Chapter 2:

"C'mon, Sheridan," Luis begged, his breath ragged from the exertion of pulling her to shore.

Luis was weak from the blood that he had lost, but he put his own pain and agony out of his mind. Sheridan was what was important.

Without Sheridan, everything lost its meaning.

Sailing. Fishing. Traveling. Working.

Without Sheridan, his own life had no meaning.

"C'mon, Sheridan. I need you so much. Breathe for me, sweetie."

Luis waited a few moments, hoping she would breathe on her own. She didn't. He knew he had to begin CPR.

After he started the chest compressions, water shot out of her mouth and hit Luis in the face. He ignored it and just kept on going.

After a few minutes, Sheridan finally started to breathe on her own.

Gasping for breath, Luis leaned back against the rocks. Sheridan was alive. Now, he could get some much-needed rest.

A few moments passed before Luis realized that he was shivering. If he was cold, he could only imagine how cold Sheridan must be! He had to warm her up. The only question was how?

They had both been in the ocean, and their clothes were drenched. All of the wood on the island would be soaked as well, so building a fire wasn't an option either. The only feasible option was body heat, but as long as cold rain was pouring down from the sky above, it didn't stand much of a chance of warming Sheridan up at all. If he could get them out of the rain, he could warm her up.

Desperately, he began feeling the rocks, hoping to find a small cavern. He found dozens of crevices, but no caves.

"I'm sorry, Sheridan," Luis said, his tears mingling with the rain. "I want nothing more than to save you, but I don't know how I can keep you warm."

He glanced over at the pale face of the woman he loved. She was dying before his eyes, and there wasn't a thing that he could do to save her.

"Dammit!" Luis shouted into the swirling wind and the driving rain. He slammed his fist into rocks in frustration. Surprisingly, the rocks began to crumble away from the force of his fist.

Luis stared at the hole in amazement. He had created that! And he saw a small cavern behind the thin rock wall!

Luis looked up at the heavens, and softly whispered, "Thank you, God. Thank you for allowing me to save Sheridan."

He then looked back at the hole and began to work on making it larger.


Hours later, Sheridan and Luis were inside of the vast cavern. Luis had gathered a small pile of dry wood that he had found inside the cave. He had started a small fire, and hoped that it would quickly warm up the surrounding air.

Luis had removed his and Sheridan's clothing and had placed them near the fire, in hopes that they would dry quickly. He was now lying on the cave floor with Sheridan in his arms.

He smoothed her beautiful blond curls and gave a soft smile. "I'm here for you, Sheridan. I will always be here for you. I love you, Sheridan. Sweet dreams, my love."