A/N: This is a little companion piece to chapter 14 of "Harry Potter and the Stars of the Prophecy". It's Harry's and Ginny's POV of certain events that happen in the chapter.

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Harry's POV:

After sprinting for twenty minutes, you have a tendency to get pretty tired. Which is why we both collapsed in absolute exhaustion on Skye's back porch. We had just gotten the black unicorn blood, and were beginning to head back to the house when he heard something behind us. Without thinking, we bolted through the woods, not stopping until we had reached the safety of the old wooden porch.

Ginny looked about ready to pass out. For a second, I actually thought she had. I ran up to the porch, and collapsed on my knees next to her.

"We…we made…it…" I managed to gasp. I put my hand to my chest. My heart was pounding and it felt as though someone had stuck a knife through my ribs. I looked at Ginny. The fact that she was lying on her back, her chest heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath reminded me of what I had been thinking about before we ran for it. I wanted to take back what I had said before, about the whole kiss thing. Don't get me wrong, I still want to kiss her, just sooner rather than later, you know? Would she let me? What if I was bad at it?

I crawled over to her, putting one of my hands on each side of her body, leaning over her. My glasses slipped down my nose a bit.

"We…did it. We did it, Harry." I nodded and took a deep breath.

"I just…I just wanted to know…" I said, still trying to get my breathing back to normal.

"What?" she asked, a puzzled look in her deep brown eyes.

"If I can…take back what I said…before we left," I swallowed. Hard. Ginny had a slightly hurt look in her eyes. Oh no, I thought, Now she thinks I don't want to kiss her.

"What do you mean?" she asked quietly. I took another deep breath. My breathing was quite back to normal now, although my heart felt like it was about to explode it was beating so fast.

"I-I want to kiss you now," I said, my voice shaking, "Right…Right now." Ginny didn't say anything, but she had this look in her eyes. She reached up and pulled my glasses off, running her hand through my hair.

Suddenly, the screen door banged open and a fuzzy shape came bounding onto the porch.

"You're back!" came Rain's excited voice, "Daddy their back! They're here!" Ginny let out a loud sigh

"Rain, would please give us a minute?" Rain seemed totally oblivious to what she was walking in on.

"Sure!" she said excitedly, "Should I tell daddy to wait too?"

"Yes, please," said Ginny. Rain skipped back through the door and Ginny turned to look at me. Surprisingly, she was scowling.

"Do you realize that that's happened TWICE? First, when you were in the hospital, and now when we were nearly killed by a bunny rabbit! You have no idea how angry that makes me!" she said irritably.

I tried my hardest not to laugh. She looked really cute when she got mad. What was that about the hospital? I'd just have to ask her later.

"Can I?" I asked tentatively. I was shaking all over. My breath was shaky again. She glared at me

"Do you have to even ask?" she said softly. I smiled and looked at her. Her fiery red hair was slightly damp and spread out underneath her. Her pale skin was still glowing from running, and her eyes were shining. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Dammit, Harry. Just kiss me for God's sake! If you don't do it now, I won't let you do it ever!" That was a flat out lie.

Still shaking, I leaned down, and softly pressed my lips against hers. It was a little uncomfortable at first as I had managed to bang our noses slightly, but she reached up, pressing her warm, soft hands into my face and tilting it slightly to the side. Warm, tingly waves began to spread through my body as I leaned against her. A few seconds later, I pulled away, completely out of breath (that seemed to be happening a lot today.)

"There," I said in a voice higher than my own, "I did it." I felt so amazed. I felt as though I could jump up and down and scream. I had kissed Ginny. I did it!

I heard the door bang open again and looked up. Skye was standing there, and from what I could tell, he looked extremely embarrassed.

"Rain said you wanted to be alone but I had no idea…well… I'll go now, shall I?" I reached for my glasses and pushed them on my face. I could feel the color rising to my cheeks.

"Oh uh, no… we're done now…Oh God, I mean, we're just…" I stuttered.

"We shared a kiss ad now we're finished," Ginny said coolly, although her cheeks were pink too. "We got the blood, Mr. Rowan."

"I told you to call me Skye," he said. He went back into his kitchen, calling over his shoulder for us to follow. I reached down and grabbed Ginny's bag, thrusting it into her hands and avoiding her eyes. We both quickly walked into the kitchen.