Author's Note:

You do not necessarily have to watch or read Elemental Gelade to get what's happening. I'm going to explain it throughout the story so you don't have to worry. Watching the anime/reading the manga is just an added benefit. ;)

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Chapter 1

"Raven's a what?"

Cou, Ren, Rowen, Cisqua, Kuea, Rasati, and Lilia all stepped off the airplane and stepped out of the gates into the Jump City Airport. The journey was very long and gruesome and everyone was exhausted.

"I'm HUUUUUUUUNGRYYYYYYYY!!" Kuea complained. She pulled on Rowen's long ponytail brutally and scowled. "You said those airplane peanuts would be filling!" She put his ponytail in her mouth and began to chew on it. "I need food NOW!"

Cisqua rolled her eyes. "You had at least fifteen bags of those peanuts." She crossed her arms and grumbled, "They cost money, too. How are we ever going to get money now? Arc Aile won't supply us anymore funds. It doesn't matter. This place doesn't take our money."

Ren rubbed her eyes and looked around the airport curiously. She wandered off into the middle of the dense crowd, staring in awe at all of the flashing signs and rushing people.

"Ren! Wait up!" Cou yelled before running after her. When he finally caught up to her he grabbed her forearm. "You can't go running off like that. We don't know anything about this place yet. We don't know what these people are like, or if they know about Edel Raids. Okay?"

Ren stared at his hand and looked back at his face before nodding in agreement. They both headed back to the group, Cou half-dragging Ren.

Rasati stood protectively by her sister, Lilia. "Stay close to me," she commanded to which Lilia nodded feebly.

Rowen smiled despite Kuea chewing angrily on his blonde ponytail. "We might as well explore the city to be familiar with our surroundings."

"Shut up, Rowen! I'm trying to think of an idea!" Cisqua shouted. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening them and smiling. "I know! We can explore the city to become familiar with our surroundings! I'm a genius!"

"B-but I just said that, Boss!" Rowen said.

"Silly, Rowen. You can't take credit for other people's ideas. It's not moral. As a member of Arc Aile you should know that. Now come on! Let's go!" She proudly marched towards the airport exit while the rest of the group followed.

Cou tapped Cisqua on her shoulder. "Shouldn't we check into a hotel or something before we tour the city?"

Cisqua pondered this. "I guess so. Let's see if we can find a cheap place!"

Just then a loud crash could be heard from down the street. The teenage group all quieted and looked to the source of the sound.

Lilia peeked around her sister. "What was that, Rasati?"

Rasati looked down at Lilia. "I don't know. We should check it out, though." The rest of them nodded in agreement and ran to where the loud sound had come from. When they arrived they saw a form made entirely of cinderblocks. He was throwing cars at buildings as people ran away screaming.

The traveling team all looked at each other.

Kuea let go of Rowen's hair and smiled. "Looks like this guy is searching for a fight. Well, best not keep him waiting. C'mon, Rowen."

Rowen nodded. He and Kuea reacted and ran towards Cinderblock. Rasati and Lilia soon followed suit as well as Cou and Ren. Cisqua, being the seventh wheel and without an Edel Raid, took out her guns.

"Titans. . .go!" they heard in the distance.

They all turned to see another group of teens running towards them. One of them, the one with what seemed like metal armor, used one of his arms which looked like a cannon and blasted the stone monster, causing it to stumble backwards.

'Is he an Edel Pleasure, too?' Cisqua thought to herself. Pushing the thought aside for later, she turned back towards Cinderblock and started to shoot him.

Another one of the teens, this one green, transformed into a rhino and rammed Cinderblock into a nearby building. Cinderblock picked him up and threw him in Starfire's direction. Before Beast Boy could hit her, he changed back to his normal self and she caught him.

"Thanks, Star," he said, before changing into a hawk and flying off to rejoin the fight.

Cou ran up beside Cisqua. "Who are these people?" he asked.

"Like I would know! We only just got here!" she yelled back. "But from the looks of it, they're good guys." The sky pirate only nodded and ran at the stone monster. He swung Ren at him causing a blast of air to knock him into another building.

The green teenager stared at him in awe. "Dude! How'd you do that?" But before Cou could answer, a boulder came flying their way. Cou sliced right through it and turned back to Beast Boy. "I don't think that now's the time for show-and-tell!" he screamed over the noise.

Beast Boy nodded in agreement and turned into a T-Rex. He swung his tail at Cinderblock only for it to be grabbed. Cinderblock sung him around and let go, letting Beast Boy plummet to the street.

Rasati ran up to Cinderblock and kicked him with her weapon, actually making a cut in his leg. He screamed and swung at Rasati, but she gracefully dodged it and sliced his other leg, causing him to yell another unworldly scream.

"If we could just cut deep enough, Cou could deliver the final blow and his legs would break," Lilia said.

"Maybe. But how do we know the other kids won't interfere with our plan?" Rasati asked.

"Hmmmm. It's best to give it a shot," Lilia said.

Rasati nodded and sliced through his left leg on the same spot from last time. Cinderblock narrowed his eyes and swiped at her. She sidestepped it into his other hand which grabbed her and lifted her into the air. "Hey! Let go you big chunk of rock!" she yelled as she struggled.

A flash of green went by her and hit Cinderblock causing him to stumble back, but he kept a firm grip on Rasati. More green flashes came at him until he finally let go of Rasati and let her fall to the ground.

"Nee-san? Are you okay?" Lilia asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. But we need to keep cutting his legs or they'll never break." She looked back at Cinderblock who was being attacked by more green flashes. Rasati searched for the source and found a red-haired girl, floating in the air throwing them from her hands. "Why is that girl's skin orange?" Rasati muttered.

"Maybe she got a sunburn?" Lilia suggested.

Her older sister shook her head. "No matter. We need to bring that thing down. Ready?"

Lilia nodded and Rasati ran back over to Cinderblock. He had thrown Starfire over to the next block and now Cisqua was shooting him with everything she had.

"Cisqua! This is a city! You can't fire those missiles!" Rasati yelled over the gunfire, only to be ignored.

Robin ran over to Cisqua. "I don't know who you are, but you have to stop firing those. They're dangerous and someone could get hurt. We'll take care of this." He took out his Bo staff and jumped up so he was face-to-face with Cinderblock and hit him in the face, knocking him down.

Rasati ran over to Cisqua. "Cisqua! You need to tell Cou to be ready. I'm going to cut the thing's legs and Cou's going to deliver the final blow so they'll break. Okay?"

"Yeah. Okay. I can't believe that kid in the mask won't let me fire my missiles," she complained. "I never get to have any fun!" Shaking it off, she ran over to Cou to tell him about the plan.

Rasati had reached Cinderblock and sliced through his left leg. She was about to do it again when two cold and metallic hands grabbed her and picked her up bridal style. She looked up at the man made mostly of metal and shouted, "Hey! What's the big idea?"

He looked down at her. "I'm sorry little lady, but you really shouldn't get involved in dangerous fights like this. Let the professionals handle it." He winked at her and ran off.

"Little lady? Dangerous fights?" She crossed her arms. "He has no idea what I've been through most of my life." Despite Cyborg's warning, she ran towards the stone villain and kicked at his leg again.

More green flashes hit him making him stumble backwards. Rasati looked over her shoulder and saw that the orange-skinned girl had returned. She flew straight at Cinderblock with bright, glowing green eyes and flew him into an office building. The metal man that had picked her up fired his cannon at him, hitting it with a blue laser. Robin then came and kicked him in the face. As he fell to the ground, Beast Boy turned back into a T-Rex and hit him with his tail, sending him flying down the street.

"These kids are really getting on my nerves. There's no way our plan will work if they keep interfering," Rasati grumbled. She ran at Cinderblock who was getting up on wobbly legs. 'At least we're doing some damage. We should be done soon,' she thought as she swung at him and cut his stony leg.

Cinderblock hit her and sent her flying backwards. She landed on her hands and flipped to her feet. "Fighting at the arena wasn't as annoying as this."

Rowen and Kuea came up behind Cinderblock and cut him in the same place Rasati had. He gave her a thumbs up before being knocked back into a alley and hitting a dumpster.

"Ro, you all right?" Kuea asked. Rowen nodded and got back up. "Then let's finish this so I can eat!" she yelled. "I'm starving!" Rowen sighed and ran out of the alley. When he came out, he saw that Rasati was still trying to cut Cinderblock's legs. The strange kids were still attacking him, making it harder for her.

"It'll never work if those kids don't stop," Kuea said. "We've got to tell them." Rowen grunted in agreement and ran off to the masked teen. "Hey! You have to stop attacking the stone monster! Otherwise, our plan won't work!"

Robin looked at Rowen strangely. "Plan? What plan?" he asked.

Rowen shook his head. "You'll see. Just tell the others to back off a little. We'll still need them for distraction, just not full-blown attacks."

Robin scanned the battle scene. The strange girl who seemed to be with this guy had something on her leg which seemed to be. . .cutting through Cinderblock's legs. Raven was throwing cars at him, knocking him backward and so were Cyborg's cannon blasts. Beast Boy was ramming him into buildings and Starfire was firing star bolts at him. Everytime Cinderblock was knocked back, Rasati would yell in frustration and chase after him. He turned back to Rowen. "Fine. Buy this had better be good." He pulled out a round yellow device and opened it. "Titans. Decrease your attacks. That's an order." He shut it and looked back at Rowen. "Hurry up."

"Let's end this thing so I can eat!" Kuea yelled.

Robin stared wide-eyed at Kuea's ghostly form. "Wh-what is that?"

Rowen shook his head. "No time to explain." He ran off and joined Rasati and they began to slice Cinderblock's legs. They each cut their own leg and worked at a steady pace. Once they had cut them enough, Rasati yelled, "Cou! Now!"

A young boy about Robin's age swung his arm with the weapon and released a wind that knocked Cinderblock down and broke off his legs. The monster thrashed his arms wildly, screaming before Raven wrapped him in a couple of light poles with her magic.

Both groups gathered and studied each other. Beast Boy was the first to speak. "That was so cool! How'd you do that?" he asked Cou.

Rasati crossed her arms. "He wasn't the only one ya know," she muttered under her breath.

Cou smiled. "Well, Ren here is very powerful," he said, gesturing to the weapon on his arm.

Beast Boy stared at it. "You named your weapon?"

Cou frowned. "Ren's not just a weapon! She has feelings, too!" he yelled. After he said that he and Ren unreacted and she stood beside him, looking at the Titans curiously.

The Titans stood there with their mouths gaping. "You mean your weapon's a girl? That's so cool!" Beast Boy shouted.

"Yes! That is most spectacular!" Starfire shouted.

"Ren's not the only Edel Raid here," Rasati said. She and Lilia unreacted as did Rowen and Kuea.

"There are three of you?" Cyborg asked.

"Yes," Cisqua answered.

"What's an Edel Raid?" Robin asked.

Cisqua looked at the others. "I'm not sure if it's safe to tell you."

The Boy Wonder crossed his arms. "And why not?"

"You see, we're here to protect Edel Raids. If we told you what they were without knowing about you, it could be dangerous," Rowen explained. Rasati held onto Lilia protectively as did Cou with Ren.

"Yes. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but. . ." Cisqua trailed off when she saw Raven. She stood behind the rest of her team with her arms crossed and eyes narrowed in suspicion. On her forehead was a diamond shaped stone.

"But what?" Robin asked.

Cisqua ignored him and kept staring at Raven. That stone. It was familiar. Was she an Edel Raid? She could be. But she hadn't reacted with anyone during the fight. Maybe she was in hiding. Then why was her gelade out in the open?

"Are you an Edel Raid?" Cisqua asked, facing Raven.

Raven, realizing she was the one being asked said, "Am I a what?"

Cisqua walked over to her and poked her chakra. "Are you an Edel Raid, too?"

Raven furrowed her brow and crossed her arms. "Don't poke me."

"Please. What is an Edel Raid?" Starfire asked.

Cisqua looked over at the Tameranian princess. "Obviously people here don't know about Edel Raids." She turned back to Raven. "Even if they're among you."

Robin stepped up to Cisqua. "Who are you and why are you here?"

Cisqua sighed. "It's a long story."

Kuea growled. "Too long! I need food right now!" She pounced on Cisqua's hat and began to chew on it.

Rowen shyly smiled. "Is it all right if we continue this at a restaurant? Kuea gets aggressive when she's hungry."

"Really now? I hadn't noticed," Raven said sarcastically.

Cyborg put one of his metal hands on Robin's shoulder. "Why don't we take them to the Tower? We got plenty of food there," he suggested.

Cou crossed his arms. "Your definition of "plenty" or Kuea's?"

Cyborg smiled. "Don't worry about it."

Kuea stopped chewing on Cisqua's hat. "You got meat?" she asked.

Beast Boy frowned and said, "You don't know the half of it."

Kuea jumped off Cisqua and tugged on Rowen's hair. "What are we waiting for? Let's goooooooooo!"

Robin sighed. "Fine. Follow us. And if you get lost, it's the T-shaped tower on an island. It's hard to miss."

They all walked into the common room and watched as Kuea ran to the refrigerator.

"Finally!" she yelled as she bit into a cold hamburger.

"Help yourself," Cyborg said.

They all sat on the couch except for Kuea, who was sitting on the floor by the fridge, and Ren, who was walking around the room admiring the technology.

Robin faced Cisqua. "So who are you? Why are you here? What's an Edel Raid and why did you accuse Raven of being one?"

"Slow down! We can only answer one question at a time!" Cisqua yelled. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again and answering. "My name's Cisqua, a member of Arc Aile. I've mastered the art of gunmanship and martial arts."

"What's Arc Aile?"

"The complete protection agency of Edel Raids."

"Again with the Edel Raids," Raven mumbled.

"So what are these Edel Raids you speak of?" Starfire asked.

"Edel Raids aren't humans. They're weapons," Cisqua started to explain.

"Not to be confused with tools," Kuea called from the kitchen floor. She finished off the ribs she was eating and threw it onto her trash pile, which towered over her head, and went into the fridge for something else.

Beast Boy looked over at her and felt his jaw drop. "Cy! She eats more than you, dude!"

Cyborg looked over at her, too. "No way! That's impossible."

Cou smiled. "I told you Kuea's definition of "plenty" was different."

Robin, unfazed by Kuea's bottomless stomach, stared at Cisqua through his mask. "What do you mean by weapons?"

"They take the form of a weapon when they react with a human pleasure," she explained.

"Pleasure? React? I'm still confused," Robin said. "You seriously should start making sense before I get the police involved," he threatened.

"There's no need for that. We don't wish to harm anyone," Rowen said calmly.

"A pleasure is a human that an Edel Raid reacts with. An Edel Raid can only react with one human at one time while humans can react with more than one Edel Raid. However, if the pleasure of an Edel Raid dies, they can react with another human," Cisqua explained.

"What is reacting?" Starfire asked.

"When an Edel Raid and pleasure react, they become. . .I guess you could say they become one. The Edel Raid becomes a weapon that the pleasure can use in combat," Rowen said. "In order to react, an Edel Raid must sing a song. In fact, an Edel Raid has another special song that can be a very powerful attack, but that can only be used when the Edel Raid and pleasure are one hundred percent in sync."

"This is all too much! I can't take it!" Beast Boy complained while holding his head.

"Of course you tiny brain can't process it," Raven deadpanned.

Beast Boy turned to glare at the empath. "Shut it."

Raven gritted her teeth together. "I'd like to see you try and make me," she growled.

"So why are you here?" Robin interrupted, hoping his question would distract the two and keep them from fighting. And it did. They both calmed down and looked at Cisqua for her answer.

"We're running from an Edel Raid hunter by the name of Satoshi. He's after Ren, Kuea, and Lilia."

"So they're all Edel Raids?" Robin asked, to which Cisqua nodded.

"So why do you think Raven's an Edel Raid? I've never seen her react before.," Robin said.

"Just because an Edel Raid doesn't react, doesn't change the fact that they're an Edel Raid," Rowen said in a knowledgeable tone.

"Besides, it seems like she doesn't even know she's an Edel Raid," Rasati said.

"That's because I'm not," Raven snapped back.

"But what about that Elemental Gelade on your forehead?" Cou asked.

"Elemental Gelade? What's that?" Cyborg asked.

"It's a stone on an Edel Raid that indicates that they're an Edel Raid. This stone contains their soul. Their gelade is also called their core stone for this reason. And if it's broken, they die. This is why they're usually concealed. So Edel Raids can hide from hunters and such." Cisqua turned to Raven. "Why isn't yours concealed?"

"I don't have one. So there's nothing to hide," she responded flatly.

"But it's on your forehead in plain sight," Lilia said.

"What? I don't-" She moved her hand up to her forehead and felt around. "Do you mean my chakra?"

"Chakra? Is that another term for Elemental Gelade? I've never heard of it," Cisqua said.

Raven shook her head. "I told you. I'm not an Edel Raid. So drop it."

"But what if you are? You need protection!"

"I'm not, though. And even if I was, I can handle myself."

"How can you be so sure?" Cisqua asked. She got up and stood in front of her. "Let me prove it to you. If you are, we stay and help you. If you aren't, we'll leave you alone and you won't ever hear from us again. Deal?"

Raven narrowed her eyes and stared at her. She felt Robin's hand on her shoulder. "It's worth a shot," he said.

Raven turned to glare at him. "You can't honestly tell me you believe any of this."

He shrugged. "Better safe than sorry."

"Yes, Raven! You should see if you are an Edel Raid! It sounds most interesting!" Starfire piped in.

The empath closed her eyes. "What exactly do we have to do?"

Cisqua beamed. "It's simple. All we need is this." She pulled out a pentagon shaped device from one of her robe pockets and held it out.

"Uh, what is it?" Beast Boy asked.

"It's an Edel Raid Radar. If you show up on it, you're an Edel Raid. If not, you're human. See? Simple."

"Just get it over with," Raven said.

Cisqua frowned and opened the radar, activating it. "Okay. Just give it a few seconds and. . .ta da!" She held out the device for Raven to see. "Are there any white dots?" she asked.

Raven briefly scanned the screen. "Just one."

Cisqua grinned. "And how many dots are there total?"

Raven silently counted. "Four. Where is this going?"

Cisqua ignored her comment. "Now let's count the Edel Raids in here. One is Ren, two is Kuea, three is Lilia, and four is. . ." she trailed off leaving Raven to answer.

"Me," she whispered.

"Yes you. Believe me now?"

Raven shook her head. "This is a set up! I'm not an Edel Raid! You said Edel Raids aren't humans but I'm half-human! I can't be an Edel Raid!"

Ren tilted her head. "Half?"

Robin shook his head. "That can be explained later. But, how do we know that thing isn't malfunctioning?"

"This is Arc Aile's finest gear! Why would it malfunction?" Rowen said.

"Either way. We can prove it. You see, I've seen that Elemental Gelade before." She put the radar back in her pocket and brought out a small book.

"What else is she hiding in there?" Beast Boy whispered to Cyborg. His friend just shrugged.

Cisqua flipped through the book, looking for something. Her eyes lit up when she found it. "Aha! Here it is!" She handed the book to Raven. "Isn't that the gelade on your forehead?"

The Gothic titan stared at the picture which was an exact image of her chakra. She touched her own chakra, tracing it. "It's a coincidence."

Cisqua rolled her eyes. "Must you be so difficult? Keep reading."

"You guys are all out of food! All that's left is this tofu crap!" Kuea yelled from the kitchen.

"Ha! I told you that stuff was nasty!" Cyborg shouted at Beast Boy.

"Is not!" he shouted back.

"Ophelia Metherlence, later known as Ophelia. . ." she paused. "As Ophelia Roth, was one of the first Edel Raids born and is part of the Metherlence clan. The Metherlence clan is the most powerful of all Edel Raids." She stopped and put the book on her lap. "Okay. So what does this have to do with me?" She laid back against the couch and crossed her arms.

"Ophelia Metherlence was your grandma, right?" Rasati asked.

"Well, yeah, but-"

"And you were born with your gelade?" Rowen asked.

"Yes. But I really-"

"So I don't see what's not clear about it. You're an Edel Raid. Simple as that," Rasati said.

"But my mother! She wasn't one!" Raven said.

"In the Metherlence clan, it skips a generation," Ren said.

Raven shook her head. "No. I don't care. If I don't want to be an Edel Raid, I won't be!" She got up and ran out of the room.

"Is she always like this?" Cou asked.

Robin shook his head. "No. I've never seen her like that before. Maybe someone should go check on her."

"I'll do it! No one cheers people up like I do!" Beast Boy shouted.

"Beast Boy, you and Raven don't really get along," Robin said, but it was useless. He had already run out of the room.

"I'm still hungry!" Kuea shouted.

"There's a great all-you-can-eat buffet about two miles from here. Wanna go?" Cyborg asked.

"Yeah!" She ran out of the room, followed by Cyborg, Rowen, and Cisqua.

Robin looked at the remaining people in the room. "Maybe once they get back we'll give you a tour of the city?" he asked.

Cou nodded. "You might want to pick up some food, too."

"Actually, we should do that now. Wanna come?"

Cou shook his head. "Nah. Mind if I just stay here?"

"Not at all. What about you. . .?" he trailed off, forgetting Rasati's name.

"Rasati. And I think I'm going down to the beach. Lilia, you coming?" Her sister nodded and they walked out of the room.

"You can watch TV if you like. And if you need anything, just tell Beast Boy or Raven. We should be back soon." He walked out of the room with Starfire leaving Cou and Ren alone.

"Cou, what is a TV?" Ren asked.


Beast Boy stepped onto the roof and saw Raven sitting on the edge of the roof. Her hood was down and her hair danced in the slight breeze. He walked over and stood so he was behind her. "You okay?"

Raven jumped and turned to look at him. A couple of tears rolled down her face. She frowned and said, "What do you want? To see me cry? To rub it in my face? To finally see me break down? Or did you come to laugh at me for having one more thing wrong with me?" She turned away.

Beast Boy blinked. Why was she crying? Did she really hate Edel Raids that much? Or was it something else? He sat down next to her. "Come on!" There's no reason to cry about it! In fact, I think it's pretty cool!" He smiled at her.

Without looking at him, she said, "Cool? What's so cool about it?"

"Well, you're a living weapon! How is it not cool?"

"I could list a few reasons."

Beast Boy's smile faded. "Oh. Like what?"

"What are weapons, Beast Boy?" she asked.

Beast Boy sat there for a moment, pondering. "Um. Things you use to hurt people."

She nodded. "Right. Things. Devices. Tools," she spat. She turned to look at him. "And what am I?"

Beast Boy stared at her. "An Edel Raid?" he said uncertainly.

Raven faced forward again. "Correct. And what are Edel Raids?"

The changeling's eyes widened as he realized what she was thinking. "You're not just a tool! You're Raven!"

"Edel Raids are weapons. People think of weapons as tools. Tools aren't cared for. They're only used," she said softly. More tears streamed down her face. "Was I born just to be used? Is that all I'm here for?" She wiped her face dry with her sleeve.

"Of course not, Rae. Why would you think that?" he asked.

She turned to glare at him. "Remember Trigon? And Malchior? And now. . ." she trailed off. "Can't I ever be normal?" Despite her attempts to stop crying, more tears slid down her face.

By instinct, he grabbed her and pulled her close to him and wrapped his arms around her.

"Stop it," he said sternly. "Just because there are idiots out there with their selfish wants doesn't mean that you're destined to be used. And just because you're an Edel Raid doesn't change the fact that you're Raven. You're still part of the Teen Titans, you still meditate, you still like herbal tea and reading, you still hate shopping," Raven gave a short laugh, "you still look, act, and talk like you, and you're still one of my best friends."

Raven's eyes widened in surprise. "Best friend? I thought you thought I was creepy?"

"I don't see how that affects our friendship. Why? Don't wanna be my friend?" he asked teasingly.

Raven shook her head. "Just a little surprised is all."

They both sat in silence for awhile before Raven spoke again.

"I remember when I was younger, my grandma was on her deathbed," she started sadly. "And I remember that she told me that I should never let anyone use me. That I wasn't a tool. I was not for anyone's personal gain. At the time, I thought she was talking about Trigon. But now. . .now I know what she was really talking about." She slid out of Beast Boy's arms and sat upright. "But she also said, that no matter what, that I shouldn't run from who I was and what was meant to be." She turned to face Beast Boy. "I guess that means I have to react, doesn't it?"

"Not if you don't want to," Beast Boy said sympathetically.

"But what if. . .I kind of do?" she said shyly.

Beast Boy shrugged and faced forward. "Then that's your choice. But who with?"

Raven was silent for a moment as she thought. "I guess it should be one of you. I know you guys the best," she finally said. "But I don't know who."

"Starfire?" he suggested.

Raven pondered that then shook her head. "Rowen said that when an Edel Raid reacts with a pleasure, it's like being one. I just can't imagine me and Starfire like that. It'd be a little weird. But I guess I can decide later after I learn everything there is to know about this stuff."

"I guess. Now that you're an Edel Raid, will you still use your powers?" he asked.

"Probably. I don't really know what I'm going to do right now. I just have to wait," she got up and started walking towards the door.

The green-skinned changeling got up and ran after her. "So what kind of weapon do you think you'll be?" he asked eagerly.

Raven turned and glared at him. "Beast Boy, she said in a monotone.


"Shut up."


"Hey, Ren," Cou said while he flipped through the TV channels.

Ren looked away from the TV and at Cou. "Yes, Cou?"

"If you and that purple-haired girl. . ." he began.

"I believe her name is Raven," Ren interrupted.

"Yeah. If you and Raven are both from the Metherlence clan, does that mean you're, like, related?" he asked.

Ren began to stroke her long, blue hair. "Not by blood."

"Then how exactly are you related?"

Ren looked down as she thought. "I guess you could say our souls are very close. Almost the same, but somehow different."

Cou turned back to the TV. "Hm."

Ren stood up and walked over to the window. "This place is strange. Why are we here?"

"Well, we need to hide from Satoshi. And this is a pretty unsuspecting place."

Ren nodded and continued looking out at the city. It was eleven AM and still light out.

"Do people here really not know about Edel Raids? Just like Raven and her friends?"

"I guess. Edel Raids aren't as common here. But that should be considered a good thing. Less people after you guys." He continued channel surfing as he leaned against the back of the couch. "Plus, now you can act normal for awhile. In fact, we all can relax."

Ren grabbed her right upper arm and stared at the water surrounding the island. Its waves gently lapped on the shore. The morning sun made the ocean water glitter.

"She's in trouble," Ren said, flatly.

Cou's eyes widened and he jumped from the couch. "What? She is? Shouldn't we go help her? What kind of trouble?"

Ren shook her head. "Not now. But soon. I can tell."

More relaxed, Cou put his hands behind his head. "How so?"

Looking over her shoulder, Ren answered with another question. "Raven is part of the Metherlence clan, correct?"

"Yeah. Same as you."

She nodded. "And I am a shichiko-hoju, right?"

"Of course." When she remained silent, Cou became confused. What was she getting at? "So what does this have to do with Raven?"

"If we are both from the Metherlence clan, and I am a shichiko-hoju that means Raven is one as well. But whether she is one or not, she's still an Edel Raid. That means Satoshi will be after her, too. She's in as much trouble as Kuea, Lilia, and I am." She turned back to the window. "So we can't relax. We have to help her."

Cou sighed. "You're right. We'll tell the others when they get back. But for now, why don't we go down to the beach? Let's enjoy as much of our vacation as we can."

Ren nodded and Cou smiled. "Great! C'mon!" He grabbed her hand and led her towards the door just as it opened and Raven and Beast Boy walked in.

"Are you feeling better?" Ren asked softly.

Raven nodded and crossed her arms. "And are you two together or something?" she asked, indicating their joined hands.

Cou followed her gaze and blushed heavily and jerked his hand away. "No! I-it's not like that!" His face turned fully red. "We were just going down to the beach. Honest!"

Beast Boy smiled. "Oh. So you don't like her?" he asked, teasingly.

Cou scowled and grabbed Ren's wrist. "Let's just go." They both walked out of the room, leaving Raven and Beast Boy alone.

Beast Boy turned to look at Raven, still smiling. "They'd be a pretty cool couple, wouldn't they?" He walked over to the couch and sat down. He picked up the remote and flipped through the channels. Finally settling on one, he looked over his shoulder to see Raven making her herbal tea. "Wouldn't they?" he repeated.

Raven blew on her tea before taking a sip. "I have no interest in their love life and neither should you." She walked over to the couch and sat down two peoples distance from him.

"Raven! You can't tell me you aren't the slightest bit interested!"

"I'm not. In fact, I couldn't care less. I want nothing to do with the emotion." She sipped some more of her tea and picked up the book about Edel Raids and started to read it.

"Oh yeah? You didn't seem to think that with Malchior," he said.

Raven turned to glare at him with cold eyes. But if he looked close enough he could see hurt. Was she still not completely over him? It's been at least a year, though. He had gotten over Terra in about two months. That is, until he found her at the school, but she totally dissed him. But he had gotten over that in about two to three months. Either way, she should have long forgotten the jerk.

"All the more reason to never love. I'd rather be abused and beaten and go through trauma that would haunt me forever before I ever fall in love again." She closed the book and stood up. "I'm going to my room now," she mumbled and turned away.

She was stopped by another hand gripped hers. She turned around to see Beast Boy holding her hand.

"Let. . .go," she growled. She tugged at his hold but to no avail.

"You don't really mean that, Rae. You're a normal human being. Everyone wants to find a special someone. You can't just stop after one guy." He tried to sit her back down, but she stood still as a statue.

What he said was actually. . .wise. But Raven, at the moment, was too angry to care. How could he say all of this when he knew nothing about her?

"One: yes I do mean it. Two: I'm not a normal human being. I'm not even a full human being. I'm part demon with a demon father who used me as a portal to destroy and rule the world. I'm from a-whole-nother dimension. I have powers that not even my people have. My hair is purple and so are my eyes. I have gray skin. I know curses and spells that could never even be dreamed up by fantasy writers. I have a replica of myself to represent each emotion living in my head. And now, to top it all off, I'm an Edel Raid! A weapon, Beast Boy! A weapon! So I'm far from normal. For anyone who doesn't see that needs psychiatric help." She yanked her hand from Beast Boy. "People like me don't have a special someone. We're loners. Now back off." With that, she walked quickly out of the room just as Rasati, Lilia, Cou, and Ren all walked in with soaked feet.

Rasati looked at Beast Boy. "What's her deal?"

Beast Boy just shook his head.


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Ren-Rin (That should've been obvious)


Rowen-Rowin (Again obvious)





Edel-El-del (It's a weird pronunciation, I know)

Arc Aile-Ark Ayle


Shichiko-hoju (the hard one)-Shee-ko-ho-gee

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