Author's Notes

It's time for another one of Cherubimon's Warriors: Mercurimon. There's a lot of chess jargon in this; I used to coach the girls chess team at my school so I picked up quite a bit of different tactics, though most of what I've used is baby steps to the game. For some reason my ranking is still valid too…don't know why. I'm not at high school anymore and that was a school chess team. This is also lightly based on an idea from the Desperation universe, but seeing as I haven't even introduced the digimon yet I doubt you'd spot it.

Up next is World's Justice. Seraphimon. I think I'll try to write up a scene for that. A play scene I mean. Shame it's against the rules to write up a complete story like that…or do plays not count as script format..?

Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

The Aftermath, Reflective Accounts

Some things could have happened but never did, for better or worse. But you can still wander, what if...oneshot collection on Frontier and some AU's

Title: Checkmate

Summary: It was always either strategy or impulse, and strategy was always the superior one. Or so I told myself, but the truth was I was afraid. Afraid of failure, afraid of the every step is critically planned and analysed...and that eventually failed. What of impulse then? Could it had saved the eventual checkmate, or was my path doomed from the start?

Character POV: Mercurimon

One king. One queen. Two rooks. Two knights. To bishops. Eight pawns. That's how many pieces in a chessgame.

Real life isn't all that different. There's still the central figure controlling the rest, and there's still a hierarchy to manage. And just like a chessboard, the king remains the central piece.

I should have remembered that.

The king can only move one square in any direction. The queen has far more mobility, able to move across the board in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal path, as long as it is not hindered by obstacles. She is a far more powerful piece. And she had the protection too, of the lesser pieces. She had more girth than the king too; it was she who commandeered the pieces frontal attack and provided the necessary backup to deal a quick and easy blow. She was instrumental in the four-move checkmate, also called the Scholar's Mate, one of the fastest checkmates in history. It was one that quickly ensnared beginners, and even those at the intermediate level. Only the Fool's Mate, the two-move checkmate, is faster. And it requires the Queen's aid. Even better, the bishop, required in the four move counterpart, is utterly useless. The Queen alone manages if the board is set correctly.

I should have remembered that the Queen is readily sacrificed for the purpose of the king.

The Queen has the cunningness of a woman, or so some would say. Hence why the piece is called a Queen. The pawns are weak, troublesome creatures, sometimes in the way as much as they are useful. In a more experienced game, they battle for dominance about the centre four-square grid on the eight-by-eight board. Sometimes the foolish knights with delusions of grandeur get involved in the tussle.

The Queen and King…both of them generally ignore the tussle. So do the rooks for that matter. But that's just because they're hard headed and blockaded in. But they can burst out and run down a truckload. They always need help though. You ever heard of a rook completing a checkmate by itself? The most famous ones involve at least another rook…or the Queen.

Bishops are the most idiotic pieces, even though there are on numerous occasions useful and even necessary for a plan. Though they had the annoying tendency to tag along behind the Queen.

Anyone see the parallel here with Ranamon?

But when it comes to a threat between the King and the Queen, it's always the Queen to go. The Queen is the less important one. The Queen is the one who can be replaced. If the pawn makes it to the end of the board and achieves a promotion.

Cherubimon could have helped me. I could have escaped. But he chose to focus on Duskmon, on Velgmon…leaving me to take the fall.

Duskmon…the one who had always managed to stand higher than me. The one who had never stepped a foot out of the Dark Continent, and yet still managed to hold favour that others could not.

Enough favour, that he could not be replaced. Even when he failed and chose his human side, Cherubimon tried to get him back. He had not done that for the rest of us. And we were little different. All of us had our own agendas buried deep down, but all of us tried to carry out his bidding as best we could manage. All of us were too proud to admit our failures as fault of our own.

But a hierarchy exists all the same.

Just as the pieces are carved from identical woods into the smallest (the pawns) and the largest (the king). Just as the points are awarded, the pawn only worth a single point while the Queen, the most valuable, is worth nine. The king, ironically, is worth no points. It's simply the "do or die" piece. The turning point.

Makes the rest of us rather insignificant. And we're the ones who do the hard work. Though, admittedly, Duskmon spoke true…although rather coarse. The black adder.

His bite was as poisonous as his words. I was no stranger to the fate that befell Arbormon by his sword. Sacrifice of lesser pieces to establish a better position on the board…or sometimes for no reason at all.

The game was long. The middle game especially. Perhaps there were a few moves in the opening that were overlooked, but the grappling towards the end of the middlegame became increasingly difficult. The endgame though…once it approached, it was in their favour, not ours. One by one, we fell. The pawns, the hard-headed pair of rooks, the bishops…then the Queen. And then finally, a checkmate where the king crumbled and surrendered his crown.

But we were all pawns. Because all of us were being controlled by the most powerful and manipulative of them all. The player.


But now that I've been knocked off the board…

No more.

So now what?

Float around in limbo until my spirit regains a physical form, however temporary.

If I hadn't been apiece on a chessboard…then what? The Queen called a lot of shots after all.

How about the joker in the 52 deck? Where do you think it is?

If you ever find him, tell me. I'd like to know the outcome of unpredictable odds.

The anarchy isn't that…impulsive. As for the odds…they had been in my favour.

…never mind. I know where to find my joker. Or jokers.