaced his thumb with two long fingers, and he felt her drip on him, all the way to his knuckles. "Bones," he rasped out. "Let me…let me touch you. Please, baby. You know it would feel so good…"

She paused and then seemed to sink down even further on his fingers. "Not yet," she breathed. "Keep your other hand at your side."

He did, clenching his fist over and over as her pussy gripped his fingers. His cock was so hard and straining, and when she leaned too close and it brushed against her belly, he hissed. "Bones…" It was a plea and a warning, and he curled the pads of his fingertips ever so slightly against the top of her walls, hoping she wouldn't notice. Or if she did, that she wouldn't complain.

"Ahhhh," she let out a soft cry and arched up on her tiptoes, riding the lengths of his fingers. "Booth. Booth, ohhhhhhhhh," she began rotating her hips in swift circles as she brought his thumb up to worry her clit. "Yesssss…"

"Yeah," he swallowed back a moan when she started to come. He wanted to sink to his knees and lap up all of the moisture now soaking his fingers. But before he could move, she had stepped back, gently pulling his fingers from her body. She lifted his hand to his lips, and he sucked on his own fingers, almost coming from her sweet taste. "Damn, Bones…you taste…so good," he murmured, his lips parting, and his eyes squeezing shut, even behind the blindfold.

Brennan tightened her grasp on Booth's shoulder, watching as his tongue swept over his lips and against his own fingers. The fingers that were coated with her arousal for him, from the orgasm he'd wrenched from her body. Once again, she wanted to press her entire body against his. She wanted to capture his lips with hers and taste herself, with the combination of him on his lips. But she knew if she did that, it would be all over. She'd never be able to resist him if he tried to pick her up and carry her to bed. And she still wanted to play with him more.


Booth's stomach clenched with desire as he stood there. Anticipation skittered over every inch of his skin, centering at the base of his penis. "Booth," he heard Brennan say, and his neck tilted just a bit to the side.

"I'm going to blow out these candles, and then I'm going to take you back to my bedroom." She told him, and he sensed the moment she stepped away. Tension tightened his shoulders, and he forced himself to relax. He knew she was telling the truth. She wasn't the type to lie, not even in seduction, but still, he felt stranded and nakedly vulnerable when she wasn't within arm's length. He thought he heard the soft sound of quick whispered breaths, and then he smelled the afterburn of extinguished candles—a mix of cinnamon and ash in their cooling down. Just as he was feeling completely uncomfortable with his position, he felt her fingers tangle in his, and he breathed a deeper sigh of relief than he'd intended to. But if she noticed, she didn't say anything. Instead, she skimmed her fingers down his thighs, her hair brushing over his cock and balls and making him grit his teeth. She tapped on his knee, and he lifted as she peeled off his shoes and socks and jeans and boxers, leaving him completely naked in her living room. She was naked too, but he felt even more exposed without his sense of sight. Then her fingers were in his again, she tugged. And he followed, sensing as his surroundings grew even darker. He imagined them walking together, imagined he could see the long pale expanse of her back as she led the way to her bedroom. Imagined he could see the soft underswells of her breasts as she paused and opened her bedroom door. And when they entered her bedroom, he imagined peeling off the blindfold and lazily making her come all night long. But she had another idea, and he found himself flat on his back, the coolness of her bedspread echoed in the soft breeze over his front. "Booth," she whispered in his ear, and he felt her sleek thighs on either side of his hips. His penis ached for her to press against him and slide her wetness all over him. "I'm going to make you come now," she told him. "Harder than you ever have…"

And when she pulled back and he felt a soft drizzle of oil on his stomach, he groaned in tortured anticipation. "Bones, I…" He arched his hips when she began to smooth the oil over his stomach and chest and shoulders. Her thighs were still on either side of his, gently massaging without any real pressure. "I want to come inside of you. I…please…"

"You will," she promised. "Later. But not first,"

"But…" he flushed and tried not to writhe into her touch. "Bones, I feel like I'm about to combust, and…" he wasn't sure that after he came he'd be able to get up again, no matter how sexy she was. He was already building up to the orgasm of the century, and she hadn't even really touched his cock. Once she did, he wanted to be buried so deep inside of her that he couldn't tell where she started and he ended.

"Don't worry," she promised, but he only groaned more. Her lips rubbed over his nipples, and her teeth followed with soft nips and tugs as she massaged his shoulders. And then she was gone, sliding her hands over his stomach and hips, bypassing his erection for his thighs. She rubbed from the inside out, smoothing his skin and widening his legs. She planted his feet on the mattress and kissed him from ankle to knee and back down again on his other leg. Booth fisted the covers in his hands and arched his hips up in desperation. He felt her lick around his calves and thighs and then she gave one swipe of her tongue between his balls that had him arching off the bed, his cock head starting to drip in desperation. "Bones, Bones…Bones," he warned, gritting his teeth when she pulled one of his balls between her lips with gentle suction. She released him and cupped him in her hands, and then he felt her lips around his toes, sucking hard as her fingers, freshly oiled, massaged him with gentle contrasting care.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he panted in unison with ever suck from her lips. "Bones, come on," he arched up again. "I don't even care any more…just suck me. Suck my cock. Make me come"

He felt her lips pause and then she wasn't touching him at all. He could totally fucking imagine her looking him over, splayed out in her bed, breathing heavily as if he'd already come. He imagined that smile she gave—the one he figured she had no idea turned him inside out every single time. He imagined her using her mouth on him for a few seconds before straddling him and riding him until they both exploded. He imagined a lot, and so it took him by even more surprise when he felt the soft brush of her mouth against his. His lips parted, and his neck lifted from the pillow. He wanted more of her lips, but they were against his chin. And then against the base of his neck. And then the center of his chest. And then just above his belly button—and then just below. A straight line of kisses down the center of his body until she reached his hard length.

Brennan stared at Booth's penis for a moment, and then she opened her lips around the head and tasted him. Just like that. In one moment, she'd gone from never having sucked Booth's cock, and now she was sucking it. And he tasted insanely good, warm and tight, and filling her mouth. She felt his tension, knowing he was close to an orgasm. Opening her mouth, she took him all the way in and let him hit the back of her throat before she pulled off with a tight suction.

"Son of a bitch, Bones." He gasped. "Do that again," he demanded.

It was on the tip of her tongue to remind him that he didn't get to tell her what to do, but as she remembered the way she'd fisted her hands in his hair the night before, pressing his face to her core and cried out, she realized the tip of her tongue was better served another way. Deep throating him again, she sucked even tighter as she pulled off, letting her tongue swirl over his plump head before releasing him with a pop. His hips rocked up, a full three inches from the bed, following her lips despite the fact that he couldn't see her. Brennan looked at his face, noting the way his neck was arched back, the strong cords of his throat tense. His shoulders were pressed against the mattress and his chest was heaving, a smooth sheen covering his dark skin. Between his legs, his penis was proud and desperate at the same time, begging her with seeping pre-cum to swallow him whole again.

Bracing her hands on the bed on either side of his hips, she began to work him down. She inhaled through her nose as she felt the tip of his cock rub against the top of her mouth. And then he was fully inside of her, and she sucked as hard as she could, faintly aware of him shouting out her name in a rumble of dark and sexy curses. A few tears escaped her eyes at the pressure on the back of her throat, but Booth never pushed, and he didn't do anything but beg her for more. She pulled off and took a deep breath, licking up and down his shaft with her soft tongue and swollen lips before sucking on the head of his cock for several long seconds. She felt him harden further and she fisted him at the base, working him in her mouth all the way down to her hand, sucking hard and squeezing him as he came.

Booth knew he was moaning. Hell, he wouldn't be surprised if he was whimpering. He'd never felt anything like that. Stars exploded between his eyes and the blindfold, and his hands tensed over his head, as if his visual block rendered him unable to use his hands either. He couldn't register anything but the rise and fall of his stomach and the remaining pulses throughout his body as he came down from his orgasm. He thought he heard movement, but he was unable to do anything but lie there, completely wasted and satisfied. Bones. "Damn…" he panted, shivering at the way she'd completely unraveled him. He had no idea how long he'd been at her apartment—time had stopped the moment he'd put on that blindfold. But he knew he'd be happy to stay there forever. As long as Bones was there, of course.



"Bones?" he murmured, hearing the crack in his own voice. He once again felt the brush of her hair against his skin, and then he felt her thumbs near his forehead. They hooked under the blindfold and peeled the fabric away. Booth blinked rapidly, his eyes trying to adjust to the dark room and the way Brennan was staring down at him. His chest heaved with one shuddering inhale, his mouth felt dry, and his ears still felt like they were ringing. "Wow," he breathed. He sounded like a damn virgin after his first blowjob, and he wanted to wince, but didn't have the energy. But it wasn't just the way she'd sucked him dry, it was the way she was looking at him now…wide-eyed and pretty, her hair falling down her shoulder to a soft silk robe, and—

"Are you wearing clothes?" He could have sworn he'd felt her…skin on skin. His fingers flexed with the memory of being buried deep inside of her.

She smiled and nodded, running her fingers up one of his arms to his hand. "I put this on just now," she told him. He barely paid attention until he felt a soft fabric wrap around his wrist. He jerked on instinct and realized his other hand was already tied. A quick blink and ankle twist, and he realized he was tied up. To her fucking bed.

"Bones," he growled as best he could, and Brennan smiled as she continued her work. Once again, she wanted to rub her entire body against his…to nuzzle his neck and inhale him in. To curl up beside him and beneath him and never leave. He was stretched out beneath her, all long muscles and tan skin and perfect symmetry.

"Relax, Booth," she soothed. "I believe that if you test your restraints, you'll note that they are quite loose and if you chose to break them, you likely could. The question is…" she moved back and studied her handiwork…swaths of scarves colorfully draped over his wrists and ankles. "Do you want to be free?"

She watched as emotions tracked over his face. He didn't say anything, and he didn't move any except to relax his hands on his pillow. Brennan smiled and leaned forward to prop a pillow up behind his neck for more comfort. She felt and heard him gasp and looked down to see him looking down the front of her robe. The gasp told her he liked what he saw, and she realized that while she'd been looking at him since she'd opened her door to him, this was the first glimpse he'd had of her body.

"After wearing the blindfold," she began, moving back once again—this time off the end of the bed. "I assumed you'd prefer some visual stimulation"

Her words were clinical, but Booth couldn't take his eyes off of her.

She was a vision—always. But after having been deprived, his eyes drank in the sight of her. Tall and regal, her face was clean and perfect. Her neck led down to her shoulders, and he memorized the way her deep burgundy robe molded to her body. It tied at the waist, and he could see a shadow between the lapels. Her nipples were tight against the fabric, and her upper thighs were bare. A few inches above her knees, her pale skin gave way to stocking tops, and they went all the way to her feet. Or he assumed they did. From his position, he could only see to just below her knees. Even they were sexy. "You look gorgeous, Bones," he complimented, unable to do anything but tell the absolute truth.

His eyes roamed her body and so he missed the way she flushed at his words. Once again, Brennan had to resist the urge to crawl up the bed and hug him. Instead, she fingered her robe near her neck. She knew that realistically, it could be hours before he was ready for intercourse, but when she saw his penis twitch between his legs, she smiled, hoping it would be much faster than that. His body really was incredible. All muscle and smooth skin and earned scars and history.

It was then that she realized he was looking at her face, waiting for her next move. Their eyes met and held, and Brennan felt warm. Between her thighs, she ached for him. Her palms felt empty, and her lips parted in anticipation. She smoothed her fingers under her robe and let one finger skim around the tip of her breast, not touching her nipple. Booth's lips parted, and his tongue swept out and back in. Brennan's core throbbed in response, and she was tempted to climb up his body and order him to suck every inch of her body. She knew he'd do it too, and gladly. But she wanted more than that. She removed her hand and then ran it down the front of her robe, over her stomach and to the side before turning around and fluffing her hair down her back. She leaned back and ran her fingers through the lengths. She heard Booth groan and the sound skittered over her body, silky and abrasive like the stockings she was wearing. "Does this turn you on?" she asked Booth, tilting her neck to look over one shoulder.

"You know it does," he answered truthfully with no shame. "I've wanted you for a long time."

His honesty caught her off guard, and though it wasn't anything she hadn't suspected, hearing him say it nearly took her breath away. She turned her head again, facing her wall and composing herself before turning back around. She toyed with the sash of her robe before loosening it and letting it slip to the carpet in a swiftly graceful move. She was left in just her stockings and a matching burgundy teddy with straps so flimsy one had already slipped down one shoulder.

The cut was high, exposing all of her thighs, and the cut was low, showing off the inner and lower curves of her breasts. She'd bought it months ago but had never worn it until tonight. Booth's lips pursed in the way she'd come to recognize as his way of thinking about something serious. His jaw tightened, and his eyes roved over her with no restraint. And she stood and let him look his fill. His eyes narrowed in on the center of her thighs, and he licked his lips again. Brennan felt moisture escape her and she felt the cool kiss of her silk teddy, now wet with her own desire. With Booth staring at her, she grew even wetter and knew he could see it. Very slowly, she hooked two fingers in the damp silk and pulled it to the side, widening her stance and showing him a glimpse of her pink pussy. Booth groaned, the sound coming from low in his throat, and Brennan shivered before letting the fabric fall back. She skimmed her fingers up her stomach to her breasts, using the fingers from both hands to gently tug at her nipples while he watched. His fingers clenched, and the movement seemed to work his muscles all the way down his arms to his perfect shoulders. He was getting hard again, his penis growing and thickening.

Brennan turned and widened her stance even more, bending over quickly and pausing for several seconds before rising ever so slowly. She was soaking through her teddy now, and she knew Booth could see it, even with the dark color of the fabric. She bent over again and heard him curse, the word going straight to her clit as it rubbed against the inner seam of her clothes. She thought if she stayed like she was, pressed perfectly against the silk, she might just be able to come. It was like a soft tongue, and she wrapped her arms around her waist and rotated her hips, groaning and standing up fully. She turned and nearly gasped at the look on Booth's face.

Booth's throat felt tight. Hell, his entire body felt tight, but he couldn't look away. It was long slow torture, but it was the most delicate and pleasurable torture he'd ever experienced. "This is…" he gasped out, unable to finish his sentence. There were no words to describe how intimate it felt to be at her mercy and see the soft vulnerability in her face. He wanted to beg her to untie him so he could peel off that teddy and those stockings and lick every inch of her body. He could just imagine the way her skin would taste even silkier than the clothes she wore. Hell, he didn't have to imagine. He'd tasted her the night before. Considering the way she'd tortured him, he was surprised to see her brow furrow just before she loosened the scarves around his feet. "Bones?" he murmured in surprise. "You're untying me?"

"Not completely," She replied, smoothing her hands up his legs as she crawled back up onto the bed. "Just your feet. Because you need to turn onto your stomach now."

One of his eyebrows arched, and he tensed. "I don't see how that's possible." He pulled with one of his arms as if to remind her that she'd tied him up.

"It's possible," she said, and placed one hand on his bare hip. "I calculated correctly, I'm sure,"

Booth's brow furrowed, and he grumbled as he tried to move over to his stomach. And damn if she wasn't right; he had enough slack in the binds to be able to easily press his palms to the bed until he was on his hands and knees. "This is going to be so humiliating," he almost joked as he sensed her slip beside him on the bed. She froze immediately.

"Do you feel humiliated?" Her eyes met his with concern, and he nearly drowned in the blue depths.

"No," he replied instantly, and it was true.

Brennan weighed her next words. "Do you think I would humiliate you?"

Booth swallowed and bit his bottom lip. "No, Bones. I don't think you would."

"That's good," she replied, moving to the side of the bed before she slipped the teddy off of her body in a whoosh of silk. "I would never do that."

Booth didn't have words as he stared at her body, her perfect breasts so close to his face. He saw her thumbs hook in the top hem of her stockings, and he huffed out a breath. "Leave em on."

Her eyes shot to his and she paused before lifting her fingers in acquiescence. And then she moved back to the bed and used her hands and her breasts and her stomach to touch all of him. She moaned as she ran her hands over his back and chest and she kissed his arms. "Your body is amazing," she murmured against his skin. She straddled him from behind, clasping his body with her silk covered legs as she kissed down his spine. She massaged his ass before letting her hands snake around his hips to his cock, now fully hardening in expectation. When he tensed all over, she stopped and in a flurry of skin, she was beneath him. His hands were still flat against the bed, and now they were on either side of her shoulders. He stared down at her in confusion, trying to figure out how she'd done it. With a saucy smile, she slid down the bed, her legs between his knees. Booth followed her movement, his neck falling between his shoulders. "Bones…" he groaned when she licked the underside of his cock. "No, no way…come on…" As amazing as it had been to explode in her mouth, he wanted more. He wanted to be inside of her. All the way inside. She kissed his tip and then smiled, and he groaned again, unable to keep his hips from moving forward a bit. "I mean it…don't…" He pulled in a deep breath. "I want in you, Bones. Put me in you…"

She murmured a moan and then she scooted away from him before turning around and coming back until her feet were nearly pressed against her headboard and her lips were lined up near his penis. "Bones," he growled a harsh command. "Damn it."

From his position, he could either stare at the wall, look down at her spread thighs or look further down to her mouth near his dick. He closed his eyes for a second before looking down. And the sight of her bare folds, framing her pink wetness and slick clit undid him. He grew harder and angry. "I'm serious here, Bones." He clenched his fists and pulled at his restraints. But he couldn't yank too hard for fear of falling on her. He was trapped, completely over her. She was torturing him again. But if she intended to finish him off in her mouth again, he was going to make it clear that wasn't what he wanted. "I wanna fuck you, Bones," he said, noticing the way her thighs clenched at his words. He'd suspected the night before that she'd liked a little dirty talk, and he was prepared to give it to her if it meant getting what he wanted. "I want to slide so deep inside of you and never stop." His throat tightened when one of her hands skimmed over her breasts before sliding down her stomach and between her legs. Damn, she was getting off on his words. "Oh no, you don't, Bones", he hissed. "Do not come…" Son of a bitch! His teeth clenched and he had to force his eyes to stay open when her other hand ghosted over his rigid cock. He could feel her hair tickling his inner thighs and knees and he forced himself to be as still as possible, unable to look anywhere except where her slim and perfect fingers toyed with her little clit. When she sank two fingers inside her body, he cursed, lowering his head and nudging her arm with his forehead. "Stop. Bones…damn it. Why are you doing this?" he tried another tactic, all the while knowing how fucking hot it was to see her get off on the tone of his voice and the words from his lips. "Don't you want to feel me? Deep inside of you? I'll be buried so deep in your pussy, Bones. I promise. Baby, that's mine…" he demanded, watching as she thumbed her clit. He studied how she swept the pad of her thumb up and over herself and filed away the information for later, even as he continued to push her with his words. "That orgasm is for me, and I damn well want to feel it around my cock. Don't you dare come without me…I'm not fucking coming without you this time."

He arched his back and neck, groaning out loud when she lifted high enough to suck his balls into her mouth, one after the other. A drop of pre-cum pearled at the head of his dick and fell to her body, just above her belly button. Another one followed, and they both froze. Brennan sucked in a breath and then lifted her dry fingers. Still using one hand to slowly pump her core, she slicked her fingers in his moisture and carried it down her body. Booth watched as she coated her clit in it and he stared down, mesmerized as she fingered herself and rubbed her clit, now almost cherry red with stimulation. "God damn it, Bones…I want to see you. I want to see you come. You're coming for me, and only me. And don't you fucking forget it. You like your fingers?" he taunted. "Just imagine how it will be when it's my cock. I'll pump you full all night long," he promised, his words scraping the edge of begging. His wrists were on fire, his arms were on fire, his shoulders were on fire, and his penis throbbed with aching. He was dripping all over himself and her, and he saw her tense. "You close? You want my tongue, Bones? You'll have to untie me first. And then I'll bury my face between your legs and lick you clean. I Goddamn promise you, Bones…"

She was moaning at his words, her body writhing beneath his, so close to coming.

"I wanna see you come," he repeated, his words softer, and she paused. Somehow she knew that he meant he wanted to see her face when she came, and she languidly moved until she was on his back, staring up into his eyes. His shoulders were tense, and between her legs, her fingers fluttered lightly over her clit. She wanted to kiss him, but she knew he wanted to see her face, so she remained on her back. She felt protected and voyeuristic, and she blocked out the contradiction in favor of the way he was so focused on her. His angry words were gone, but echoed in his sharp features and eyes like coals.

Booth stared down at the way her hair fanned out over the pillow, and he felt like he was trapped in a dream he'd been having for years. Her, spread out beneath him, smiling and panting and wet beyond his wildest dreams. But he couldn't touch her. His hands were trapped, and he had to just watch as pleasure found a home on her features. Her neck was long and slim, gently reddened with arousal. Her lips were parted, reminding him of the way she'd sucked him to oblivion. Her cheeks were flushed and pretty, and her eyes…

Her eyes were home and the future and everything in between. "Come," he encouraged, and watched the way her eyes grew hooded in languid orgasm. "Keep your eyes open," he insisted. "And come for me…"

She did and he watched the rise and fall of her chest. She ran one bare leg up and over his lifted hips, rocking upward into her own hand, and he groaned her name when he saw her eyes nearly roll back in her head. "Bones," he growled, and she forced her eyes open.

"Booth, Booth, Booth," she chanted, now writhing in earnest as her orgasm splintered her apart. Her breasts bounced and hardened, and he wanted to bury his face in them. He licked his lips and watched her come down from her high.

"Untie me," were the words that finally penetrated through her haze, and Brennan blinked. Her head lolled on the pillow and it still took her a full minute to really comprehend what he was saying. "Damn it, untie me, Bones, or I swear to God, I'll break your fucking bed."

She shivered and turned to her stomach, lifting up to her hands and knees beneath him and causing her back to brush up against Booth's front. Booth groaned and pressed his aching cock to her ass, grinding a bit as she wiggled and spread her legs. She reached and untied one of his binds before removing the other, and then before she knew it, she was flat on her back again, and Booth was buried inside of her to the hilt.

"Fuck," she breathed, surprising them both.

"Again," he demanded in a soft plea. "Again…"

"Fuck," leaned up and nipped his lips with hers. "Fuck me," she whispered against his mouth. "Come inside me. Deep. Hard. Now, Booth…" Her arms and legs wrapped around him as he began to piledrive into her. Sure steady strokes that shouldn't have had finesse, but they did. They were perfect together. It didn't take him long; he'd been hovering on the edge of orgasm for what felt like hours. His stomach pressed against hers as he wrapped his arms around her waist and fucked her like he loved her, causing her upper body to bend slightly backward. He chased her nipples with his mouth, sucking on her for the first time that night. She cried out, and he paused.

"Oh, you're getting tight," he noticed. "You got plans to come again?"

Brennan arched her hips, her clit brushing against him with every stroke. "I might…"

He hissed through his teeth and pistoned harder until that god-given moment when he felt her tense and then shudder. He buried his face in her neck and growled low in his throat and came. Long and hard and deep, just like he'd promised, and just like she'd said she wanted. And then he had nothing left. His body ached from the night, and he was crushing her, but he couldn't move. She didn't seem to mind, peppering his chest and shoulders with tiny kisses as her fingers skimmed over his back and thighs. He twitched between her legs and moaned, finally pulling up the strength to put some of his weight on his hands and arms.

So many words pushed around in his brain, but he couldn't even get his lips to move. He stared down at her, mesmerized by the pink in her cheeks and the blue of her eyes. His lips finally parted, and he whispered, "Stay the night…"

Her face softened in the way it did when she thought he was maybe joking. "It's my bed," she answered lethargically, little more than a whisper herself, slight confusion tinging her voice and her fingers spread on his shoulders.

Oh yeah…he blinked and thought to be embarrassed but instead only smiled. And then she smiled and he smiled wider. She pressed her hands to his hips and he lazily rolled to his side, tugging her close. She draped one leg over his waist and placed her fingers against his chest, lightly touching him.

And they both fell asleep, neither one mentioning the future or the end of their bet.