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Kingdom Hearts III:Lone Swordsman

Chapter Six: Meet the Heroes

Mickey put the bottle in the fountain outside the Castle, above the Gummi Hangar. The fountain was a present from his old master Yen Sid. The fountain could transport anything that could fit into it to any body of water in the galaxy. All the King had to do was drop something that came from that world in the top pool, and the item in the bottem pool would get transported to one of the bodies of water that was in that world.

The King dropped a paopu fruit into the top pool. The bottom pool glowed brightly, and the bottle was gone.

His mind drifted to the dream he had before he had begun writing the letter.

Mickey's Dream

He was falling into a deep, dark abyss. Suddenly, his feet touched the ground, and black birds flew off the ground from around him. He was standing on his stained-glass platform. In it, the King was in the middle, with the Star Seeker in his hand. Around him, clockwise from the top were Riku, Sora, Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and the Seven Princesses of Heart. A noise startled him from looking at the platform. He looked in front of himself. There was a portal opening, with a woman walking out of it. Upon seeing her, Mickey immeadiately felt a sense of warmth and comfort. The woman was wearing a white robe with gold trimmings and she had blonde hair. She had an aura of light and protection, and gave off the feeling that she was omniscient.

The woman began speaking.

"King Mickey, the quest of the three young Keyblade Masters is far from over. You must rally them again, and provide them with aid and your wisdom."

"You must also bring in more help. This next quest is going to be much more difficult than anything you have ever experienced. You will need far more warriors than who you have ever met."

"In particular, one boy holds the key to the end of this battle. Should anything happen to him, or should he join the dark side, all is lost."

"When you wake, his name will be embedded in your mind, and you must seek him out."

Her voice became softer, almost caring.

"May luck be with you, and have faith in the young ones to complete their mission."

His dream then ended, and Mickey woke with the name 'Matt Myrph' on his lips.

The King shook himself back to the world, and went into the Gummy Hangar, where Goofy and Donald waited for him, in order to take their ship to Radiant Garden.

A few seconds later...

"Gawrsh, that warp block sure is useful." Goofy said, while walking down the stairs from the designated Gummi Landing Location.

"It would be better, if it wasn't SO DARN FAST!" Donald yelled, looking a little sick.

"If it gets us somewhere faster, to get us to save the galaxies sooner, it's worth it." Mickey said.

Donald said hello to his nephews, as well as his Uncle Scrooge, before continuing on into the Borough.

Upon entering Merlin's house, the group immediately noticed that nobody was there. Suspicious, the group took out their weapons and walked back outside, cautious.

From there they went to the Bailey, where they found a collapsed Yuffie.

Waking her up, the team questioned her.

"What happened?" asked the King.

"Some crazy psyco fighters started causing a ruckus outside Merlin's house, so the Restoration Commitee went to go check it out. Soon as they saw us, they started attacking! They knocked me out, and I told the others to go after them and leave me." Yuffie explained.

"You probably shouldn't have done that." Donald said, quickly checking her wounds. "You're pretty beat up."

"I can tell." Yuffie said sarcastically, before promptly passing out.

The trio hauled her back to Merlin's house and left her there, after casting a Cure spell.

The group then made their way to the Great Maw, where Sora had fought the thousand heartless.

There, they saw Leon, Tifa, Cid, and Aerith trying to fend themselves against three enemies.

They were human, but obviously had some sort of superhuman abilities.

The first foe was a female, with blonde hair and a white robe. The robe ended at mid-thigh, looking like a skirt. The robe also opened in the front, leaving only the robe covering her breasts. She was carrying a large bow, and had a quiver of arrows that were shining.

The second was a male man who looked like a giant without hair. He was at least six feet seven inches tall. He was muscular and had silver claws on his hands.

The third was another male who was short and dwarflike. He was wearing a helmet with a flat top on it, and had armor lined with red clothes. He had a large axe slung on his back.

The third enemy charged Aerith, but before he could hit her with his axe, Goofy jumped in front of him and blocked the attack. The three attackers looked at Mickey and Donald who were with their fallen friends, hastily Curing them.

"Who are you to interfere with our fight?" The woman said, putting an arrow into her bow and pointing it at Mickey.

"He's the King Mickey!" Donald burst out furiously.

"Really, now? Great! That's two targets down in the same fight!" The third attacker said gleefully. "The boss is gonna give us a raise!"

"We have to kill them for that raise, Filocrates." The second fighter said, clanking his claws together menacingly.

" Then let's do it!" The man named Filocrates said, taking out his axe.

Both parties were at a standstill.


Leon took the initiative. Getting up quickly, he cast a Fira spell at the axe-man.

Even as the spell hit him, the man stood still. The fireball just seemed to get absorbed into him.

Mickey noted this, then launched a melee assualt on the larger man, thinking that he would be slowed by his bulk.

Surprisingly, the man moved swiftly, running forward to meet Mickey, then smashing down with his claws. If Mickey was not as agile as he was, he would have needed much more than a Curaga to recover.

Leon and Goofy joined the fight, with the former running forward to slash at the giant, while pulling his gunblade's trigger. The giant took this hit without flinching. Goofy followed up with a Goofy Bash, inflicting many hits to the large man. Still, the giant showed no visible signs of damage.

Mickey then cast Pearl, initiating balls of light to erupt from underneath the man's feet. This, the giant dodged. He then attacked Goofy, slamming his fists and claws down on Goofy's shield. Goofy then countered by using Rocket, hitting the man in the face. Leon followed this up with a Helmet Splitter, further inducing damage.

The man picked himself up, then shook himself off easily. Mickey tried to swiftly slash at the giant, but the attack was countered by the giant punching the ground, causing it to rise up and block Mickey's attack, then push away from the giant, causing damage to the group.

There was a loud siren-like noise, and Leon began glowing. The party prepared to unleash devestation.

As soon as Mickey began his attack, Tifa and Aerith ran toward the woman, Tifa jumping to start an aerial strike, and Aerith getting her staff ready to strike.

The woman readied her bow as soon as Tifa started approaching her. When Tifa jumped, the woman shot her arrow straight at her. Tifa, unable to dodge completely in midair, twisted so that the arrow missed any vital spots, but still got hit by a glancing blow in her midriff. She endured the pain and moved to strike, but the woman moved out of the way.

Aerith slowed herself down so as to not hit Tifa. She quickly cast Curaga on Tifa, then readied herself to cast Firaga. Tifa got ready to back up Aerith with a Quaga.

The woman stood there while the two were preparing their spells. She waited until Aerith began her Firaga spell to use two Barriers, reflecting the spells back at the girls.

Aerith was hit by flames that immeadiately burst where she was standing, heavily injuring her. Tifa was hit by a pillar of earth that erupted from beneath her feet.

Right after, a box appeared above their heads. At first, it said "AERITH LIMIT BREAK" then, "TIFA LIMIT BREAK". Both girls grinned.

Donald quickly unleashed a barrage of Blizzagas. The man still did not move, seeming to be immune to the spells.

Cid took his chance at attacking the fighter, readying a spear that he had been holding. He ran forward stabbing at the man. The fighter dodged this, and attempted to slash at Cid.

Donald prevented any damage caused to Cid by casting Reflectaga in its projectile form at Cid, blocking the attack. Donald then used a Bio spell on the man, which still did not faze him. Cid slashed at the man, then followed up with another slash. Both hits connected, and the man was staggered. Donald then launched the man into the air by using his staff.

The fighter was thrown back into one of the Great Maw's walls. Donald took this time to establish an Aeroga spell on both him and Cid. The Fighter rose then cast a spell that had never been seen before. It was a large ball of fire, which launched toward the two speedily. It looked like a comet made completely out of fire.

Donald put up a Reflectaga, but surprisingly, the comet blasted right through. It hit Donald directly, but exploded and hit Cid.

A loud siren-sounding noise began beeping, followed by two others. A box appeared above Cid's head. It read "CID LIMIT BREAK". The world held it's breath for a moment.

Almost simultaneously, a large amount of yells began. Aerith began by yelling "Great Gospel!". All the good guys got healed, reenergized, then granted invincibility.

Tifa then unleashed her own Limit Break. She began by running up to the woman fighter, then punching her a few times. She then somersaulted into the air while kicking the enemy. She performed a circling sweep kick accompanied by a blast of water, then picked up the woman in a vertical suplex position and slammed her into the ground. She then uppercutted the woman, which was accompanied by water and a dolphin. She picked up her foe, spun her around, jumped high into the air and threw her downward. While in the air, Tifa charged a large punch and punched the enemy in the ground, creating a giant energy blast.

The woman began to glow.

While Tifa was beating up the woman, Mickey, Goofy and Leon were fighting the giant. Leon began by running up to him, slashing at the man seven times, then jumping back and preparing another barrage. He ran forward again, striking at the man nineteen times, each hit seeming to do maximum damage to the giant. At this flurry of attacks, the giant looked like he was actually hurt.

Mickey slashed at air with his Keyblade, then jumped into the air and released a burst of light. He began to send beams of light at his enemy from above his head. The giant began to look more damaged.

Goofy finished up the attack by striking at air, then jumping into the air, releasing a burst of light. He began charging the enemy, then hitting upward.

The man picked himself up, then began to glow.

At the same time as the rest of these events, Donald and Cid were fighting the axe-man. Cid started off by yelling "Highwind!". A large airship appeared and dropped 18 bombs on the man. Needless to say, it probably hurt a lot.

Donald then struck at air. He then jumped and floated in midair while light exploded from him. He began shooting fireworks from himself, then the amount of fireworks doubled. The axe-man then began glowing.

All at the same time, the enemies yelled "POWER FORM!". The woman's arrows began to get an even brighter glow, and her bow also began to glow. The giant started to glow, and his claws became larger. The axe-man became engulfed in an armor of fire, while his axe also became flame-engulfed.

"Power Form? What is this, a comic book?", a voice suddenly asked. Everybody looked around for the source of the voice.

"Who said that? Speak up! Kastor the Strong will obliterate you!" The giant man said.

"Oh I highly doubt that." the voice said.

"Great, Gabe. You've blown our cover." Another voice said.

"Then why are we still hiding?" The first voice, apparently "Gabe".

Two figures suddenly faded into view. The first was a man who appeared in his early twenties. He had slicked back brown hair, and was wearing a buttoned-up brown formal shirt, and had black slacks on. The other man had hair that was parted in the middle. He was wearing a brown leather jacket over a white T-shirt and black jeans.

"I suppose we need to help you now?" "Gabe" said to the heroes.

At the same time, the villans attacked the pair. The woman shot a glowing arrow at the second man, while Kastor and Filocrates attacked Gabe.

The arrow was rapidly approaching the man, but he wasn't moving. At the last moment, he was suddenly somewhere else. At the same time, the woman suddenly felt something hit her in the back of the neck. The man was standing behind her unconscious body suddenly, and he wasn't where he used to be.

The other man, Gabe, was simply standing still as the two men rushed toward him. As Filocrates was going to strike at him, Gabe held his hand up. The axe was suddenly stopped in mid-swing. The stranger used his other hand to push toward the other villan. The giant was suddenly thrown backward. Gabe made a slight motinon, as if tapping the temple of Filocrates. The man was instantly unconscious. The giant rose up again andtried to attack again. This time, Gabe held out his hand and released a bolt of electricity at him. He was also unconscious.

All this time, the former group was watching passively. When the two were done, the group was shocked. Those two alone accomplished what had taken the whole group to do.

"What?" Gabe asked.

"I think we need to take you guys to base with us." Leon said.

"But we helped you!" The second man said.

"No, not to arrest you. To question you." Aerith said. "Right, Leon?"

"Uh... Sure." Leon said, looking at Aerith questioningly.

"Great! Let's go." Gabe said easily.

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